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“The Mouse” Traps 98th All Star Win, Dellinger and Egley score UMP/MTO wins! 4.25

“The Mouse” Traps 98th All Star Win, Dellinger and Egley score UMP/MTO wins!

Sarver, PA (April 25, 2008) The O’Reilly All Star Circuit of Champions resumed action at the historical Lernerville Speedway in Western PA with 33 cars ready to duke it out for $5,000 to win.  All Star points leader Lance Dewease looked to extend his lead over Dale Blaney and Randy Hannagan on the fast half mile where Blaney turned many laps in the 90’s.  Brian Paulus, who came into the night fourth in season championship points, suffered mechanical problems in qualifying and was not able to transfer from his heat race, but came back to win the B-main from the last row.

The All Stars implemented a redraw for the top six starting positions this season by bringing six young fans onto the front stretch and assigning each of them to a driver – each of which are the top six drivers who transferred out of their heat race.  Then the kids draw cards for their driver’s starting spot in the A-main.  The redraw line up put veteran Kenny Jacobs on the pole alongside Lernerville veteran Rod George.  The second row consisted of Ed Lynch Jr and defending All Star champion Greg Wilson.  Row three lined up the night’s fast qualifier Paul McMahan next to Rob Chaney.

Rod George jumped out to the lead in the 35-lap event before the first caution slowed the action on lap one.  On the restart George led Kenny Jacobs to the line and the two battled hard for several laps as Lernerville standout Ed Lynch Jr. moved into 3rd and Paul McMahan slid into 4th.


On lap 10, Jacobs got around George to take the lead, but George put up a fight and ran nose to tail with The Mouse as they moved into traffic.  McMahan was on the move and on lap 13 got around George to take over the 2nd spot.  

The caution flew again on lap 20 with the running order Jacobs, McMahan, George, Lynch, and Dewease.  The caution would fly again on lap 21 for a slowing Randy Hannagan as Jacobs slapped the wall with his right rear, bending the wheel.

Jacobs took the green on the restart with the wheel damage not really becoming a factor.  The Mouse rode it out with McMahan in tow to take the checkers for his 98th career All Star victory.  “This is one of the best tracks in the country,” said Jacobs from victory lane.  “I really wanted to win here tonight.  My kids keep telling me I need to get 3 more wins.  Heck, I say let’s go for 7 or 8 more!”


Rounding out the top five was a triumvirate of former track champions with 1986 & 2002 Champ Rod George of Kittanning in third, 1991 Champ Dale Blaney of Cortland, OH in fourth and Four-Time Champ Ed Lynch Jr. in fifth.


1993 Track Champion Tim Shaffer of Aliquippa, (now an Outlaw veteran in the Parsons Motorsports/Casey General Stores #6), was behind the wheel of the Holtgraver #D4 team car, modified to #D45 to match the #45 he rode the championship.  Shaffer finished ninth, Danny Holtgraver of Pittsburgh finished 17th.


1995 Track Champion Bob Felmlee of Seneca finished 11th, while back-to-back Reigning Track Champion Kevin Schaeffer of Kittanning finished lucky 13th

Heat races were won by Brandon Martin, Tim Shaffer, Bob Felmlee, and Lance Dewease.  Paul McMahan set the quick time for the night and also won the O’Reilly Dash.


In UMP DIRTcar action, Alan Dellinger and Bob Egley found their way to Sheetz Victory Lane for Made To Order (MTO) feature wins.  Both drivers scored top five finishes on Opening Night, Dellinger a fourth place finish in the Friedman’s Freshmarkets UMP DIRTcar Super Late Models and Bob Egley in the Advance Auto Parts UMP DIRTcar Street Stocks.  Both drivers also won their respective heat races tonight!


Alan Dellinger, who is subbing for the recovering Mike Blose, piloted the Pro Shot Directional Boring/Country Palace Rocket Chassis #5 to Sheetz Victory Lane.  Dellinger of Hermitage, started the race way back in 10th, but wasted little time moving forward in a pack of cars that included Alex Ferree and John Flinner, who started ninth and 11th respectively.  Early cautions allowed these three drivers to stay within striking distance of the leaders.  By lap five, Dellinger had car #5 in fifth place.  When early leader Dave Hess Jr. pulled up lame on lap 13, Dellinger was in the catbird seat and pounced on Jared Miley, who had been dueling with Hess during the first half of the race.  Once out front, Dellinger, who is affectionately known by his fans as Jim Dandy Jr., would not be denied his moment in the spotlight!  From Sheetz Victory Lane, an enthusiastic Dellinger thanked Mike Blose and the crew, and then sang Happy Birthday to Lernerville Trophy Girl Mandy Golec. 


