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Local drivers take their ‘crack at $40,000 in the 2nd Annual Firecracker 100 presented by GottaRace.com 7.29

Local drivers take their ‘crack at $40,000 in the 2nd Annual Firecracker 100 presented by GottaRace.com


Sarver, PA (July 30, 2008) With $40,000 on the line and in the midst of the greatest dirt late model racers in the country, Lernerville Speedway/Friedman’s Freshmarkets UMP DIRTcar Super Late Model drivers made their mark on the race that’s quickly become one of the marquee events in the country. 


With SPEED cameras rolling, Mike Blose, Gregg Satterlee, John Mollick, Matt Lux, Alex Ferree and Lynn Geisler took the green flag in the 100 lap shootout.  Regional hot shoes David Scott, Coleby Frye and Dan Stone also rolled off with $40,000 on the line.


Unfortunately, when the fireworks went off in Sheetz Victory Lane for Brian Birkhofer, most of these drivers were scored in the bottom half of the results sheet.  But to their defense, running a 25 lap feature in a regular show and enduring 100 laps in a big show are totally different beasts, especially when they factor in their standing in Budweiser Points.  For their time and effort, each of these drivers walked away with at least $2000 and invaluable air time on national cable television for their sponsors.


 The top local finisher was Gregg Satterlee.  Satterlee (#22 of Rochester Mills), you may recall, secured his spot in the A-Main back in June by finishing third in his heat race.  Starting 15th on the grid last night, Satterlee finished the race on the track one lap down in 16th place.  As the top local finisher, Satterlee cashed in on $600 in bonus money ($500 from the WoO LMS “Bonus Bucks” and $100 from Stile Tax Service).  All told, Saterlee’s winnings amount to $2,900.


Dan Stone (#21D of Thompson) raced his way into the 100-lapper with hard fought run in B-Main #2.  He started eighth in a loaded field of 17 cars and trailed only 2007 Firecracker Champion Scott Bloomquist when the checkered flag waved.  He started the Firecracker 100 A-Main from the outside of row 11 in 22nd place.  Like Satterlee, Stone finished the race one lap down and scored in 17th place.  Stone took home a $2200 check for his effort.


Coleby Frye (#F1 of Dover) also took the checkered flag albeit three laps down, officially scored in 20th place.  Frye, like Satterlee, qualified for the A-Main back in June by finishing second in his heat after leading most of the race.  He started tonight from seventh and raced for many laps in the top ten.  But an ill-handling car took its toll on the young driver, resulting in the 20th place finish and a $2000 payday.


Mike Blose (#5 of New Bethlehem) also qualified into the A-Main back in June in a legendary heat race in which he spun out and went to the tail twice before racing his way into the third and final transfer position.  Blose had no such magic left up his sleeve tonight as he slowed on the back straightaway and went pitside on lap 52, officially scored in 26th place and earning $2000.



Matt Lux (#21L of Franklin), John Mollick (#4J of Toronto, OH) and David Scott (#3 of Garland) all raced their way into the big show through the B-Mains.  As such, they started near the back and with a star-studded field, failed to make much progress to the front.  Matt Lux pulled into the infield on lap 85 and was scored in 21st place.  John Mollick went pitside on lap 70 and was scored in 23rd.  David Scott completed 50 laps before slowing on the backstretch and rolling into the pits.  He was officially credited with a 25th place finish.  Each of these three drivers took home $2000.


Budweiser Points Leaders Alex Ferree (#4 of Saxonburg) and Lynn Geisler (#1C of Cranberry Twp.) started the field via track provisional.  Ferree jumped the cushion in turn four early in the race and retired the “A-Train” after just 13 laps, presumably saving the car for a final push to retain his Track Championship.  Geisler logged 69 laps in his famed #1 Cochran ride before rolling into the pits to be scored in 22nd.  Both drivers took home $2000 checks from the World of Outlaws Late Model Series.


The Uncle Sam 30, a $3000-to-win non-qualifiers race, was loaded with local and regional drivers.  Mike Knight (#9K of Ripley, NY) has been invading area races for much of the 2008 season and did so in patriotic fashion last night by claiming the $3000 winner’s share of the Uncle Sam 30.  The rest of the top five consisted of some of the sharpest regional invaders in Western PA; Ron Davies was second, Boom Briggs was third, Brent Rhebergen was fourth and Dave Hess Jr. was fifth.  Briggs actually missed the qualifying night back in June due to the after effects of a nasty flip in an Outlaws race in Canada.  Being a new entry, Briggs had to tail the C-Main.  He won the C-Main, which then put him at the tail of the B-Main.  Despite the stacked field of competitors in the “B”, Briggs raced his way to a top five finish, just two spots out of the A-Main transfer.


