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By Eric J. Westendorf 

(Sarver, PA)  On a cool, crisp night, 360 OTC World of Outlaws Driver Shannon Babb #18 continued his recent hot streak winning the "Showdown in Sarvertown", leading the A-main wire-to-wire.  A full report of the "Showdown in Sarvertown" will be sent separately by 360 OTC World of Outlaws Late Models PR Director Kevin Kovac. 

Meanwhile, Lernerville Speedway Friedman's Supermarkets Late Model regular "Slow Ride" David Scott #3S avoided the attrition of a long, cold 50 lap A-main feature to finish 12th in a field that started 26 cars, including six local drivers.  Scott of Garland, PA was the only local to finish all 50 laps, and was the last car on the lead lap by the time the checkers fell.  He secured his spot in the feature event by holding off a hard-charging Chub Frank for the third and final qualifying position in the second B-main.  Scott finished sixth in a stacked heat race and was the 20th fastest qualifier of the 50-car field with a time on 16.904 seconds.


Reigning Track Champion Lynn Geisler #1C of Cranberry started the night in his typical, strong fashion, qualifying 14th fastest with a time of 16.699.  Starting fourth in the second heat race, Geisler qualified directly into the A-main feature event by also finishing in fourth place.  But it all went down hill from there as he brought out the caution by spinning out in turns three & four on the fourth lap.  Though he returned to the track, he never fully recovered from the incident and only completed 11 of 50 laps for a 21st place finish. 

Occasional Lernerville visitor Dick Barton #28B of Ashville, NY had the most successful night of the non-Outlaw drivers by finishing an impressive fifth place.  Barton started the feature 19th and methodically picked his way through the stacked field of elite 360 OTC World of Outlaw Late Model drivers to bring home a top five finish.  Barton, like David Scott, took the long road to the A-main.  He qualified 30th fastest with a time of 17.304 seconds, started eighth in his heat race, finished in sixh.  He started fourth in the first B-main, and made a quick move into second place on the first lap and held on to finish there, securing his spot in the A-Main feature event. 

Track regulars Mike Blose #5B, Matt Lux #21L, and Sam Stile #2S all made the A-main feature event, finishing 20th, 24th, and 26th respectively.  Mike Blose of New Bethlehem made the "Showdown" by virtue of a hard fought third place finish in the first B-main.  Local drivers Alex Ferree #4 and Nick Jones #66 had a spirited battle going on for third place, but the two made contact, and Blose wasted no time passing both drivers to take the third spot away.  Blose held off Mike Balzano #E1 to finish in the final A-main qualifying position.  Stile and Lux both made the A-main feature by virtue of track provisionals,  Track provisionals were based on final 2006 Budweiser Point Standings, as there has not yet been a 2007 Budweiser Points race. 

Local Driver Tony Burke #23 of Sarver, PA took a nasty flip in between turns three & four during his heat race and was taken by ambulance to an area hospital for evaluation.

The busiest local driver of the night was Dave Hess, Jr #44H of Waterford, PA.  Hess earned the nickname of "Double Duty Dave" at the "Showdown in Sarvertown" by piloting two cars, one each in the Late Model and UMP Modified divisions.  Hess was on the move forward all night long in both cars.  He started the evening by qualifying 31st fastest with a time of 17.388 seconds.  He started eight in his heat, and finished in fourth, which qualified him directly into the A-main.  In the feature he started 19th and seemed poised to move forward but pulled off into the pits on the ninth lap and did not return to the track.  That is to say that he did not return to the track in his late model.

Hess did return, however, in his UMP Modified, an identically painted and decaled #44H.  In similar fashion to what he did in his late model, Hess started the feature in eighth place.  By lap one he had advanced to third, and was in the lead by lap three.  Hess was never seriously challenged and took the checkered flag on lap 15, in a time-shortened feature.  The original distance was 20 laps, but a local ordinance requires racing to conclude by midnight on weekdays, thus the shortened 15-lap event.  Mike Davis #65, Carl McKinney #6M, Jeff Taylor #3, and Larry Walters #04 rounded out the top 5 in the UMP Modified A-main feature, the first of 5 scheduled events at the Lernerville Speedway.  Hess also dominated his heat race despite starting ninth in an 11-car field.  By lap two of the second heat race Hess was in second, and took the lead for good on lap three.  Jeff Taylor, #04J won the first UMP Modified heat race.

