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Lernerville Speedway 40th Anniversary Season goes out with a Crash, Boom, Bang! Martz wins Pandemonium, Shaffer notches career first, Siebert claims Enduro! 9.22

Lernerville Speedway 40th Anniversary Season goes out with a Crash, Boom, Bang!

Martz wins Pandemonium, Shaffer notches career first, Siebert claims Enduro!



Sarver, PA (September 22, 2008) The curtain came down on racing portion of the 40th Anniversary Season of Don Martin’s Lernerville Speedway Friday Night as Rusty Martz picked up $2000 for winning Advance Auto Parts Street Stock Pandemonium 30 lap feature, Bryan Shaffer claimed his first career feature win at Lernerville Speedway in the 15-lap “Non-winners’ Race”, and David Siebert finally sealed the deal in the 100-lap Enduro.



With 55 stocks on hand racing for a handsome purse of $2000, the action was hot and heavy from the heat races, through the B-Mains and into the two features.  At times, one might have wondered if they were watching Street Stocks or the Enduro.  But when the checkered flag waved, it was 2008 Thunder Mountain Speedway Champion Rusty Martz in Sheetz Victory Lane with the folks from Advance Auto Parts to claim his $2000 payday!


The 55 car field was spilt into six heat races.  The winners of each heat race (Jim Boyer, Jason Reagle, Jeff Walters, Rod Lasky, Rusty Martz and Scott Stein), took the track for a six lap dash that set the front three rows of the 30-lap, $2000-to-win Street Stock Pandemonium feature!  The dash finish was Martz, Stein, Lasky, Walters, Royer and Reagle.


The top three from each heat race transferred directly into the A-Main, the remaining 37 cars were split into two 15-lap B-Mains.  Bryan Shaffer and Fuzzy Fields were your winners!  Shaffer and Fields were joined by Jeff Taylor, Jim Fosnaught, Randy Wyant and Bob Roseman in the feature having transferred from the B-Mains.  2008 Advance Auto Parts UMP DIRTcar Street Stocks Champion Bob Egley tailed the field as a track provisional.


With two-grand on the line, there were no holds barred when the green flag dropped!  Martz took the lead from the pole, but 2008 Marion Center Track Champion Scott Stein gave chase and took the lead on lap eight.  Martz regained the position on lap 10 running low through turns three & four.  Stein, meanwhile, jumped the inside lip of the back straightaway and lost a handful of positions.  Chaos ensued a few laps later as Stein tried to slide under three cars in turns three & four resulting in a big pile up.  The biggest loser was Fuzzy Fields who went pitside.  The rest of the cars rejoined and tailed the field.


With half of the race in the books, Martz was tailed by 2006 Tri-City Pro Stock Track Champion Bobby Whitling (whom has moved on mostly to Crate Late Model racing) and SS Chassis Guru Chris Schneider.  Schneider took second from Whitling on the lap 18 restart and took aim at leader Martz.  Martz and Schneider raced side-by-side for many laps, but as the laps ticked away, Schneider simply could not pass Martz who cruised into Sheetz Victory Lane!  Schneider crossed the line close behind for second.  Whitling raced home third followed by six-time Lernerville Track Champion Joe Kelley and Marion Center Star Jeff Taylor.


Track Champion Bob Egley (seventh) and Shawn Thorn (fourth) both had top ten runs going late in the race, but went pitside during the lap 23 caution.  Lernerville regulars Bryan Shaffer (sixth), Jim Fosnaught (eighth) and Kevin Haas (tenth) finished in the top ten!  Early lead Scott Stein recovered from his mid-race problems to finish seventh, Rod Lasky finished ninth.


