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Defending Track Champion Alex Ferree wins first race of 2010 Andy McKisson gets first career win at Lernerville Speedway Jason Fosnaught wins first of 2010 Brian Swartzlander awarded win after Jim Weller Jr. gets DQ’d 7.16

Defending Track Champion Alex Ferree wins first race of 2010

Andy McKisson gets first career win at Lernerville Speedway

Jason Fosnaught wins first of 2010

Brian Swartzlander awarded win after Jim Weller Jr. gets DQ’d


Sarver, PA (July 16, 2010) Nostalgia was the theme of tonight’s Fab Four Racing program as Don Gamble hosted his annual reunion of retired drivers.  Johnny Axe, winner of the very first race at Lernerville Speedway, was on hand and was the honorary starter for the Diehl Auto Group DIRTcar Modified Feature.  But despite the nostalgic theme of the night, three of the four feature winners claimed their first victory of the season!  Alex Ferree (DIRTcar Lates) and Jason Fosnaught (Charapp 28 Sportsman) won their first of the season, while Andy McKisson (Ti22 Sprints) won his first career Lernerville Feature.  Jim Weller Jr. was the lone repeat winner as he checkered the Diehl Mods feature to net his second win of 2010.


The following drivers attended this year’s Nostalgia Night: Johnny Axe, Dick Bailey, Carl Bittner, Paul Brougher, Mark Cassella, Harley Chuba, Tim Guzzo, Gene Habbyshaw, Doc Harmon, Walt Keller, Kenny, Kevin & Joe Harris, Dave Hoffman, Ed Lynch Sr., Rick Majors, Jerry Matus, Dave Mohn, Mark Muehlman, Carl Murdick, Art Osmer, Barry Peters, John Phillips, Bob Puz, Ralph Quarterson, Deek Scott, Smokey Schempp, Jack Sodeman, Bob Stanford and Bill Wheeling. 


There were also several classic racecars on display; Paul Backus (Modified #66), Ron Cubic (Quarterson Sprint #66), Lynn Geisler (Webster PRA #3), Jerry McDowell (Sprint #22), Junior Radvansky (Midget Race Car), Tom Robertson (Scott #180 Coupe), Darwin Stivenson (Old Chevy Coupe) and John Astarb (Kennedy’s #9 Late Model).


The DIRTcar Late Models rolled onto the Action Track first with Three-Time Defending Track Champion Alex Ferree on the pole, flanked by Dan Swartzlander.  After an 11 month winless drought, Ferree led flag-to-flag with nary a challenge.  Ferree had to withstand a bevy of cautions and subsequent restarts, but he was up for the challenge and notched his first win since last August 21.  His first win of the season is the 18th of his career at Lernerville Speedway.  The win also moves him ahead of Jared Miley into second place in the Budweiser Point Standings.


Jared Miley ran a strong second place for the entire 25 laps, but couldn’t find a line around Ferree to make a legitimate attempt for the lead.  Gregg Satterlee charged from 11th on the starting grid to finish third, while Doug Eck and John Garvin Jr. rounded out the top five.    The top ten rounded out with Chuck Sarver, Dan Swartzlander, Denton Boyer, Michael Norris and Ken Schaltenbrand.  Budweiser Points Leader Dave Hess Jr. broke on lap six and rolled pitside for his first DNF of the season.  He still maintains a healthy point lead, but squandered a chance at an extra $700 as the ERacer’s Bonus Bucks Driver of the Night.  National Guard Heat Races were checkered by Denton Boyer and Doug Eck.


Jim Weller Jr. took a commanding lead from the start in tonight’s Diehl Auto Group DIRTcar Modified feature.  Brian Swartzlander battled for second against Tom Winkle until a caution on lap nine.  Winkle led eight laps mid-race and was in the second place up until the final lap when he spun in turns three and four trying to make one last big run down the hill into turn four.  The end resulted in Jim Weller Jr. coming out on top for his second win of 2010.  But Weller failed the post-race engine inspection and was disqualified.  As such, second place finisher Brian Swartzlander was awarded the Diehl Mods feature win; his third of the season and 67th of his career at Lernerville Speedway. 