Reigning Advance Auto Parts Pure Stock Champion Butch Lambert climbed behind the wheel of his familiar #27, but in the form of a UMP Modified, and finished ninth after starting 19th in a 20 car field. 

All the Lernerville regulars will be right back onto the Action Track this Friday April 20 for the first Budweiser Points race of the 2007 season for all Fab Four racing divisions.  Friday Night is also Volunteer Fire, EMS, and Police Appreciation Night at the Speedway, as we tribute to the men and women who risk their lives to serve and protect all of ours.

Again, a complete report of the 360 OTC World of Outlaws Late Models "Showdown in Sarvertown" sponsored by Y108 and Pepsi will be released by World of Outlaws officials.

Results of WoO Late Model Series (Finishing Position/Start/Driver/Laps Completed/Money Won):

1. (1) Shannon Babb/50 $10,000

2. (8) Jimmy Mars/50 $5,000

3. (10) Rick Eckert/50 $3,000

4. (5) Clint Smith/50 $2,500

5. (19) Dick Barton/50 $2,000

6. (9) Darrell Lanigan/50 $1,700

7. (12) Donnie Moran/50 $1,900

8. (13) Doug Horton/50 $1,300

9. (7) Chris Madden/50 $1,200

10. (20) Brian Shirley/50 $1,100

11. (17) Tim Fuller/50 $1,300

12. (22) David Scott/50 $1,000

13. (18) Shane Clanton/48 $950

14. (3) Josh Richards/37 $900

15. (23) Chub Frank/37 $850

16. (6) Steve Francis/27 $800

17. (11) Eddie Carrier Jr./24 $770

18. (2) Brian Birkhofer/21 $750

19. (24) Vic Coffey/19 $730

20. (21) Mike Blose/19 $700

21. (14) Lynn Geisler/11 $700

22. (4) Rob Blair/8 $700

23. (15) Dave Hess Jr./8 $700

24. (25) Sam Stile/8 $700

25. (16) Rick Aukland/4 $700

26. (26) Matt Lux/4 $700


Time of Race: 37 Mins., 3.587 Secs.

Margin of Victory: 0.734 Secs.

Yellow Flags: 7 (Laps 0, 2, 3, 9, 15, 18, 27)

Lap Leaders: Babb (1-50)

Rookie of the Race: Tim Fuller ($250)

WoO LMS 'Bonus Bucks' Winner: Donnie Moran ($500)


Time Trial Results (Position/No./Driver/Hometown/Best Lap):


