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Silver Cup XVI Bittersweet for Local Drivers 7.19


Silver Cup XVI Bittersweet for Local Drivers

By Eric J. Westendorf


Sarver, PA (July 19, 2007) The Cleveland Brothers CAT Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup XVI went off a day late, but it was well worth the wait. Reigning Outlaw Champion and defending Silver Cup winner Donny Schatz claimed the 40-lap A-main feature event in the same dominating fashion he won the King’s Royal at Eldora just four days earlier. Schatz, the current World of Outlaws points leader, picked up $30,000 for winning the 16th Annual race that honors the memory of track founder and promoter, the late, great Don Martin. When combined with the winner’s share of the King’s Royal ($50,000), Schatz has earned $80,000 the last four days.


Local drivers did not fair as well as Donny Schatz , but the evening was a mixed bag of sorts for the local contingent. The evening started out very well for two of the most dominant forces in the Western PA 410 sprint scheme, but ended on a sour note for both drivers. Meanwhile, two of the up and coming members of the local sprint scheme started off somewhat slow, but ended perhaps beyond their expectations.


Ed Lynch Jr., (#2L) of Apollo, started the evening in almost optimal fashion; setting the second quickest time of the evening with a lap of 13.025 seconds. Lynch’s lap was only topped by Tony Stewart Racing driver Paul McMahan who turned a lap of 12.953. Lynch qualified for the Crane Cams Dash by finishing fourth in his heat, the same position he started in, as a result of a four-car inversion. The dash started well with the Apollo Rocket, who looked fast and primed for perhaps another memorable evening of defending his home turf against the invading World of Outlaws, All Star, and PA Posse drivers. But it all came to a sudden end when the 2L slowed in the closing laps of the dash. Lynch was scored last in the dash and the motor sounded horrible as he arrived at his hauler. Unfortunately, the 2L had broken a push rod, thus ending what could have been another magical night for the Lernerville fans and the Lynch Racing Team.


Bob Felmlee, (#6F) of Seneca, was also fast in qualifying with a lap of 13.283, 19th quick of 46 cars. Felmlee’s night took a turn for the worse in the heat race, as he faced a stacked deck of drivers including eventual race winner Donny Schatz and 20-time Outlaw Champion Steve Kinser. Felmlee finished seventh in his heat, relegating him to the B-main. His night continued to spiral downward, as he was scored last in the B-main .


At the opposite end of the momentum spectrum, both Carl Bowser, (#10) of Sarver, and Danny Holtgraver, (#D4) of Pittsburgh, admittedly were disappointed with their qualifying lap. Neither of the young, local hot shoes fared much better in their heat races. Bowser was involved in an incident in the first heat and scored in last. Holtgraver was in the same, stacked heat race as Felmlee, finishing one spot behind him in eighth. But from that point on, things would only get better for each driver. Holtgraver took the checkered flag in the C-main, and for a young driver like Danny, a win of any kind on an Outlaw night is a crowning achievement! Bowser finished third in the C-main, but used a track provisional, (determined by current Lernerville Speedway/Budweiser Points standing), to make the A-main feature event. While he completed five laps, just making the field was a dream come true for Carl!


The other track provisional was used by reigning Commercial Truck & Trailer Sprint Car track champion Kevin Schaeffer, (#9S) of Kittanning. Schaeffer never really found his groove last night, but again, just making the A-main field with the competition that was in action last night is a testament to his consistency this season during regular Fab Four racing. His evening began turning in the 32nd fastest lap with a time of 13.477, just a half second off of the fastest qualifier. He finished eighth in his heat race, topped only by Outlaw, All Star and PA Posse drivers, then finished ninth in the B-main. Like Bowser, Schaeffer completed just five laps in the A-main feature, officially scored in 27th position.


Other local drivers in competition included Mike Lutz, Scott Bonnell, Bill Kiley Gary Rankin, Terry Bowser, Charlie Holben, Brent Matus, Sheila Rankin and Bud Watt. Rod George, a three-time Commercial Truck & Trailer Sprint feature winner this season, was not in competition.


The local drivers will be back in action for another Fab Four race this Friday Night July 20, chasing the Budweiser Points Championship. In addition to the regular Fab Four show, there will be a Compact Car Demo Derby on the schedule.


Cleveland Brothers CAT

Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup XVI Results


Time Trial Results (1 lap only)

