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Ellenberger outduels Lynch to win Ti22 Sprint Feature Hess, Swartzlander and Kelley power to Victory Lane 4.2

Ellenberger outduels Lynch to win Ti22 Sprint Feature
Hess, Swartzlander and Kelley power to Victory Lane


Sarver, PA (April 2, 2010) Wow!  Did that really all just happen?!?!  It seemed like Opening Night took so long to get here and now it’s a memory!  80 & sunny, Opening Night and the Easter Egg Extravaganza created the perfect storm for a huge crowd of fans to descend on Don Martin’s Lernerville Speedway for the lid lifter of the 2010 Fab Four Racing season.


The Ti22 Performance DIRTcar Sprints started the show with a bang as 2009 Kevin Gobrecht Rookie of the Year Award Winner Brian Ellenberger visited his home track during an off weekend for the World of Outlaws and put on a whale of a show with all time Sprints feature winner Ed Lynch Jr.  Lynch took the top spot from early leader Kevin Schaeffer on lap three and paced the field for 12 of the next 14 circuits.  After a few early cautions, the race went green 22 laps as Ellenberger tried high and low to get around Lynch. 


Ellenberger led laps seven and 16, only to see the Apollo Rocket blast back around him to retake the lead.  The third time was the charm for Ellenberger as he took control of the race on lap 18 in heavy lapped traffic.  A final caution lap 24 set up a green-white-checkered restart, but it was merely a speed bump on Ellenberger’s path to Sheetz Victory Lane as he threw a clean textbook block around the bottom groove of turns three and four to thwart any though Lynch had of a last turn slide job. 


Ellenberger, of course, drives the Ti22 car on the World of Outlaws Sprints Circuit and was thrilled to win the first feature of the Sprint division under the banner of the Ti22 Performance sponsorship!


Lynch finished second, followed by Kevin Schaeffer, Bob Felmlee and Rod George.  Jack Sodeman Jr. and Kevin Schaeffer won their respective heat races. 


Dave Hess Jr. led a loaded field of local and regional DIRTcar Late Model drivers to the green flag flanked by Chad Valone.  Hess jumped out to a quick lead, and despite the hot shoes in his wake, was never seriously challenged on his way to Sheetz Victory Lane. 


The real battle was behind Hess as Jared Miley and Dave Murdick battled door-to-door for the final 10 laps with Murdick prevailing at the checkers.  Miley was followed across the stripe by Alex Ferree and Gregg Satterlee.  John Mollick, Alex Ferree and 2009 World of Outlaws Late Model Series Rookie of the Year Russell King were heat race victors.


Young Guns Rex King Jr. and Steve Feder led the Diehl Auto Group DIRTcar Modifieds to the green flag, with King leading the first lap.  On lap two, future Hall of Famer Brian Swartzlander drove past King on the top of the back straightaway only to see the yellow flag before the lap was official.  But the caution flag only delayed the inevitable as Swartzlander took the lead low through turns three and four on the lap two restart.  Kevin Bolland tried every line imaginable, but was not able to get past Swartzlander, whom rolled his #83 into Sheetz Victory Lane for the 65th time. 


Bolland held off a hard charging Rex King Sr. for second.  Dave Murdick finished fourth, with Del Rouguex Jr. rounding out the top five.  Heat races were checkered by Del Rougeux Jr. and Kevin Bolland.


The Charapp Route 28 DIRTcar Sportsman took the green flag under the front row of birthday boy Shawn Thorn and last year’s Opening Night feature winner Terry Young.  2009 Lernerville Rookie of the Year Corey McPherson led the first circuit, then Shawn Thorn led the second, but All Time Sportsman wins leader Joe Kelley drove around Thorn down the backstretch and led lap three.  Kelley led the rest of the way with one slight challenge from second place finisher Corey McPherson.  Kelley would roll his familiar #66 into Sheetz Victory Lane and add another win to the records books, bumping his total to 33 career feature wins.


With McPherson finishing second, the rest of the top five ended up with Jason Fosnaught, Bob Egley and Shawn Thorn.  Heat race winners were Joe Kelley and Jim Fosnaught. 


Fab Four Racing resumes next Friday April 9 for Silver Jacket Night.  All fans wearing the old school Don Martin’s Lernerville Speedway silver satin jacket will pay the senior rate of $10 for general admission and be entered into a raffle to win Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup XIX Twin 30s, scheduled for Tuesday July 20.