1. 18-Shannon Babb/Moweaqua, IL 15.922

2. 44M-Chris Madden/Gray Court, SC 15.937

3. 15b-Brian Birkhofer/Muscatine, IA 15.962

4. 15-Steve Francis/Ashland, KY 16.070

5. W11-Robbie Blair/Titusville, PA 16.244

6. 44-Clint Smith/Senoia, GA 16.263

7. 28M-Jimmy Mars/Menominee, WI 16.282

8. 99M-Donnie Moran/Dresden, OH 16.293

9. 46-Doug Horton/Bruceton Mills, WV 16.363

10. 24-Rick Eckert/York, PA 16.372

11. 25-Shane Clanton/Locust Grove, GA 16.420

12. 12-Rick Aukland/Zanesville, OH 16.429

13. 29-Darrell Lanigan/Union, KY 16.558

14. 1c-Lynn Geisler/Cranberry Twp., PA 16.699

15. 28-Eddie Carrier Jr./Salt Rock, WV 16.733

16. 1-Josh Richards/Shinnston, WV 16.734

17. H1-Jared Miley/South Park, PA 16.768

18. 19-Tim Fuller/Watertown, NY 16.856

19. 3s-Brian Shirley/Chatham, IL 16.890

20. 361-David Scott/Garland, PA 16.904

21. 62-Kenny Johnson/Parkersburg, WV 16.907

22. 22H-Bump Hedman/Sugar Grove, PA 16.926

23. 40-Dutch Davies/Warren, PA 16.947

24. 1*-Chub Frank/Bear Lake, PA 17.019

25. 33H-Chris Hackett/Erie, PA 17.032

26. 4-Alex Ferree/Saxonburg, PA 17.076

27. 23-Tony Burke/Sarver, PA 17.084

28. 19c-Steve Casebolt/Richmond, IN 17.222

29. E1-Mike Balzano/Parkersburg, WV 17.292

30. 28b-Dick Barton/Ashville, NY 17.304

31. 44H-Dave Hess Jr./Waterford, PA 17.388

32. 2J-Mike Johnson/Imperial, PA 17.418

33. 1L-Dane Laraway/Irwin, PA 17.440

34. 5b-Mike Blose/New Bethlehem, PA 17.454

35. 5R-Jerry Redden/Mahaffey, PA 17.458

36. 3-Dan Swartzlander/Sarver, PA 17.539

37. 0K-Drew Koteles/Canonsburg, PA 17.640

38. 21L-Matt Lux/Franklin, PA 17.654

39. 5M-Ryan Markham/Ashland, OH 17.818

40. 10-Gary Lyle/Hyde Park, PA 17.916

41. 66-Nick Jones/North Hills, PA 17.937

42. 03-Doug Eck/Corry, PA 18.006

43. 75-Bart Hartman/Zanesville, OH 18.335

44. 32c-Vic Coffey/Leicester, NY 18.516

45. 2s-Sam Stile/Charleroi, PA 18.751

46. 9k-Mike Knight/Ripley, NY 19.811

47. 22-Greg Satterlee/Rochester Mills, PA 19.924

48. 22Jr.-Gary Beck Jr./Alexandria, PA 19.944

49. 6-Eric Midkiff/Boyertown, PA 20.530

50. 97-Ben Satterlee/Rochester Mills, PA N/T


Heat No. 1 (10 laps - Top 4 Transfer): Babb, Blair, Lanigan, Horton, Miley, Hackett, Jones, Koteles, Midkiff, Balzano, Stile, Laraway, K. Johnson


Heat No. 2 (10 laps - Top 4 Transfer): C. Smith, Madden, Eckert, Geisler, Fuller, Barton, Ferree, Lux, Blose, Eck, Hedman, Knight, B. Satterlee


Heat No. 3 (10 laps - Top 4 Transfer): Mars, Birkhofer, Carrier, Hess, Clanton, Shirley, Hartman, G. Satterlee, Burke, Redden, Markham, Davies


Heat No. 4 (10 laps - Top 4 Transfer): Francis, Richards, Moran, Aukland, Frank, Scott, Casebolt, Coffey, Lyle, Beck, Swartzlander, M. Johnson


B-Main No. 1 (12 laps - Top 3 Transfer): Fuller, Barton, Blose, Balzano, Jones, Ferree, Hedman, Koteles, Midkiff, Miley, Eck, Laraway, Hackett, Stile, B. Satterlee, Lux (DNS) K. Johnson, Knight


B-Main No. 2 (12 laps - Top 3 Transfer): Clanton, Shirley, Scott, Frank, Coffey, Lyle, Markham, Redden, G. Satterlee, Beck (DNS) Hartman, Casebolt, Burke, Swartzlander, Davies, M. Johnson


UMP Modified A-Main Feature Results
  1.. 44H-Dave Hess, Jr.
  2.. 65-Mike Davis
  3.. 6M-Carl McKinney
  4.. 3-Jeff Taylor
  5.. 04-Larry Walters
  6.. 17X-Richard Michael, Jr.
  7.. 22-Bill Thomas
  8.. 44-Mike Hess
  9.. 27-Butch Lambert
  10.. 2B-Russ Dempsey
  11.. 17JE-J.E. Stadler
  12.. O4J-Jeff Walters
  13.. 47-Russ Dunn
  14.. 117-Jim Turley
  15.. 7W-Bobby Whitling
  16.. B1D-Bobby Powell
  17.. 76-Dana Wellington
  18.. 54S-Shawn Shingledecker
  19.. 17D-Darryl Charlier
  20.. 68-Tim Engles
  21.. 221-Vince Cranti(DNS)


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