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Super Sub John Flinner wins a barn burner in the Bachman #66! Shingledecker leads flag-to-flag, George wins a thriller at the checkers, Lipinski wins first race of 2008. 8.8

Super Sub John Flinner wins a barn burner in the Bachman #66!

Shingledecker leads flag-to-flag, George wins a thriller at the checkers, Lipinski wins first race of 2008.


Sarver, PA (August 8, 2008) Last week, Chris Schneider stepped into the Fosnaught #20J Street Stock to win the feature.  Tonight, John Flinner did the same thing in the Bachman #66 Vic Hill-powered Rocket Chassis.  Flinner is certainly no stranger to the Action Track (five Track Championships) or to Sheetz Victory Lane (38 Career Feature wins entering tonight’s action).  Tonight, however, Flinner took the wheel of a strange car for a vacationing Todd Bachman.  Long the pilot of the John Johnson #48, Flinner thrilled the crowd with a narrow victory over a hard charging John Mollick.  Flinner, Mollick and Lynn Geisler exchanged the lead multiple times throughout the race.  As the laps wore on, Flinner and Mollick continued to battle for the lead, but when the checkered flag flew, it was Flinner by .105 of a second over Mollick.  Side by side behind them for third was Jared Miley prevailing over Sam Stile.  Bud Points leader Alex Ferree rounded out the Friedman’s Freshmarkets UMP DIRTcar Super Late Model Top Five.  Early leader Lynn Geisler finished sixth.  Heat races were claimed by Lynn Geisler, Dan Swartzlander and Alex Ferree.


The Ferrante Motor Cars DIRTcar Modifieds thundered onto the track next with Jeremiah Shingledecker taking the lead on the opening lap.  Shingledecker has had his fair share of bad luck this season, but tonight he would not be denied his second feature win of the season.  He led every circuit of the 25 lap feature and was largely unchallenged.  A late race caution set the table for Bud Points leader Brian Swartzlander to steal the win, but Shingledecker would hear nothing of the sort.  He took a commanding lead at the green flag of the restart and motored to Sheetz Victory Lane.  Brian Swartzlander chased Shingledecker home for second and padded his points lead as fellow Championship contender Kevin Bolland struggled through the race with a sick motor, but managed to salvage a sixth place finish.  Tom Winkle, Dave Murdick and Del Rougeux Jr. rounded out the Ferrante Top Five.  Winkle and Swartzlander checkered their respective heat races.


A somber field of Commercial Truck & Trailer Sprints pushed off third with heavy hearts for Bud Points leader Bob Felmlee who suffered moderate burns when a fuel line came off his car after the completion of his heat race.  Felmlee was helped out of the car by fellow competitor Andy McKisson and taken to a local hospital for further evaluation and observation.  But the show must go on, and boy did it ever!  The resurgent Ralph Spithaler led the early laps of the 25-lap CTT Sprint feature.  Scott Priester took the lead from Spithaler on the lap eight restart and appeared to be on the way to his first feature win of the season.  But on the last lap, Rod George executed a power move exiting turn four and launched past Priester for the win.  For George it was win number three of 2008, for Priester it was another disappointing, but very impressive second place finish.  Carl Bowser also impressed with his best finish of the season by crossing the stripe third.   Andy McKisson, who earlier in the evening helped rescue Bob Felmlee from a burning car, was inspired by the incident and recorded his best finish of the season in fourth.  Two-time Track Champion Kevin Schaeffer assumed the points lead with a fifth place finish, but definitely not under the circumstances he was hoping for!  Ralph Spithaler, Dan Kuriger and Scott Priester were heat race victors.


Entering tonight’s event, Bob Lipinski had recorded eight top fives, including two second place runs, but had not yet pulled his familiar lime green #55 into Sheetz Victory Lane.  Lipinski sealed the deal tonight however, beating a triumvirate of Advance Auto Parts UMP DIRTcar Street Stock championship contenders.  When the caution riddled feature came to a close, Lipinski was tailed across the stripe by Bob Egley, Jason Fosnaught and Wayne Carbo.  Egley, Carbo and Fosnaught were separated by just 10 points in that order as they unloaded their cars tonight.  Their heat race and feature results did very little to provide a clear cut favorite as two points nights remain on the schedule.  Jim Fosnaught rounded out the Advance Auto Parts Top Five.  Heat races went to Bob Lipinski, Wayne Carbo and Jim Fosnaught.


Join us Tuesday Night for the “Summer Vacation” School Bus, Kid’s Bike and Enduro Races slated for a 7:00 start time.


