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Chubzilla dominates MACS feature, Stevie Smith wins thrilling Sonia Bullis Memorial All Star Feature, Bob Lipinski wins 3rd Pure Stock feature 8.31

Chubzilla dominates MACS feature, Stevie Smith wins thrilling Sonia Bullis Memorial All Star Feature, Bob Lipinski wins 3rd Pure Stock feature

By Eric J. Westendorf Sarver, PA (August 31, 2007)

It’s no secret that Chub Frank likes the Action Track.  But he absolutely loves Victory Lane!  For the second time in 15 days, Chub Frank ended the night posing for pictures in Victory Lane.  Affectionately known as “Chubzilla” by his fans, Frank won the #1 Cochran Stars of NASCAR Night A-Main feature on Thursday August 16 by leading just the final 6 laps of the feature.  Tonight, however, Chubzilla led every lap of the Cleveland Brothers MACS 35 feature and was never even challenged for the lead.  Not only did he dominate the feature, he qualified second, won his heat race and the dash.  It was pretty clear early on in the evening that the rest of the field was running for second, and that held true as Frank pocketed a cool $5000 winner’s share of the purse. 

The win is the 16th MACS Series victory for Frank, leaving him one win short of all-time MACS feature winner Todd Andrews despite never running a full MACS schedule of events.  Frank is however, on the World of Outlaws Late Model Series and is currently second in points with five series wins on the season 

Another World of Outlaws Late Model Series driver who loves racing at Lernerville Speedway is “Kid Rocket” Josh Richards.  Despite not winning a feature at Lernerville this season, when he’s in the field, he always runs up front.  Tonight was no exception.  Richards started the night by qualifying third quick.  He then backed up his impressive qualifying lap by winning his heat race.  A fifth place finish in a loaded dash landed Richards inside row three to start the feature.  He lingered right around the top five until Robbie Blair brought out a caution on lap 16.  Richards moved to third on the restart and was in second two laps later, but didn’t have the afterburners to run down Chub Frank. 

Lernerville Late Model Track Record Holder Darrell Lanigan only qualified 17th best tonight, and did not win his heat race like Frank and Richards, but he was fast when it mattered the most, feature time.  Lanigan started ninth behind some very talented drivers on a track that was not exactly conducive to a lot of passing.  However, he quickly moved forward, gaining four spots in five laps, and then meticulously working his way forward.  He passed fast-qualifier Steve Shaver for third on lap 19 and would finish in that position.   Jason Covert’s night started out downright rotten!  He qualified 40th of 42 cars, but managed to qualify to the A-main through his heat race, but started way back in the 20th position.  But, like Lanigan, Covert was fast at showtime, and earned the Hard Charger award by improving 16 spots to come home fourth.  Covert’s fourth place finish coupled with Robbie Blair’s DNF 24th place finish catapults Covert into the MACS Points lead over Blair, who entered tonight’s event with the lead! Steve Shaver, who paced qualifying with a lap of 17.243 seconds rounded out the top five. 

Dave Hess Jr. and Dan Stone won the other heat races along with Frank and Richards.   Lernerville regulars did not fare as well as they had hoped, but three local drivers did bring home top ten finishes.  Jared Miley led the way for the Friedman’s Freshmarket’s contingent by finishing eight.  2007 Budweiser Track Champion Alex Ferree finished ninth, while rising star Greg Satterlee raced home tenth.  Lynn Geisler finished 11th, Dutch Davies was 12th, Matt Lux came home 15th, Gary Lyle used a track provisional to make the A-Main and finished 20th, and Mike Blose was scored in 22nd

Pushing off second was the O’Reilly All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Cars for the Sonia Bullis Memorial sponsored by Cleveland Brothers CAT and in association with Sirena Pizza.  While Chub Frank led wire-to-wire to win the MACS race, Stevie Smith led just the final five circuits of the 35 lap A-Main feature event that honored the late car owner and sponsor Sonia Bullis.  Smith started ninth in a stacked 26 car field.  Like it was for the late models, the track was hard slick and quite dusty, and many cars had problems getting traction.  But there was one spot on the track, exiting turn two, that acted as a launching pad down the back straightaway.  Not a lot of cars found it, or perhaps did not have the setup to get low enough exiting turn two to use it, but those who did appeared to be shot out of a cannon.  Stevie Smith was one of the cars that found and used the sweet spot.  In fact, he kind of found it the hard way after Byron Reed used it to rocket past him midway through the race. 