Kevin Bolland maintained his Budweiser Points lead with a solid second place finish.  Mike Turner (third) and Shawn Fleeger (fifth) each scored the best finish of their careers.  Sandwiched between them in fourth was Carl Murdick in fourth.  The Diehl Top Ten rounded out with Steve Feder, Brian Bailes, Dean Pearson, Tom Winkle and Del Rouguex Jr.  Previous repeat winner Dave Murdick had another solid top five run going, but slowed to a stop on the back straightaway on lap 17 and finished 13th.  Rouguex also failed to finish the race after a tow truck ride to the pits following heavy contact with Kevin Bolland in turns one & two while battling for second place.  National Guard Heat Races went to Dave Murdick and Del Rougeux Jr.   


The Ti22 Performance DIRTcar Sprints pushed off for their final tune-up before this Tuesday Night’s Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup XIX Twin 30s.  Ed Lynch Jr. was already locked into Tuesday Night’s Twin 30 Features by virtue of winning the Mid-Season Championship on June 18, but the other track provisional was up in the air as Danny Holtgraver, Bob Felmlee and Rod George were separated by just eight points entering the event.  But despite the presence of the power foursome, Andy McKisson took the green flag from the pole position and never looked back as he scored his first career feature win at Lernerville Speedway. 


Ed Lynch Jr. charged from 12th on the starting grid, then a near spinout early in the race, to finish a close second to McKisson.  Danny Holtgraver finished third and locked in the second track provisional for Tuesday Night’s Silver Cup by extending his Budweiser Points lead over fifth place finisher Bob Felmlee.  Between Holtgraver and Felmlee was Jack Sodeman Jr. in fourth.  The Ti22 Top Ten rounded out with Todd Bauer, Dan Kuriger, Brandon Spithaler (his best career Lernerville finish), Pete Miller III and Brent Matus.  Rod George finished 11th after being sent to the tail on lap 11 after making heavy contact with Carl Bowser exiting turn four.  George and Bowser were battling for sixth place when they met at the same place at the same time.  Bowser had a big run coming off turn four, while George was trying to complete a slidejob.  Both drivers wanted the same spot and that’s just physically possible.  The contact sent Bowser into the wall and into a wild flip.  George continued, but was sent to the tail for rough driving.  Bob Felmlee and Ed Lynch Jr. won their respective National Guard Heat Races.


With three winners from the pole position, the pressure was on Jason Fosnaught to make it a complete sweep!  But seven-time feature winner Joe Kelley charged from the tail of the field after being collected by a spinning AJ Flick on the front stretch.  Kelley started alongside Fosnaught on a green-white-checkered restart but could not seal the deal as Fosnaught occupied the line Kelley needed to get by.  Jason had not won a feature at Lernerville Speedway for almost two full years; since July 18, 2008.  But he would not be denied on this night as he powered the Bill Seitz #J19 to Sheetz Victory Lane to a thrilled crowd of family and friends, including his brother and competitor Jim Fosnaught.


Budweiser Points Leader Joe Kelley extended his points lead with a second place finish.  Bob Egley finished third, Ryan Moyer was fourth and Jim Fosnaught finished fifth.  Brett McDonald, Eric Piotrowski, Wayne Carbo, Shawn Thorn and Paul Schreckengost completed the Charapp Top Ten.  Defending Track Champion Bob Lipinski and 2009 Lernerville Speedway Rookie of the Year Corey McPherson returned to the Action Track, but Lipinski finished last and McPherson never actually made it onto the track after having engine problems in the pits, AGAIN!  Wayne Carbo and Joe Kelley were National Guard Heat Race victors!


The World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series rolls into Sarvertown for the Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup XIX Twin 30s this Tuesday, July 20!  Advance Tickets will remain on sale on our website www.Lernerville.com until 11:59PM Monday Night.  Advance ticket purchases will include a FREE pit pass upgrade and, as always, kids 10 & under will be admitted FREE into General Admission!



