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By Eric J. Westendorf

Sarver, PA (June 5, 2007) Under a gray, gloomy sky the O'Reilly All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Cars invaded the Lernerville Speedway for a midweek rendezvous.  For the first time in almost 30 years of trying, long time All Star regular Danny Smith (#4) of Danville, IN won his first A-main feature at the famed 4/10-mile oval of the Lernerville Speedway and first of the 2007 season on the O'Reilly All Star Circuit.  Smith chased early race leader Brian Ellenberger (#20E) of Butler for 30 laps.  He temporarily gave way to Rod George (#4G) of Kittanning for second, but used the same low line George used to pass him, to regain second, then take the lead from Ellenberger coming out of turn two on lap 30.  Smith and George dueled for the lead after Ellenberger faded back quickly through the field.  George was giving Smith all he could handle hammering the cushion on the high side.  As the leaders approached the checkered flags, Ellenberger was stopped at the base of the flag stand, bringing out a caution that resulted in a green, white, checker finish.  Smith was able to hold back another furious charge by George, and after clearing the scales in the pits, made his way to victory lane for the First Time at the Action Track.

The first 30 laps of the 35 A-main feature saw local driver, turned All Star regular Brian Ellenberger dominate and apparently seemed to be on the way to his first career O'Reilly All Star A-main feature win.  However, after losing the lead to Smith, Ellenberger slid off the back straightaway and faded fast before bring out the lap 34 caution.  He was officially scored 17th.

Local Favorites Rod George and Ed Lynch Jr. (#2L) of Apollo finished second and third respectively.  Former Track Champion, now All Star regular Dale Blaney (#2) of Fowler, OH fought off an overheating motor to finish fourth.  Brian Paulus (#28) of Mechanicsburg, OH rounded out the top five of an exhilarating feature event.

The six fastest All Star regulars who transferred through their heat races took the track for the All Star Dash.  Brian Ellenberger won the dash and started on the pole for the feature. 


The University of Northern Ohio B-main feature was won by Bob Felmlee (#6) of Seneca who transferred into the A-main along with Scott Priester (#11) of Rimersburg, Gus Wasson (driving the Ferkel #0) of Charlotte, NC and Jesse Hockett (#75) of Warsaw, MO.


Heat race action saw Arnie Kent (#18) of New Castle, Greg Wilson (#W20) of Benton Ridge, OH, Ed Neumeister (#11N) of Upper Sandusky, OH, and Rob Chaney (#24H) of Millersburg, OH take checkered flags in their qualifying events.


Despite shutting down after one lap, Ed Lynch Jr. (#2L) of Apollo set quick time in the Huggins Cams Time Trials with a lap of 13.071 seconds.  Former track champion Dale Blaney (#2) of Fowler, OH was second quick, followed by Rod George (#4G) of Kittanning, Danny Smith (#4) of Danville, IN, and Brock Mayes (#11B) of Bucyrus, OH rounding out the top five.


Reigning Track Champion Kevin Schaeffer (#9) of Kittanning did not race due to a death in the family.


The UMP Modifieds were back in action in a support role for the third time this season.  The feature was marred by cautions including a seven-car melee on the opening lap.  Collected in the first lap carnage was last month's winner Randy Hall (#10) of Olean, NY.  Through a myriad of cautions, Dave Groves (#T3) of Morgantown, WV led wire-to-wire to win the UMP Modified 20-lapA-main feature event.  Russ Dunn (#47) of Fenelton finished second, followed by Dave Willoughby (#00) of Brookfield, OH, Chris Basich (#71C) of Adena, OH, and Junior Nolan (#13) of St. Clairsville, OH.  Heat races were won by Hall, Groves and Dunn.


The All Stars agreed tonight to return for a second visit to the Lernerville Speedway for the Sonia Bullis Memorial Sprint Race on August 31.  The MACS Late Models will also be on hand that evening.  All Fab Four Divisions will be back in action this Friday June 8 for All-State Career Night