Once Smith found the stripe of moisture, he used it to get back past Reed and run down leader Dale Blaney.  After biding his time in heavy lapped traffic, Smith finally used the sweet spot on lap 30 to blast past Blaney on the back straightaway.  Blaney, however, regained the lead using the high line in turns three & four.  But it was short lived as Smith hit the sweet spot again on lap 31 to pass Blaney for good and cruise into Victory Lane for a $5000 payday. Blaney started seventh in the A-Main feature but moved forward in a hurry, jumping to third by lap six, and then into second on lap 10.  On lap 15 Blaney used the top side of turn two to pull ahead of pole sitter and early race leader Rob Chaney.  Blaney led the next 15 laps before succumbing to Stevie Smith.  Blaney begrudgingly settled for second place.  He had earlier won his heat race and the dash. Byron Reed started third, worked his way as high as second, before settling for a third place finish behind Smith and Blaney. 

Chad Blonde ran an impressive race to finish fourth from his 11th place starting position after transferring into the A by winning the B-main.  Pole sitter and early race leader Rob Chaney rounded out the top five.  Dale Blaney, Craig Mintz, Danny Smith and Rod George each won a heat race. Mike Lutz, driver of the Martha Dionise #15, carried the torch for the local contingent of Commercial Truck & Trailer Sprint Cars for most of the evening’s action.  Lutz surprised everyone by setting quick time with a lap of 15.319 seconds.  He was also credited by many for finding the sweet spot exiting turn two during the dash.  When the dust settled after the 35 lap Sonia Bullis Memorial, Lutz was scored in eighth, the best finish by any local driver!  A big congratulation goes out to Martha Dionise and the entire 15 team for another excellent night of racing.  Earlier this month, Lutz piloted the famed Dionise #15 to Victory Lane for the first time in almost 20 years!  This is one team that is very sorry to see the 2007 season come to a close at the Action Track! 

Area driver and frequent visitor to the Sarver 4/10 mile oval, Bob Felmlee raced home to an impressive 10th place finish.  Back-to-Back Track Champion “Cool” Kevin Schaeffer raced home 12th, followed by Scott Priester in 13th, Andy McKisson in 14th, Carl Bowser in 16th, Brent Matus in 19th, Charlie Holben in 20th, 2005 Sonia Bullis Memorial winner Scott Bonnell in 22nd, Dan Shetler, (who used a track provisional), in 24th, and Arnie Kent in 26th.  To reinforce how challenging it was to find forward bite and to pass, Championship runners-up Rod George and Ed Lynch Jr. were scored in 17th and 21st place respectively! The Pure Stocks capped off the evening with a 15 lap feature that served as a final test and tune for the Advance Auto Parts Autumn-Motive Fest Pure Stock Pandemonium, scheduled for Friday & Saturday September 14th & 15th.  Bob Lipinski scored his third win of the 2007 season with a rather dominant performance.  Bob Egley outlasted Jason Fosnaught for second place.  Behind Fosnaught were Shawn Thorn in fourth and last week’s feature winner Wayne Carbo in fifth.  2007 Advance Auto Parts Pure Stock Champion Mike Pegher Jr. was not in attendance.  Heat races went to Joe Kelley and Jason Fosnaught.  

As event sponsor, Cleveland Brothers CAT made trophies for all three feature winners, but these bad boys are not your father’s trophies.  These trophies are essentially three-dimensional plaques that feature a die-cast Caterpillar work vehicle, sure to be the centerpiece of any trophy case!  Lernerville Speedway would like to thank Cleveland Brothers CAT for their participation and unique trophies!

