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Checkered Flag Drops on 2007 Season at Lernerville with Pegher in Victory Lane Again! 9.15

Checkered Flag Drops on 2007 Season at Lernerville with Pegher in Victory Lane Again!


By Eric J. Westendorf


Sarver, PA (September 15, 2007) It should not come as a surprise to anyone that Mike Pegher Jr., (#09 of Wexford), won the 30 lap Pure Stock Pandemonium A-main feature event of the Advance Auto Parts Autumn-Motive Fest. He won the first Pure Stock feature of the year on March 30, and tied with Butch Lambert for the most feature wins in the division with three victories. He is also the 2007 Track Champion of the Advance Auto Parts Pure Stock division and started on the outside pole for the race.


It should not be a surprise either that Butch Lambert, (#27 of Mars), led part of the race and gave Mike the biggest challenge. As mentioned above, Lambert won three features during the season, was the back-to-back track champion coming into the season, and started on the inside pole.


Pegher and Lambert ran first and second, or second and first, for all but three laps of the 30 lap Pure Stock Pandemonium feature. Only Paul Schreckengost, (#3S of Creighton), came between the two, running second behind Lambert on laps five through seven. But don’t mistake that Pegher and Lambert ran away with the race. The first six to seven positions were like ducks in a row, and sometimes like geese flying in formation. As has been the case all season, the racing was close and clean. But in the end it was Mike Pegher Jr. back in Victory Lane celebrating a $2000 payday thanks to event and division sponsor Advance Auto Parts.


In addition to sponsoring the Pure Stock division for 2007 and the Autumn-Motive Fest again this season, Advance Auto Parts announced over the weekend that they have agreed to stay on board as the Pure Stock division sponsor for 2008. Their generosity did not stop there though. Over the two-day show, the wonderful folks from Advance Auto Parts, led by Division Manager Chris Clegg, distributed hundreds of door prizes and freebies tossed into the stands. They also donated countless gift cards of $10 and $25 denominations over the weekend as door prizes, trivia prizes, etc. The Lernerville Speedway and drivers of the Pure Stock division are very lucky and grateful to have Chris Clegg and Advance Auto Parts in their corner, and look forward to their continued association in 2008 and hopefully for years to come!


Butch Lambert tailed and challenged Pegher the whole way to the checkered flag, but settled for second place. Up and comer Shawn Thorn, (#12 of Murrysville), led the next tier of drivers with a third place finish. Thorn won the July 27 feature and had a strong second half the 2007 season. Wayne Carbo, (#54 of Saxonburg), finished fourth. He won the final points event of the season on August 24. Terry Young, (#28Y of Butler), was fast all season but had rotten luck on many nights during the season preventing him from a win in 2007. Tonight he avoided the gremlins and finished fifth.


As mentioned above, Paul Schreckengost was running with the leaders early in the race, but had trouble on a restart on lap eight and never recovered. He pulled off the track on lap 14, but would come back to finish 18th. Joe Kelley, (#66 of Greensburg), and Jake Ayers, (#4 of Elkton, MD), both ran in the lead pack for most of the race before retiring early. Kelley was officially scored in 19th, Ayers in 17th. Bob Lipinski, (#55L of Pittsburgh), had tire issues more than once, and despite his resilience, only managed to finish in 16th place. Bob Egley, (#30 of Kittanning), started up front in the lead pack, but pulled off the track on lap seven, and again on lap eight. He returned later, but many laps down and was scored 20th. The Fosnaught Brothers, Jim and Jason had equally frustrating nights finishing 15th and 23rd respectively!


Eric Piotrowksi, (#7 of Cranberry Twp.), won the ten lap B-Main. Pat Weldon, Bryan Wagner, Don McClure, Roger Stivason, and Sid Haas all qualified into the 30-lap Pure Stock Pandemonium feature via the B-main.


The UMP Modifieds took the track next for their final event at Lernerville this season with $1000 on the line. When the cautions stopped and the checkered flag waved, it was Russ Dunn, (#47 of Fenelton), in Victory Lane. Dunn has had some rotten luck at Lernerville this season, but it was all worth it as he climbed onto the roof of his car waving checkered flag, then raising a $1000 check! Dunn dedicated his win to T.J. Bertges and Charles Fend Jr. As many race fans know, T.J. Bertges is collecting hats while fighting a form of Leukemia. Fend was shot recently while working at a local drive thru beer distributer that was robbed by an unknown assailant.


Dunn started way back in 12th place, but moved forward quickly. He was running third on lap four and in the lead by lap six. He survived multiple restarts and the charges of Justin Carlson and Rick Meglaye to win his first career Lernerville feature event. The final caution flag flew on lap 19, extending the race to 21 laps instead of the scheduled 20 laps, as Lernerville rules dictate features are finished green, white, checker.  


A pair of New York drivers followed Dunn to the checkered flag. Justin Carlson, (#16 of Sherman, NY), was second. Chad Sileman, (#47S of South Dayton, NY), was third. Rick Meglaye, (#5 of Greensburg), and Shawn Domhoff, (13D of Harmony), rounded out the top five. Butch Lambert, (#27 of Wexford), finished sixth in the UMP Modified feature after finishing second in the Pure Stock feature.