As mentioned above, Dellinger did not come to the front by himself; he was in a three car freight train that also included Reigning Track Champion Alex Ferree of Saxonburg and Five-Time Track Champion John Flinner of Zelienople who crossed the stripe second and third respectively.  Ferree tried to get around Dellinger in the closing laps, but Alex’s favorite line around the top of the track was not the preferred line tonight, and he could not get around the veteran Dellinger.  Early leader Jared Miley and Keith Barbara, both from South Park, rounded out the top five.  Sixth through 10th went to Mike Johnson of Imperial, Matt Lux of Franklin, Gregg Satterlee of Rochester Mills, Gary Lye of Hyde Park and last week’s feature winner Lynn Geisler of Cranberry Twp.  Heat races were won by Lynn Geisler, Jacob Hawkins and Alan Dellinger.


So far in 2008, the Advance Auto Parts UMP DIRTcar Street Stock division is shaping up to be a battle of the Four Horsemen.  Bob Egley, Joe Kelly, Jason Fosnaught and Wayne Carbo seem to be the class of field so far.  Bob Egley’s perfect night last night began with a heat race win and concluded with a trip to Sheet Victory Lane after coming up one position short last week.  Egley of Kittanning took the lead on the opening lap from the outside of the front row, where he started alongside Pat Hanley.  Egley led every lap and was only seriously challenged by last week’s feature winner Joe Kelley in the closing laps. 


As per Lernerville Speedway rules, Joe Kelley of Greensburg started 12th by virtue of last week’s feature win.  While he had little problem moving through the field, he was not able to get past Egley for a repeat win.  Bob Lipinski of Pittsburgh recovered from a disappointing Opening Night last week to finish third in the feature tonight!  Wayne Carbo of Saxonburg is off to a fast start in 2008 with his second top five by finishing fourth tonight.  He leads all drivers in all divisions with two heat race wins.  Jason Fosnaught of Creighton has also scored back-to-back top five finishes to start the 40th Anniversary Season of the Lernerville Speedway.  Despite taking the green from the 21st starting spot, Jason made his way through the 25 car field to finish in the fifth position.  Positions six through 10 went to a very impressive Ryan Moyer of Harmony, who challenged for the lead early in the feature, Pat Hanley of Monroeville, Bryan Shaffer of New Castle, Terry Young of Butler and Stan Riggle of Ford City.  Heat race winners were Bob Egley, Wayne Carbo and Mike Pegher Jr.


Next week is another Fast Friday of Fab Four Racing sponsored by North Hills Toyota.  The Ferrante Motor Cars DIRTcar Modifieds will be back in action and the Commercial Truck & Trailer Sprints will rejoin the long road to the Budweiser Points Championship.   Log on to Lernerville.com to see the full slate of upcoming events.


O’Reilly All Star Circuit of Champions Sprints Feature (35 laps)

  1. (59) Kenny Jacobs, Holmsville OH
  2. (0) Paul McMahan, Nashville TN
  3. (4) Rod George, Kittanning
  4. (2) Dale Blaney, Cortland OH
  5. (2L) Ed Lynch Jr., Apollo
  6. (30C) Lance Dewease, Fayetteville
  7. (83) Phil Gressman, Clyde, OH
  8. (11M) Brandon Martin, Attica, OH
  9. (D45) Tim Shaffer, Aliquippa
  10.  (20W) Greg Wilson, Benton Ridge, OH
  11. (6F) Bob Felmlee, Seneca
  12. (11B) Brock Mayes, Bucyrus, OH
  13. (9) Kevin Schaeffer, Kittanning
  14. (28) Brian Paulus, Mechanicsburg
  15. (20E) Brian Ellenberger, Butler
  16. (24H) Rob Chaney, Millerburg, OH
  17. (D4) Danny Holtgraver, Pittsburgh
  18. (5A) Rob Eyler, Franklin
  19. (3B) Scott Bonnell, Fairview
  20. (98) Dan Shetler, Johnstown
  21. (1X) Randy Hannagan, San Jose, CA
  22. (15) Charlie Holben, Cabot
  23. (11) Scott Priester, Rimersburg
  24. (56R) Ryan Myers, Eaton, OH
Heat Race Winners: Brandon Martin, Paul McMahan, Bob Felmlee, Lance Dewease

Dash Results – Paul McMahan, Greg Wilson, Rob Chaney, Bob Felmlee, Randy Hannagan, Phil Gressman

B-Main Winner/Transfers – Brian Paulus, Kevin Schaeffer, Bob Eyler, Scott Bonnell