Race Results

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All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Cars

Time Trial Results


1.         (15)                  Mike Lutz                               15.319

2.         (2L)                 Ed Lynch Jr.                           15.353

3.         (20E)               Brian Ellenberger                    15.416

4.         (6F)                 Bob Felmlee                            15.505

5.         (45)                  Todd Bauer                             15.584

6.         (5)                   Byron Reed                             15.586

7.         (5B)                 Chad Blonde                           15.588

8.         (11)                  Scott Priester                           15.692

9.         (24H)               Rob Chaney                            15.871

10.       (28)                  Brian Paulus                            15.880

11.       (2)                    Dale Blaney                            15.926

12.       (9)                    Kevin Schaeffer                                  15.942

13.       (19)                  Stevie Smith                            15.972

14.       (42)                  Charlie Holben                                    15.973

15.       (W20)              Greg Wilson                            16.003

16.       (4G)                 Rod George                            16.021

17.       (O9)                 Craig Mintz                             16.036

18.       (4)                    Danny Smith                           16.092

19.       (10)                  Carl Bowser                            16.181

20.       (12)                  Caleb Griffith                                     16.196

21.       (0)                    Andy McKisson                                  16.231

22.       (33)                  Brent Matus                            16.249

23.       (3B)                 Scott Bonnell                          16.361

24.       (56R)              Ryan Myers                             16.417

25.       (51)                  Jason Pisani                             16.560

26.       (11M)             Brandon Martin                      16.573

27.       (11B)               Brock Mayes                           16.705

28.       (98)                  Dan Shetler                             16.806

29.       (18)                  Arnie Kent                              16.891

30.       (71M)              Paul May                                 16.965

31.       (D4)                 Danny Holtgraver                   17.135

32.       (3J)                  Joe Butera                               18.254

33.       (4K)                 Bill Kiley                                 22.807


ASCOC Sonia Bullis Memorial Feature by Cleveland Brothers CAT (35 Laps)

1.         (19)      Stevie Smith

2.         (2)        Dale Blaney

3.         (5)        Byron Reed

4.         (5B)     Chad Blonde

5.         (24H) Rob Chaney

6.         (W20)Greg Wilson

7.         (4)        Danny Smith

8.         (15)      Mike Lutz

9.         (09)      Craig MIntz

10.       (6F)     Bob Felmlee

11.       (28)      Brian Paulus

12.       (9)        Kevin Scaheffer

13.       (11)      Scott Priester

14.       (0)        Andy McKisson

15.       (11B)   Brock Mayes

16.       (10)      Carl Bowser

17.       (4G)     Rod George

18.       (11M)  Brandon Martin

19.       (33)      Brent Matus

20.       (42G)   Charlie Holben

21.       (2L)     Ed Lynch Jr.

22.       (3B)     Scott Bonnell

23.       (71M)  Paul May

24.       (98)      Dan Shetler

25.       (12)      Caleb Griffith

26.       (18)      Arnie Kent

Heat Race Winners: Craig Mintz, Danny Smith, Dale Blaney, Rod George

Dash: Dale Blaney

B-Main: Chad Blonde


MACS Late Model Time Trials

1.         (30)                  Steve Shaver                           17.243

2.         (1*)                  Chub Frank.                            17.421

3.         (1R)                 Josh Richard                          17.482

4.         (W11)              Robbie Blair                            17.489

5.         (21D)               Dan Stone                               17.534

6.         (5B)                Mike Blose                              17.575

7.         (79J)                Dave Johnson                          17.592

8.         (12D)               Doug Drown                           17.675

9.         (21M)              Jason Montgomery                  17.703

10.       (79)                  Dave Satterlee                         17.718

11.       (99B)               Boom Briggs                           17.748

12.       (44)                  Dave Hess Jr.                         17.761

13.       (1C)                 Lynn Geisler                           17.786

14.       (00H)               Chuck Harper                         17.789

15.       (T8)                 Mark Banal                             17.821

16.       (H1)                 Jared Miley                             17.851

17.       (29L)               Darrell Lanigan                                   17.890