MACS Late Model Series Rookie of the Year contender and former Modified pilot Russell King ran a strong race and finished sixth.  The rest of the top ten from the Uncle Sam 30 consisted of Lernerville Speedway/Friedman’s Freshmarkets UMP DIRTcar Super Late Model drivers John Flinner, Keith Barbara, Gary Lyle and Chuck Kennedy.  Other drivers competing in the Uncle Sam 30 included Tony Burke, Clate Copeman, Todd Bachman, Nick Reges, Jared Miley, Dutch Davies and Kenny Schaltenbrand.  Dutch Davies provided the scariest moment of the night when he went sailing backwards off the back straightaway.  His car came to a stop on its side, but Davies walked away from the accident unscathed.  Davey Johnson and Dane Laraway were also in competition Tuesday Night, but neither answered the bell for the Uncle Sam lineup.

The Friedman’s Freshmarkets UMP DIRTcar Super Late Models will be right back in action this Friday in pursuit of the Budweiser Points Championship as part of Fab Four Racing on Flynn Tire Night.  The Central Blood Bank will also be on hand to coordinate a blood drive in Memory of Rosalie Bolland and Sandra Winkle.  All donors will receive meal vouchers and will be registered to be our “Fan of the Week”, (a prize package that includes 2 FREE Fab Four Tickets, a large pizza from Sirena Pizza, a Lernerville Speedway 40th Anniversary T-Shirt, a haircut from Fantastic Sams in Sarver & New Kensington and a trip to Sheetz Victory Lane with the night’s first feature winner).  To see this release highlighted with action shots from track photographer Cory Stivason, log on to www.Lernerville.com and please also visit his website by clicking on the “Gallery” link on the left hand side of our website.


Race Results



2ND Annual Firecracker 100 presented by GottaRace.com

World of Outlaws Late Model Series Feature (100 Laps)

  1. (15B) Brian Birkhofer
  2. (29) Darrell Lanigan
  3. (18) Shannon Babb
  4. (19) Steve Francis
  5. (21) Billy Moyer
  6. (1*) Chub Frank
  7. (0) Scott Bloomquist
  8. (39) Tim McCreadie
  9. (44P) Earl Pearson Jr.
  10. (19T) Tim Fuller
  11. (24) Rick Eckert
  12. (1) Josh Richards
  13. (44M) Chris Madden
  14. (23) John Blankenship
  15. (32C) Vic Coffey
  16. (22) Gregg Satterlee
  17. (21D) Dan Stone
  18. (99) Donnie Moran
  19. (44) Clint Smith
  20. (F1) Coleby Frye
  21. (21L) Matt Lux
  22. (1C) Lynn Geisler
  23. (4J) John Mollick
  24. (25) Shane Clanton
  25. (3) David Scott
  26. (5) Mike Blose
  27. (4) Alex Ferree
  28. (18K) Brandon Kinzer

Uncle Sam 30 $3000 to win (30 laps)

  1. (9K) Mike Knight
  2. (71D) Ron Davies
  3. (99B) Boom Briggs
  4. (07R) Brent Rhebergen
  5. (44H) Dave Hess Jr.
  6. (56) Russell King
  7. (48) John Flinner
  8. (17) Keith Barbara
  9. (10) Gary Lyle
  10. (6A) Chuck Kennedy
  11. (23T) Tony Burke
  12. (28C) Clate Copeman
  13. (B22) Bump Hedman
  14. (66) Todd Bachman
  15. (2V) Chad Valone
  16. (38R) Nick Reges
  17. (H1) Jared Miley
  18. (40) Dutch Davies
  19. (0S) Ryan Scott
  20. (46) Doug Horton
  21. (W11) Robbie Blair
  22. (29S) Ken Schaltenbrand

World of Outlaws Late Model Series B-Main #1(Top 4 Transfer)

  1. (3) David Scott
  2. (24) Rick Eckert
  3. (32C) Vic Coffey
  4. (4J) John Mollick
  5. (1J) Davey Johnson
  6. (44H) Dave Hess Jr.
  7. (46) Doug Horton
  8. (9K) Mike Knight
  9. (40) Dutch Davies
  10. (6A) Chuck Kennedy
  11. (28C) Clate Copeman
  12. (66) Todd Bachman
  13. (H1) Jared Miley
  14. (29S) Ken Schaltenbrand
  15. (W11) Robbie Blair
  16. (1L) Dane Lawaray

World of Outlaws Late Model Series B-Main #2(Top 3 Transfer)

  1. (0) Scott Bloomquist
  2. (21D) Dan Stone
  3. (21L) Matt Lux
  4. (71D) Ron Davies
  5. (99B) Boom Briggs
  6. (48) John Flinner
  7. (23) John Blankenship
  8. (07R) Brent Rhebergen
  9. (10) Gary Lyle
  10. (56) Russell King
  11. (2V) Chad Valone
  12. (23T) Tony Burke
  13. (38R) Nick Reges
  14. (17) Keith Barbara
  15. (1C) Lynn Geisler
  16. (44) Clint Smith
  17. (20) Jimmy Owens

World of Outlaws Late Model Series C-Main (Top 4 Transfer)

  1. (29S) Ken Schaltenbrand
  2. (56) Russell King
  3. (H1) Jared Miley
  4. (99B) Boom Briggs
  5. (0S) Ryan Scott
  6. (B22) Bump Hedman

Car Count Total: 53 Lates


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