The Pandemonium was not over yet, however, as the Lernerville Speedway paid tribute to the Street Stock regulars who had never won a Lernerville feature with a 15-lap “Non-Winners’ Race”.  13 drivers took the green flag with Matt Keith and Roger Stivenson on the front row.  Keith led the first two laps, but a caution slowed the field as Roger Stivenson and Brett McDonald made contact and spun to a stop in turn four.  Bryan Shaffer took the lead on the lap three restart with Ryan Moyer following behind for second as the field thundered down the back straightaway!  Moyer took the lead from Shaffer on the back straightaway and led circuits nine and ten, but heartbreaking mechanical issues spoiled Moyer’s run for his first career feature victory.  Shaffer assumed the lead once again on the restart, but a caution for contact between Kevin Haas and Dave “Brew” Baker slowed the field a final time.  Shaffer took the green flag and cruised mostly unchallenged to Sheetz Victory Lane for the first time in his Lernerville career.  The real race in the closing laps was for second between Matt Keith and Jim Fosnaught, but Fosnaught was unable to reel in and pass Keith who claimed second.  Fosnaught would settle for third, while Bryan Wagner and Brett McDonald rounded out the top five.  Spots six through ten went to John Watson, Dave “Brew” Baker, Kevin Haas, Randy Hanovick and Roger Stivenson.  Ryan Moyer was scored 11th, followed by Scott Byers and Terry Young.  Paul Petrovich did not take the green flag, nor did Eric Piotrowski who broke in heat race competition.


With the Pandemonium in the books, it was time for the 100-lap Enduro, a rolling demolition derby with 112 cars on the track all at the same time.  With that many cars on the track at once, the leaders were lapping the back of the field on the opening lap and the chaos and carnage ensued.  The most thrilling and chilling moment of the opening laps came when Tim Smith lost control in turns three & four and careened into the Gauntlet truck at a high rate of speed.  The contact broke the frame of the Gauntlet truck in two places and destroyed Smith’s car, but despite being a bit shaken, nobody was seriously injured.  With the large number of vehicles and the unscientific means of scoring the race, it is an absolute nightmare to keep track of who is winning, how many laps are completed, which drivers are on which laps, etc.


However, it does not take long for the fast cars to shine above the masses and make their presence known.  The name of the game in Enduro is to survive the attrition early and still be running fast in the closing laps.  When the checkered flag flew, as best we could tell from what we saw on the track, and the drivers’ scorers filled out on the lap sheets, David Siebert (#C04) had won the race!  Siebert had finished in the top three in each of the two previous Enduros and finally sealed the deal Friday Night to take home a cool grand!  Robert P. Roser Jr. (#94C) led some laps early in the race, but during that time also lost the right rear tire.  That did not, however, slow him down much, and upon reviewing the score sheets, Roser was credited with finishing second while running a large majority of the race on just three tires!  Ryan Redmond (#20R) was fast again, (as he was in leading most of the 100 lapper last month), and led some laps mid-race, before being credited with a third place finish.  Pete Blazczak and Ed Holben also finished in the money with top five finishes!


Saturday Morning the Lernerville Speedway hosted its Second Annual Automotive Swap Meet.  All that remains now is the bookend event known as the Y108 Thrillbilly Country Bash.  The inaugural event promises to be a crowd pleaser for all ages with five country acts, (headlined by Grammy Award Winner LeeAnn Womack and the red hot Lost Trailers), three Monster Trucks (two performing and one ride-along), Fireworks by Premier Pyrotechnics and a huge bonfire!  Tickets are on sale on our website www.Lernerville.com by clicking the “Buy Tickets Now!” link or by calling the speedway office during normal business hours at (724) 353-1511.  More details are also available at Lernerville.com  and Y108.com.  Don’t miss out on this most unique evening of family entertainment!


Race Results



Advance Auto Parts Street Stock Pandemonium Feature (30 Laps)

  1. (16M) Rusty Martz, Brookville
  2. (55) Chris Schneider, Springdale
  3. (7W) Bobby Whitling, Franklin
  4. (66) Joe Kelley, Mt. Pleasant
  5. (60) Jeff Taylor, Corsica
  6. (77S) Bryan Shaffer, New Castle
  7. (415) Scott Stein, Cherrytree
  8. (20J) Jim Fosnaught, Bairdford
  9. (1R) Rod Lasky, Seneca
  10. (48) Kevin Haas, Sarver
  11. (17) Jim  Boyer, Indiana
  12. (56) Bryan Wagner, New Wilmington
  13. (80) Nick Goss, Punxsutawney
  14. (7N) Neil Tristani, Curtsville
  15. (30) Bob Egley, Kittanning
  16. (12) Shawn Thorn, Murrysville
  17. (1B) Tim Bish, Ringgold
  18. (48R) Bob Roseman, Unknown
  19. (35) Jeff Walters,  Evans City
  20. (28) Fuzzy Fields, Brockport
  21. (55L) Bob Lipinski, Pittsburgh
  22. (888) Jason Reagle, Oil City
  23. (11Y) Dale Yaney, Corsica
  24. (35H) Chris Haines, Sandy Lake
  25. (11T) Randy Wyant, Oil City