18.       (4F)                 Alex Ferree                             17.906

19.       (55S)               Chris Schneider                                   17.956

20.       (2S)                 Sam Stile                                 17.964

21.       (E1)                 Mike Balzano                         17.976

22.       (21)                  Mike Lux                                18.078

23.       (B22)               Bump Hedman                                    18.171

24.       (3)                   David Scott                             18.192

25.       (9K)                 Mike Knight                            18.235

26.       (3A)                Dan Swartzlander                   18.308

27.       (J4)                  John Garvin                             18.354

28.       (40)                  Dutch Davies                          18.364

29.       (71R)               Rod Conley                             18.370

30.       (5)                    Chuck Clise                             18.452

31.       (NO7)              Jason Dupont                          18.465

32.       (88)                  Chuck Sarver                          18.480

33.       (2J)                  Mike Johnson                          18.487

34.       (10G)               Gary Lyle                                18.545

35.       (22)                  Greg Satterlee                         18.589

36.       (119)                Jim Bernheisel                         18.607

37.       (0D)                 Ron Delano                             18.644

38.       (66B)               Todd Bachman                                   18.695

39.       (97)                  Ben Satterlee                           18.778

40.       (43A)               Jason Covert                           18.784

41.       (38R)               Nick Reges                              19.003

42.       (4J)                  John Mollick                           23.115

43.       (6L)                 Jim Lepro                                NT


“Cleveland Brothers MACS 35” Feature(35 Laps)

1.         (*1)      Chub Frank

2.         (1R)     Josh Richards

3.         (29L)   Darrell Lanigan

4.         (43A)   Jason Covert

5.         (30)      Steve Shaver

6.         (44)      Dave Hess Jr.

7.         (79J)    Davey Johnson

8.         (H1)     Jared Miley

9.         (4F)     Alex Ferree

10.       (22)      Greg Satterlee

11.       (1C)     Lynn Geisler

12.       (40)      Dutch Davies

13.       (12D)   Doug Drown

14.       (21D)   Dan Stone

15.       (21)      Matt Lux

16.       (71R)   Rod Conley

17.       (119)    Jim Bernheisel

18.       (E1)     Mike Balzano

19.       (99B)   Boom Briggs

20.       (10G)   Gary Lyle

21.       (22B)   Bump Hedman

22.       (5B)     Mike Blose

23.       (00H)   Chuck Harper

24.       (W11)  Robbie Blair

25.       (21M)  Jason Montgomery     

Heat Race Winners: Dan Stone, Chub Frank, Josh Richards, Dave Hess Jr.

Dash Winner: Chub Frank


Advance Auto Parts Pure Stocks Feature (15 Laps)

  1. (55L)   Bob Lipinski
  2. (30)      Bob Egley
  3. (J19)    Jason Fosnaught
  4. (12)      Shawn Thorn
  5. (54)      Wayne Carbo
  6. (66)      Joe Kelley
  7. (77S)   Bryan Shaffer
  8. (33X)   Greg Beach
  9. (3S)     Paul Schreckengost
  10. (9R)     Roger Stivenson
  11. (20J)    Jim Fosnaught
  12. (28Y)   Terry Young
  13. (8C)     Fred Casagni
  14. (29)      Mike Gilliland
  15. (7)        Eric Piotrowski
  16. (56)      Bryan Wagner
  17. (5)        Don McCLure
  18. (84R)   Todd Puz
  19. (1)        Randy Hanovick
  20. (42)      Doug Johnston
  21. (25)      Brett McDonald
Heat Race Winners: Joe Kelley, Jason Fosnaught

Car Counts:


Sprints: 33

Late Models: 43

Pure Stocks: 22



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