The Mod Lites took the track next for an exciting 20 lap feature. The race started slow with a handful of cautions and red flags. But after lap six, only one final caution on lap sixteen, slowed the small but lightning quick Mod Lites. Matt Hay, (#70x7 of Somerset), started on the pole and led wire-to-wire on his way to a $500 payday. Eric Hay, (#40L also of Somerset), followed Matt Hay home for second. Former Commercial Truck & Trailer Sprint car pilot Brian Woodhall, (#8B of Apollo), came from his 11th place starting position to finish third. Mark Marcucci, (#8M of West Middlesex), and Doug Stanley, (#1C of North Benton, OH), rounded out the top five. Heat races were won by Matt Hay, Doug Stanley, and Tyler Reno, (#78 of Hillsboro, OH). Sparky White, (#193 of Delmar, MD), won the B-main and turned in an impressive eighth place finish in the feature!


The 2007 season came to a close with a 37 car Demolition Derby. When the carnage ended, Jeff Grantz of Vandergrift was the only car still running. Bruce Milbert was credited with second, Lance Dasch was scored third.


Join us next Saturday September 22 for the 1st Annual Lernerville Automotive Swap Meet. Call the speedway office for more information (724)353-1511.


Race Results

313 N. Pike Road Sarver, PA 16055

Phone (724) 353-1511 Fax (724) 353-2650



Advance Auto Parts Pure Stocks A-Main (30 Laps)

1.      (09)      Mike Pegher Jr., Wexford

2.      (27)      Butch Lambert, Mars

3.      (12)      Shawn Thorn, Murrysville

4.      (54)      Wayne Carbo, Saxonburg

5.      (28Y)   Terry Young, Butler

6.      (77S)   Bryan Shaffer, New Castle

7.      (45)      Pat Weldon, Monongahela

8.      (2)        Dave Baker, Elderton

9.      (92)      Bob Hein, Allison Park

10.  (7)        Eric Piotrowski, Cranberry Twp.

11.  (13X)   Ryan Moyer, Harmony

12.  (56)      Bryan Wagner, New Wilmington

13.  (02)      Joseph Heinl, Prospect

14.  (3)        Sid Haas, Sarver

15.  (20J)    Jim Fosnaught, Bairdford

16.  (55L)   Bob Lipinski, Pittsburgh

17.  (4)        Jake Ayers, Elkton, MD

18.  (3S)     Paul Schreckengost, Creighton

19.  (66)      Joe Kelley, Greensburg,

20.  (30)      Bob Egley,Kittanning

21.  (9R)     Roger Stivenson, Freeport

22.  (12M)  John McCann, Ford City

23.  (J19)    Jason Fosnaught, Creighton

24.  (5)        Don McClure, Sarver 


UMP Modified Feature(20 Laps)

1.      (47)      Russ Dun, Fenelton

2.      (16)      Justin Carlson, Sherman, NY

3.      (47S)   Chad Silleman, South Dayton, NY

4.      (5)        Rick Meglaye, Greensburg

5.      (13D)   Shawn Domhoff, Harmony

6.      (27)      Butch Lambert, Mars

7.      (68)      Tim Engles, Franklin

8.      (D0)     Brian Douglas, Painesville Twp., PA

9.      (1D)     Jared Domhoff, Harmony

10.  (13L)   Ron Lanham, Bruceton Mills,WV

11.  (18)      Jeff Walters, Evans City

12.  (2M)    Herm Myers, Harmony

13.  (76)      Mike Errett, Greensburg

14.  (7)        Shaun Scheerbaum, Evans City

15.  (04)      Larry Walters, Evans City

16.  (14)      Scott Stiffler, Farmdale, OH, DNS


Mod Lite Feature (20 Laps)

1.   (70X7)       Matt Hay, Somerset

2.   (40L)         Eric Hay, Somerset

3.   (8B)           Brian Woodhall, Apollo

4.   (8M)          Mark Marcucci, West Middlesex

5.   (1C)           Doug Stanley, North Benton, OH

6.   (57)                        Angie Grzelak, Hubbard, OH

7.   (10)                        Lynn Knepper, Somerset

8.   (193)          Sparky White, Delmar,MD

9.   (15)                        Bud Watson, Conneaut, OH

10. (9T)                       Todd Canter, Warren, OH

11. (27)                        Rick Ament, Apollo

12. (78)                        Tyler Reno, Wellsboro, OH

13. (2)              Mike Evans, Southington, OH

14. (1)              Alan Knepper, Somerset

15. (92)                        Jared Barclay, Somerset

16. (97N)         Terry Young, Mercer

17. (7J)                        Jeremy Adamik, North Apollo

18. (93)                        Tim White, Salisbury, MD

19. (77)                        Tom Klein, Rochester

20. (10T)         Kenny Meadows, Warren, OH

21. (10S)         Levi Spinneweber, Butler

22. (11X)         George Englert, Greenville

23. (27B)         Ben Black, New Springfield, OH
24. (5A)                       Phil Asseff, WV        

Heat Race Winners Matt Hay, Tyler Reno, Doug Stanley


Mod Lite B-Main (8 Laps)

  1. (193)Sparky White, Delmar, MD
  2. (11X)George Englert, Greenville
  3. (9T)Todd Canter, Warren, OH
  4. (27)Rick Ament, Apollo
  5. (77)Tom Klein, Rochester
  6. (1) Alan Knepper, Somerset
  7. (29)Charles Campbell, Deerfield, OH
  8. (55)Wilbur Juillerat,Sharpsville
  9. (116)Bill Stivason, Kittanning
  10. (21S)Garrett Krummert, New Castle, DNS  

Demo Derby

  1. Jeff Grantz, Vandergrift
  2. Bruce Milbert, New Castle
  3. Lance Dasch, Gibsonia

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