 Race Results



Ti22 Performance DIRTcar Sprints Feature: (25 Laps)

1.      (22) Brian Ellenberger, Butler

2.      (2L) Ed Lynch Jr., Apollo

3.      (9) Kevin Schaeffer, Kittanning

4.      (6F) Bob Felmlee, Franklin

5.      (4) Rod George, Kittanning

6.      (3B) Scott Bonnell, Fairview

7.      (D4) Danny Holtgraver, Pittsburgh

8.      (10) Carl Bowser, Sarver

9.      (42G) Charlie Holben, Sarver

10. (33) Brent Matus, Wampum

11. (3) Pete Miller III, Port Vue

12. (13) Brandon Matus, Wampum

13. (6) Shelia Rankin, Renfrew

14. (17T) Jeff Taylor, Cherry Hill NJ.

15. (23JR) Jack Sodeman Jr., N. Jackson OH

16. (B6) Bobbi Rankin, Renfrew

17. (16) Gary Rankin, Renfrew

DNS: (70X) Mike Bertollini, Creighton

Heat Race Winners: Jack Sodeman Jr., Kevin Schaeffer


DIRTcar Late Models Feature: (25 Laps)

1.      (44) Dave Hess Jr., Waterford

2.      (1J) Dave Murdick, Slippery Rock

3.      (H1) Jared Miley, South Park

4.      (4) Alex Ferree, Saxonburg

5.      (22) Greg Satterlee, Rochester Mills

6.      (21) Matt Lux, Franklin

7.      (2V) Chad Valone, Kiantone NY

8.      (J4) John Garvin Jr., Sarver

9.      (56) Denton Boyer, Punxsutawney

10. (56K) Russell King, Bristolville OH

11. (99B) Boom Briggs, Bear Lake

12. (88) Chuck Sarver, West Sunburry

13. (66) Todd Bachman, Natrona Heights

14. (72) Michael Norris, Sarver

15. (1P) Darren Peters, Fort Erie, Ontario

16. ( B1) Brandon Wearing, Callery

17. (22B) Darrell Bossard, Centerville

18. (0Z) Mason Zeigler, Chalkhill

19. (15K) Ray Kroll Sr., Renfrew

20. (16*) Derek Frank, Jamestown NY

21. (25B) Mark Booth, Irwin

22. (111) Jim Detman, Leechburg

23. (1C) Lynn Geisler, Cranberry Twp.

24. (03) Doug Eck, Corry

25. (10) Gary Lyle, Hyde Park

26. (4J) John Mollick, Toronto OH

Heat Race Winners: John Mollick, Alex Ferree, Russell King


Diehl Auto Group DIRTcar Modified Feature: (25 Laps)

1.      (83) Brian Swartzlander, Leechburg

2.      (777) Kevin Bolland, New Brighton

3.      (65) Rex King Sr., Bristolville OH

4.      (61) Dave Murdick, Slippery Rock

5.      (20D) Del Rougeux Jr., Frenchville

6.      (37MD) Jeremiah Shingledecker, Polk

7.      (165) Rex King Jr., Bristolville OH

8.      (8J) Dean Pearson, Harrisville

9.      (96) Mike Turner, Butler

10. (6) Carl Murdick, Butler

11. (66F) Kyle Fink, Strattanville

12. (03) Mark Frankhouser, Philipsburg

13. (74) Kevin Green, New Castle

14. (88) Shawn Fleeger, Butler

15. (29E) Erik Martin, Evans City

16. (45) Steve Feder, Butler

DNS: (69) Tommy Mattocks, Franklin

Heat Race Winners: Del Rougeux Jr., Kevin Bolland


Charapp Route 28 DIRTcar Sportsman Feature: (20 Laps)

1.      (66) Joe Kelley, Mt. Pleasant

2.      (C33) Corey McPherson, Tarentum

3.      (J19) Jason Fosnaught, Creighton

4.      (30) Bob Egley, Kittanning

5.      (12) Shawn Thorn, Vandergrift

6.      (55L) Bob Lipinski, Pittsburgh

7.      (28Y) Terry Young, Butler

8.      (13X) Ryan Moyer, Portersville

9.      (3S) Paul Schreckengost, Creighton

10. (20J) Jim Fosnaught, Bairdford

11. (54) Wayne Carbo, Saxonburg

12. (25) Brett McDonald, Saxonburg

13. (29B) Scott Byers, Butler

14. (57) Troy Jeuther, Valencia

15. (32) Mark Sanders, Lowellville, OH

16. (24) Mike Gilliland, Portersville

17. (21) Jeff Miller, Natrona Heights

Heat Race Winners: Joe Kelley, Jim Fosnaught


Car Count Total: 77

TI 22 Performance DIRTcar 410 Sprint Cars: 18

DIRTcar Late Models: 25

Diehl Auto Group DIRTcar Modifieds: 17

Charapp Route 28 DIRTcar Sportsman: 17


Contact: Lernerville Speedway

Eric J. Westendorf, Public Relations Director

(724) 664-1075 · This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Co-written by Steve Patterson


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