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Donny Schatz wins his fourth Silver Cup

Donny Schatz wins his fourth Silver Cup
Daryn Pittman holds off Kyle Larson to win second A-Main

Sarver, PA (July 17, 2013) Defending World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series Champion Donny Schatz won his fourth Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup Tuesday by scoring the first 30-lap, $10,000-to-win and having a better average finish than current WoO STP Points leader Daryn Pittman.  Schatz finished seventh in the second A-Main, after Pittman finished 14th in the first.  Pittman picked up the win after Kasey Kahne Racing teammate Cody Darrah shredded a right rear tire in the closing laps and had to hold off the furious charge of rising star Kyle Larson.  Larson started the second A-Main in 26th after pitting early in the first.  He patiently made his way to mid-pack in the first 20 laps and then came on like gangbusters in the final 10 laps; thrilling the after midnight crowd with a scintillating run to the back tailtank of Pittman when the checkered flag waved.  All Time Sprint division wins leader Ed Lynch Jr. set fast time during time trials with a lap of 12.778 seconds on a lightning fast track after a late afternoon shower postponed time trials for approximately one hour.  Former Track Champions and current All Star regulars Danny Holtgraver and Dale Blaney scored top ten finishes in the first 30-lap A-Main.  Sam Hafertepe Jr. won the Turner’s Premium Iced Teas Dash, Lance Dewease won the Last Chance Showdown and Jac Haudenschild, Stevie Smith, Brent Marks and Sammy Swindell won heat races.


Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup XXII presented by GottaRace.com A-Main #1 (30 Laps)

1. (15) Donny Schatz

2. (59) Jac Haudenschild

3. (15H) Sam Hafertepe Jr.

4. (63) Chad Kemenah

5. (71M) Joey Saldana

6. (19M) Brent Marks

7. (45) Danny Holtgraver

8. (29) Kerry Madsen

9. (2L) Ed Lynch Jr.

10. (2) Dale Blaney

11. (1) Sammy Swindell

12. (83X) Tim Shaffer

13. (83) Tim Kaeding

14. (9) Daryn Pittman

15. (51) Paul McMahan

16. (4) Cody Darrah

17. (7) Craig Dollansky

18. (6) David Gravel

19. (7S) Jason Sides

20. (11) Steve Kinser

21. (6R) Bill Rose

22. (27) Lance Dewease

23. (19) Stevie Smith

24. (49) Brad Sweet

25. (94) Jack Sodeman

26. (1K) Kyle Larson

Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup XXII presented by GottaRace.com A-Main #2 (30 Laps)

1. (9) Daryn Pittman

2. (1K) Kyle Larson

3. (1) Sammy Swindell

4. (7S) Jason Sides

5. (6) David Gravel

6. (51) Paul McMahan

7. (15) Donny Schatz

8. (59) Jac Haudenschild

9. (29) Kerry Madsen

10. (15H) Sam Hafertepe Jr.

11. (83) Tim Kaeding

12. (7) Craig Dollansky

13. (71M) Joey Saldana

14. (19) Stevie Smith

15. (63) Chad Kemenah

16. (4) Cody Darrah

17. (45) Danny Holtgraver

18. (2L) Ed Lynch Jr.

19. (6R) Bill Rose

20. (83X) Tim Shaffer

21. Dale Blaney

22. (19M) Brent Marks

23. (11) Steve Kinser

24. (27) Lance Dewease

25. (94) Jack Sodeman

Fast Qualifier: Ed Lynch Jr. 12.778
Heat Race Winners: J.Haudenschild, S.Smith, B.Marks, S.Swindell
Last Chance Showdown Winner: Lance Dewease
Turner’s Premium Iced Teas Dash Winner: Sam Hafertepe Jr.

Car Count Total: 42

Upcoming Events:

7/19 – $3,000-to-win ULMS Late Models, UEMS Modifieds & Pic-A-Part Sportsman (Diehl Night)

7/26 – Fab Four Racing (Turner Dairy Night)(GBG Night)


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Photos Courtesy of Cory Stivason/Stivason Photos

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