1.         (20)    Paul McMahan             12.953

2.         (2L)    Ed Lynch Jr.                13.025

3.         (15H)             Sam Hafertepe Jr.       13.045

4.         (2B)    Dale Blaney                13.050

5.         (9)      Joey Saldana               13.089

6.         (6)      Tim Shaffer                 13.096

7.         (11H) Kerry Madsen              13.125

8.         (2)      Brooke Tatnell             13.132

9.         (21)    Daryn Pittman              13.161

10.     (25)    Lance Dewease                        13.212

11.     (11)    Steve Kinser                13.227

12.     (87)    Alan Krimes                13.228

13.     (7S)    Jason Sides                  13.240

14.     (7)      Craig Dollansky           13.247

15.     (5W)   Lucas Wolfe                13.249

16.     (19)    Stevie Smith                 13.251

17.     (D1)   Justin Henderson         13.264

18.     (83)    Danny Lasoski             13.268

19.     (6F)    Bob Felmlee                13.283

20.     (36)    Jason Martin                13.329

21.     (35)    Jac Haudenschild         13.333

22.     (4)      Danny Smith                13.340

23.     (15)    Donny Schatz              13.349

24.     (R19)  Jason Solwold              13.362

25.     (15M) Mike Lutz                    13.392

26.     (10C) Jeremy Campbell         13.402

27.     (20E)  Brian Ellenberger         13.409

28.     (24)    Terry McCarl               13.413

29.     (14)    Jason Meyers               13.413

30.     (1X)   Randy Hannagan         13.454

31.     (8K)   Chad Kemenah                        13.470

32.     (9S)    Kevin Schaeffer                      13.477

33.     (30C)  Michael Carber                        13.498

34.     (5C)    Chad Hillier                 13.521

35.     (18)    Brian Carlson               13.562

36.     (3B)    Scott Bonnell               13.601

37.     (10)    Carl Bowser                 13.663

38.     (18)    Tony Bruce Jr.             13.671

39.     (D4)   Danny Holtgraver        13.705

40.     (4K)   Bill Kiley                     14.515

41.     (16)    Gary Rankin                14.556

42.     (42G) Charlie Holben                        14.608

43.     (33)    Brent Matus                 14.608

44.     (6R)    Sheila Rankin              15.562

45.     (59)    Terry Bowser               16.158

46.     (3J)     Bud Watt                     16.754


World of Outlaws Heat #1

Pittman, Sides, Saldana, McCarl, McMahan, Haudenschild, Henderson, Lutz, Carber, G.Rankin, T.Bowser, C.Bowser


World of Outlaws Heat #2

Shaffer, Dollansky, Dewease, Lynch, Lasoski, D.Smith, Campbell, Hillier, Bruce, Hannagan, Holben, Watt


World of Outlaws Heat #3

Kinser, Schatz, Wolfe, Madsen, Kemenah, Ellenberger, Felmlee, Holtgraver, Matus, Carlson, Hafertepe


World of Outlaws Heat Race #4

S.Smith, Solwold, Tatnell, Blaney, Meyers, Krimes, Martin, Schaeffer, Kiley, Bonnell, S.Rankin


Crane Cams Dash
Dollansky, Schatz, Pittman, Solwold, S.Smith, Kinser, Shaffer, Sides, McMahan, Lynch


World of Outlaws C-Main

(Top 2 advance to B-main)

Holtgraver, Bruce, C.Bowser, Bonnell, Holben, Matus, T.Bowser, G.Rankin, Kiley, Watt, S.Rankin, Carlson


World of Outlaws B-Main

(Top 4 advance to A-main)

Henderson, Haudenschild, Hafertepe, Krimes, D.Smith, Lutz, Martin, Hannagan, Schaeffer, Ellenberger, Bruce, Hillier, Campbell, Holtgraver, Carber, Felmlee


(D.Smith advanced to A-main as alternate)

(Hannagan, Campbell, Schaeffer, and Bowser advance to A-main via provisionals)

World of Outlaws A-Main (40 Laps) 1.                  (15) Donny Schatz, Fargo, ND 2.                  (7) Craig Dollansky, Elk River, MN 3.                  (21) Daryn Pittman, Owasso, OK 4.                  (11) Steve Kinser, Bloomington, IN 5.                  (6) Tim Shaffer, Aliquippa, PA 6.                  (7S) Jason Sides, Bartlett, TN 7.                  (20) Paul McMahon, Nashville, TN 8.                  (25) Lance DeWease, Fayetteville, PA 9.                  (R19) Jason Solwold, Mt. Vernon, WA 10.              (2B) Dale Blaney, Fowler, OH 11.              (9) Joey Saldana, Brownsburg, IN 12.              (5W) Lucas Wolfe, Mechanicsburg, PA 13.              (2) Brook Tatnell, San Souci, New South Wales, Australia 14.              (83) Danny Lasoski, Dover, MO 15.              (14) Jason Meyers, Clovis, CA 16.              (8K) Chad Kemenah, Findlay, OH 17.              (4) Danny Smith, Danville, IN 18.              (11H) Kerry Madsen, St. Mary’s New South Wales, Australia 19.              (15H) Sam Hafertepe, Sunnyvale, TX 20.              (35) Jac Haudenschild, Wooster, OH 21.              (19) Stevie Smith, New Oxford, PA 22.              (1X) Randy Hannagan, San Jose, CA 23.              (D1) Justin Henderson, Sioux Falls, SD 24.              (10C) Jeremy Campbell, Monroe, MI 25.              (87) Alan Krimes, Denver, PA 26.              (24) Terry McCarl, Altoona, IA 27.              (9S) Kevin Schaeffer, Kittanning, PA 28.              (10) Carl Bowser, Sarver, PA 29.              (2L) Ed Lynch Jr., Apollo, PA (DNS-Engine)   Car Count: 46

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