Race Results


Commercial Truck & Trailer Sprints Feature (25 Laps)


  1. (4) Rod George, Kittanning
  2. (11) Scott Priester, Rimersburg
  3. (10) Carl Bowser, Sarver
  4. (0) Andy McKisson, Strattanville
  5. (9) Kevin Schaeffer, Kittanning
  6. (56) Ralph Spithaler, Evans City
  7. (98) Dan Shetler, Johnstown
  8. (23JR) Jack Sodeman Jr., N. Jackson OH
  9. (15) Charlie Holben, Cabot
  10. (08) Dan Kuriger, Freedom
  11. (49) Jimmy Hawley, West Middlesex
  12. (16) Gary Rankin, Renfrew
  13. (33) Brent Matus, Wampum
  14. (45) Todd Bauer, Clarion
  15. (96) Lindsay Enscoe, Petrolia
  16. (3C) Cale Conley, Vienna WVA
  17. (45G) Bryan Grove, Beach City OH
  18. (4K) Bill Kiley, Cabot
  19. (6) Shelia Rankin, Renfrew
  20. (1R) Gale Ruth Sr., Pleasantville
  21. (3J) Bud Watt, Wildwood
  22. (141) Walt Tutak Jr., Kittanning
  23. (24S) Brian Steinman, Lucinda
DNS: (6F) Bob Felmlee, Seneca
DNS: (8) Mike Lutz, Mercer


Heat Race Winners: Ralph Spithaler Jr., Dan Kuriger, Scott Priester


Friedman’s Freshmarkets UMP DIRTcar Super Late Models Feature (25 Laps)


  1. (66) John Flinner, Zelienople
  2. (4J) John Mollick, Toronto OH
  3. (H1) Jared Miley, South Park
  4. (2S) Sam Stile, Charleroi
  5. (4) Alex Ferree, Saxonburg
  6. (1C) Lynn Geisler, Cranberry Twp.
  7. (22) Greg Satterlee, Rochester Mills
  8. (29) Ken Schaltenbrand, Sarver
  9. (88) Chuck Sarver, West Sunburry
  10. (5) Mike Blose, New Bethlehem
  11. (18) John Britsky, Indiana
  12. (6A) Chuck Kennedy, Mars
  13. (23) Tony Burke, Sarver
  14. (25B) Mark Booth, Irwin
  15. (1L) Dane Laraway, Irwin
  16. (72B) Jim Kurpakus, Leechburg
  17. (38R) Nick Reges, Butler
  18. (15K) Ray Kroll Sr., Renfrew
  19. (56X) Denton Boyer, Punxsutawney
  20. (3) Dan Swartzlander, Freeport
  21. (111D) Jim Detman, Leechburg
  22. (7X) Herman Bertolini, Creighton
  23. (J7) Jeff Henry, Butler
  24. (28C) Clate Copeman, Greensburg
NLC: (1J) Dave Murdick, Slippery Rock

DNS: (11W) Bob Wearing Jr., Renfrew


Heat Race Winners: Lynn Geisler, Dan Swartzlander, Alex Ferree


Ferrante Motor Cars DIRTcar Modified Feature (25 Laps)


  1. (37MD) Jeremiah Shingledecker, Polk
  2. (83) Brian Swartzlander, Leechburg
  3. (28) Tom Winkle, Mars
  4. (61) Dave Murdick, Slippery Rock
  5. (20D) Del Rougeux Jr., Frenchville
  6. (777) Kevin Bolland, New Brighton
  7. (38) Phil Evans Jr., Greensburg
  8. (96) Mike Turner, Butler
  9. (2) Mark Flick, Apollo
  10. (29E) Erik Martin, Evans City
  11. (6) Carl Murdick, Butler
  12. (69X) Dennis Slater, Butler
  13. (27R) Dave Reges, Butler
  14. (66) J.R. McGinley, Fairmount City
  15. (72) Mike Miller, Chicora
  16. (11B) Brian Bailes, New Castle
  17. (12T) Tim Doran, New Castle

Heat Race Winners: Tom Winkle, Brian Swartzlander


Advance Auto Parts UMP DIRTcar Street Stocks Feature (20 Laps)


  1. (55L) Bob Lipinski, Pittsburgh
  2. (30) Bob Egley, Kittanning
  3. (J19) Jason Fosnaught, Creighton
  4. (54) Wayne Carbo, Saxonburg
  5. (20J) Jim Fosnaught, Bairdford
  6. (12) Shawn Thorn, Murrysville
  7. (77S) Bryan Shaffer, New Castle
  8. (15K) Matthew Keith, Franklin
  9. (7) Eric Piotrowski, Cranberry Twp.
  10. (2) Dave “Brew” Baker, Elderton
  11. (48) Kevin Haas, Sarver
  12. (33X) Greg Beach, Chicora
  13. (380) Pat Hanley, Monroeville
  14. (87) Mike Miller, Chicora
  15. (29B) Scott Byers, Butler
  16. (13X) Ryan Moyer, Harmony
  17. (3S) Paul Schreckengost, Creighton
  18. (02) Joseph Heinl, Prospect
  19. (32) Mark Sanders, New Castle
  20. (52B) William Shipock, Gibsonia
  21. (78) John Watson, Apollo
  22. (1) Randy Hanovick, Mars
  23. (74) Paul Petrovich, Gibsonia
  24. (9R) Roger Stivenson, Freeport
  25. (28Y) Terry Young, Butler

DNS: (56) Bryan Wagner, New Wilmington

Heat Race Winners: Bob Lipinski, Wayne Carbo, Jim Fosnaught,


Car Count Total: 93

Sprint: 24

Late Model: 27

Modified: 17

Street Stock: 25


Contact: Lernerville Speedway                 

Eric J. Westendorf, Public Relations Director

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