      Lernerville Speedway Race Results
      313 N. Pike Road Sarver, Pa 16055
      Phone: 724-353-1511 Fax: 724-353-2650
      Date:  June 5, 2007
      All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Feature - 35 Laps
      1 Danny Smith, Danville, IN
      2 Rod George, Kittanning
      3 Ed Lynch Jr, Apollo
      4 Dale Blaney, Fowler, Ohio
      5 Brian Paulus, Mechanicsburg
      6 Jesse Hockett, Warsaw, MO
      7 Bob Felmlee, Franklin
      8 Rob Chaney, Millersburg, Ohio
      9 Kevin Nouse, Mechanicsburg
      10 Brock Myers, Bucyrus, Ohio
      11 Lance Dewease. Fayetteville
      12 Greg Wilson, Benton Ridge, Ohio
      13 Brandon Martin, Attica, Ohio
      14 Arnie Kent, New Castle
      15 Paul May, Terre Haute, IN
      16 Terry Bowser, Butler
      17 Brian Ellenberger, Butler
      18 Bill Kiley, Cabot
      19 Bill Rose, Plainfield, IN
      20 Dan Shetler, Johnstown
      21 Craig Mintz, Gibsonburg, Ohio
      22 Gus Wasson, Charlotte, NC
      23 Ed Neumeister, Upper Sandusky, Ohio
      24 Scott Priester, Rimersburg
      All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Time Trials
      1 Ed Lynch Jr     13.071
      2 Dale Blaney     13.077
      3 Rod George     13.086
      4 Danny Smith     13.189
      5 Brock Myers     13.189
      6 Brian Ellenberger     13.250
      7 Bob Felmlee     13.260
      8 Craig Mintz     13.265
      9 Brian Paulus     13.272
      10 Greg Wilson     13.316
      11 Brandon Martin     13.336
      12 Scott Priester     13.348
      1 3 Gus Wasson     13.348
      14 Bill Rose     13.355
      15 Paul May     13.355
      16 Rob Chaney     13.355
      17 Kevin Nouse     13.379
      18 Terry Bowser     13.386
      19 Ed Neumeister     13.398
      20 Lance Dewease     13.449
      21 Arnie Kent     13.515
      22 Rob Eyler     13.544
      23 Dan Shetler     13.545
      24 Brent Covell     13.564
      25 Carl Bowser     13.575
      26 Jesse Hockett      13.615
      27 Andy McKisson     13.626
      28 Davey Jones     13.817
      29 Cory Good     13.842
      30 Gary Rankin      13.906
      31 Brent Matus      13.969
      32 Bill Kiley      14.454
      33 Sheila Rankin      14.735
      34 Joe Butera      15.654
      35 Rich Reinhart     15.782
      36 Danny Holtgraver      NO TIME
      Heat Races Winners: Arnie Kent, Greg Wilson, Ed Neumeister, Rob Chaney
      Sprint "Dash" - 6 Laps
      1 Brian Ellenberger, Butler
      2 Craig Mintz, Gibsonburg, Ohio
      3 Brock Myers, Bucyrus, Ohio
      4 Dale Blaney, Fowler, Ohio
      5 Danny Smith, Danville, IN
      6 Brian Paulus, Mechanicsburg

      Sprint "B-Main"  - 12 Laps
      1 Bob Felmlee, Franklin
      2 Scott Priester, Rimersburg
      3 Gus Wasson, Charlotte, NC
      4 Jesse Hockett, Warsaw, MO
      5 Rob Eyler, Franklin
      6 Carl Bowser, Sarver
      7 Brent Matus, Wampum
      8 Andy McKisson, Strattanville
      9 Joe Butera, Wampum
      10 Bill Rose, Plainfield, IN
      11 Davey Jones, Warrendale
      12 Gary Rankin, Renfrew
      13 Brent Covell. Titusville
      14  Rich Reinhart, Freedom
      E-Mod Feature - 20 Laps
      1 Dave Groves, Morgantown, WV
      2 Russ Dunn, Fenelton
     3 Dave Willoughby, Brookfield, Ohio
      4 Chris Basich, Adena, Ohio
      5 Junior Nolan, St Clairsville
      6 Shawn Domhoff, Harmony
      7 Larry Walters, Evans City
      8 Tim Henrich, West Middlesex
      9 Andy Sweetland, Warren
      10 Fred Bratchie, Valencia
      11 Jack Young, Thompson, Ohio
      12 Jonathan Taylor, Saltsburg
      13 Evan Taylor, Saltsburg
      14 Jim Turley, Cranberry Twp
      15 Jeff Walters, Evans City
      16 Craig Perigo, Stoystown
      17 Louie Krushansky, Morgantown, WV
      18 Randy Hall, Olean, NY
      19 Vince Crisanti, Renfrew
      20 Bobby Powell, Meadville
      21 Dane Laraway, Irwin
      22 Joel Johns, Pittsburgh
      23 Rod Lanham, Hazelton, WV-DNS

      E-Mod Heat Winners: Randy Hall, Dave Groves, Russ Dunn


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