Ti22 Performance DIRTcar 410 SprintCar Feature (25 Laps)

  1. (O)Andy McKisson- Strattanville
  2. (2L) Ed Lynch Jr.- Apollo
  3. (D4) Danny Holtgraver- Pittsburgh
  4. (23Jr) Jack Sodeman Jr.- North Jackson, OH
  5. (6F) Bob Felmlee- Franklin
  6. (45) Todd Bauer- Clarion
  7. (08) Dan Kuriger- New Brighton
  8. (22B) Brandon Spithaler- Evans City
  9. (3) Pete Miller III- Port Vue
  10. (33) Brent Matus- Wampum
  11. (4) Rod George- Kittanning
  12. (11) Scott Priester- Rimersburg
  13. (24S) Brian Steinman- Lucinda
  14. (76) Davey Jones- Baden
  15. (13) Brandon Matus- Wampum
  16. (96) Lindsay Enscoe- Petrolia
  17. (70X) Mike Bertolini- Creighton
  18. (7X) Herman Bertolini- Creighton
  19. (10) Carl Bowser- Sarver
DNS: (51K) Doug Kekich- Sharon

DNS: (38K) Brad Knab- Arcade, NY

National Guard Heat Race Winners: Bob Felmlee, Ed Lynch Jr.


DIRTcar Late Models Feature (25 Laps)


  1. (4) Alex Ferree- Saxonburg
  2. (H1) Jared Miley- South Park
  3. (22) Gregg Satterlee- Rochester Mills
  4. (03) Doug Eck- Corry
  5. (J4) John Garvin Jr.-  Sarver
  6. (88) Chuck Sarver- West Sunburry
  7. (3)   Dan Swartzlander- Freeport
  8. (56) Denton Boyer- Punxsutawney
  9. (72) Michael Norris- Sarver
  10. (29) Ken Schaltenbrand- Sarver
  11. (10D) Tyler Dietz- Sarver
  12. (1C) Lynn Geisler- Cranberry Twp.
  13. (2J) Mike Johnson- Imperial
  14. (15K) Ray Kroll- Renfrew
  15. (23) Tony Burke- Sarver
  16. (111) Jim Detman- Freeport
  17. (29K) Garrett Krummert- New Castle
  18. (44) Dave Hess Jr.- Waterford
National Guard Heat Race Winners: Denton Boyer, Doug Eck


Diehl Auto Group DIRTcar Modified Feature (25 Laps)

  1. (31) Jim Weller Jr.- Hubbard, OH
  2. (83) Brian Swartzlander- Leechburg
  3. (777) Kevin Bolland- New Brighton
  4. (96) Mike Turner- Butler
  5. (6) Carl Murdick- Butler
  6. (88) Shawn Fleeger- Butler
  7. (45) Steve Feder- Butler
  8. (11B) Brian Bailes- New Castle
  9. (8J) Dean Pearson- Harrisville
  10. (28) Tome Winkle- Mars
  11. (20D) Del Rougeux Jr.- Frenchville
  12. (B4) Ryan Hall- Stoneboro
  13. (61) Dave Murdick- Slippery Rock
  14. (76) Ted Ryan- Karns City
National Guard Heat Race Winners: Dave Murdick, Del Rougeux


Charapp Route 28 DIRTcar Sportsman Feature (20 Laps)

  1. (J19) Jason Fosnaught- Creighton
  2. (66) Joe Kelly- Mt. Pleasant
  3. (30) Bob Egley- Kittanning
  4. (13X) Ryan Moyer- Portersville
  5. (20J) Jim Fosnaught- Bairdford
  6. (25) Brett McDonald- Saxonburg
  7. (7) Eric Piotrowski- Cranberry Twp.
  8. (54) Wayne Carbo- Saxonburg
  9. (12) Shawn Thorn- Vandergrift
  10. (3S) Paul Shreckengost- Creighton
  11. (29B) Scot Byers- Butler
  12. (32) Mark Sanders- Lowellville, OH
  13. (8C) Fred Casagni- Vandergrift
  14. (78) John Watson- Apollo
  15. (21) Jeff Miller- Natrona Heights
  16. (2) AJ Flick- Apollo
  17. (28Y) Terry Young- Butler
  18. (57) Troy Jeuther- Valencia
  19. (55L) Bob Lipinski- Indiana TWP
DNS: (81) Mike Miller- Chicora

DNS: (C33) Corey McPherson

National Guard Heat Race Winners: Wayne Carbo, Joe Kelley


Car Count Total: 74

Ti22 Performance DIRTcar Sprints: 21

DIRTcar Late Models: 18

Diehl Auto Group DIRTcar Modifieds: 14

Charapp Route 28 DIRTcar Sportsman: 20


Contact: Lernerville Speedway                

Eric J. Westendorf, Public Relations Director

(724) 664-1075 · This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Co-Written by Tyler Peterman, PR Intern



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