Street Stock Pandemonium Non – Winners Race

  1. (77S) Bryan Shaffer, New Castle
  2. (15K) Matthew Keith, Franklin
  3. (20J) Jim Fosnaught, Bairdford
  4. (56) Bryan Wagner, New Wilmington
  5. (25) Brett McDonald, Saxonburg
  6. (78) John Watson, Apollo
  7. (2) Dave “Brew” Baker, Elderton
  8. (48) Kevin Haas, Sarver
  9. (1) Randy Hanovick, Mars
  10. (9R) Roger Stivenson, Freeport
  11. (13X) Ryan Moyer, Harmony
  12. (29B) Scott Byers, Butler
  13. (28Y) Terry Young, Butler
DNS: (74) Paul Petrovich, Gibsonia


Enduro Results (100 Laps)

  1. (C04) David Siebert
  2. (94C) Robert P. Roser Jr.
  3. (20R) Ryan Redmond
  4. (77) Pete Blazczak
  5. (11H) Ed Holben
  6. (57) Troy Jeuther
  7. (33T) Tyler Hill
  8. (85) John Radvansky Jr.
  9. (6K) Keith Sherwin
  10. (37) Aaron Hayer
  11. (79)  Mike Kline
  12. (14) Bud Holben Jr.
  13. (18B) Greg Borczyk
  14.  (74) Craig Bollinger
  15. (06) Greg Shoop
  16. (23z) Kyle Zuffuto
  17. (71SL) Lee Lehnerd
  18. (08) Tom Roberts
  19.  (58) Ben Clepper
  20.  (75C) Sean J. Collins
  21. (88JR) Westley  Maycock
  22. (C13)  Mike “Bubba” oberts
  23. (7) Ray Seibert
  24. (13s) Chris R. Schibik
  25. (2c) Cortnee Garvin
  26. (801) Nick Ranalli Jr.
  27. (45)  Pat Hair
  28. (66) Michael S. Baker
  29. (1) Steve Blazczak
  30. (25) Michelle Patterson
  31. (28) Jeremy Speicher
  32. (K5) Kevin Wranich
  33. (93K)  Dale R. Bazner
  34. (64) Kevin Latshaw
  35. (36W) Larry W. White
  36. (12) Curtis Holben
  37. (76) Sean Burke
  38. (22) Kyle Smith
  39. (32) Eric McCray
  40. (52) Laszlo Vesztergom
  41. (22L) John Lowmen
  42. (72x) Randi Lynn Bertolini
  43. (121)Dwight Boice
  44. (80) Janet Gillette
  45. (96)  David Huncheck
  46. (07x) Jim Young
  47. (516) Chad Brandt
  48. (18) Tim Kelly
  49. (82) Andy Sweetland
  50. (95) Mark Thomas
  51. (21) Tyler Brooks
  52. (13x) Alex Rodgers
  53. (16) Steve Guthrie
  54. (24) Chuck  Henry
  55. (15) Robert Joseph
  56. (108) Mark Keirn
  57. (4L) C J  Loeffler
  58. (83) Jordan Hoover
  59. (70M) Zack Ayers
  60. (14c) Cody Clark
  61. (78) John Bauer
  62. (19) Dan Plfuger
  63. (13) Jeff Seibert
  64. (46) Chris Dean
  65. (1/2 PT)  Darnele Martin
  66. (9s) Tim Smith
  67. (666) Ben Kunning
  68. (47) Mark Sullivan
  69. (75) John Flinner Sr.
  70. (96T) Mike Turner
  71. (19D) Dustin Palmer
  72. (55B) Gary Beer
  73. (43)  David McDonald
  74. (68) Brian Tuche
  75. (33G) Todd Gabriel
  76. (00) Cal Pittman
  77. (88) Carl Hoffield
***Finish based on scoring cards that were turned in Linda Fennell***



Car Count Total: 167

Street Stock: 55

Enduro: 112


Contact: Lernerville Speedway                 

Eric J. Westendorf, Public Relations Director

(724) 664-1075 · This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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