O’Reilly All Star Circuit of Champions Sprints Time Trial Results

  1. (0) Paul McMahan, 13.023
  2. (2L) Ed Lynch Jr., 13.025
  3. (59) Kenny Jacobs, 13.062
  4. (4) Rod George, 13.105
  5. (24H) Rob Chaney, 13.108
  6. (W20) Greg Wilson, 13.153
  7. (6F) Bob Felmlee, 13.181
  8. (83) Phil Gressman, 13.189
  9. (1X) Randy Hannagan, 13.237
  10. (20E) Brian Ellenberger, 13.282
  11. (3B) Scott Bonnell, 13.332
  12. (9) Kevin Schaeffer, 13.365
  13. (11M) Brandon Martin, 13.400
  14. (2) Dale Blaney, 13.481
  15. (98) Dan Shetler, 13.486
  16. (30C) Lance Dewease, 13.487
  17. (5A) Rob Eyler, 13.495
  18. (16) Gary Rankin, 13.637
  19. (11B) Brock Mayes, 13.584
  20. (15) Charlie Holben, 13.628
  21. (D45) Tim Shaffer, 13.975
  22. (56R) Ryan Myers, 13.685
  23. (11) Scott Priester, 13.828
  24. (10) Carl Bowser, 13.875
  25. (33) Brent Matus, 14.070
  26. (29E) Brent Ellenberger, 14.152
  27. (12J) Bill Jones, 14.172
  28. (X) Cory Good, 14.406
  29. (4K) Bill Kiley, 14.926
  30. (3J) Joe Butera, 15.258
  31. (24S) Brian Steinman, 15.412
  32. (59X) Terry Bowser, 25.07
  33. (28) Brian Paulus, No Time

Friedman’s Freshmarkets UMP DIRTcar Super Late Models Feature (25 laps)

  1. (5) Alan Dellinger, Hermitage
  2. (4) Alex Ferree, Saxonburg
  3. (48) John Flinner, Zelienople
  4. (H1) Jared Miley, South Park
  5. (17) Keith Barbara, South Park
  6. (2J) Mike Johnson, Imperial
  7. (21) Matt Lux, Franklin
  8. (22) Gregg Satterlee, Rochester Mills
  9. (10) Gary Lyle, Hyde Park
  10. (1C) Lynn Geisler, Cranberry Twp.
  11. (66) Todd Bachman, Natrona Heights
  12. (J4) John Garvin Jr., Sarver
  13. (1J) Dave Murdick, Slippery Rock
  14. (6A) Chuck Kennedy, Mars
  15. (88) Chuck Sarver, West Sunbury
  16. (37) Jacob Hawkins, Fairmont
  17. (29) Kenny Schaltenbrand, Sarver
  18. (17T) Tom Kitchen, Indiana
  19. (1L) Dane Laraway, Irwin
  20. (27) Jeff Jones, Evans City
  21. (38R) Nick Reges, Butler
  22. (7X) Herman Bertolini, Creighton
  23. (72) Michael Norris, Sarver
  24. (2S) Sam Stile, Charleroi
  25. (21*) Bill Henry, Conneautville
  26. (3) Dan Swartzlander, Freeport
  27. (44H) Dave Hess Jr., Waterford
Heat Race Winners: Lynn Geisler, Jacob Hawkins, Alan Dellinger


Advance Auto Parts UMP DIRTcar Street Stocks Feature (15 laps)

  1. (30) Bob Egley, Kittanning
  2. (66) Joe Kelley, Mr. Pleasant
  3. (55L) Joe Lipinski, Pittsburgh
  4. (54) Wayne Carbo, Saxonburg
  5. (J19) Jason Fosnaught, Creighton
  6. (13X) Ryan Moyer, Harmony
  7. (380) Pat Hanley, Monroeville
  8. (77) Bryan Shaffer, New Castle
  9. (28Y) Terry Young, Butler
  10. (17R) Stan Riggle, Ford City
  11. (20J) Jim Fosnaught, Bairdford
  12. (56) Bryan Wagner, New Wilmington
  13. (12X) Matt Wagner, New Wilmington
  14. (74) Paul Petrovich, Gibsonia
  15. (12) Shawn Thorn, Murrysville
  16. (33X) Greg Beach, Chicora
  17. (25) Brett McDonald, Saxonburg
  18. (5) Don McClure, Sarver
  19. (2) Dave “Brew” Baker, Elderton
  20. (10) Jake Huppenthal, Sewickley
  21. (15K) Matthew Keith, Franklin
DQ (7) Eric Piotrowski, Cranberry Twp.

DQ (1) Randy Hanovick, Mars

DQ (42) Doug Johnson, Freeport

DQ (09) Mike Pegher Jr. Wexford

DNS (15) Ed Emerick, Sarver

Heat Race Winners: Bob Egley, Wayne Carbo, Mike Pegher Jr.


Car Count Total: 87

Sprint: 33

Late Model: 28

Street Stock: 26


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