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Rod George takes checkers and Bud Points Lead Gregg Satterlee, Del Rouguex Jr. and Bob Lipinski Repeat Modified Points Race tightens as BRP Mod race looms 5.16

Rod George takes checkers and Bud Points Lead

Gregg Satterlee, Del Rouguex Jr. and Bob Lipinski Repeat

Modified Points Race tightens as BRP Mod race looms


Sarver, PA (May 16, 2009) As the Lernerville Family paid tribute to the survivors and remembered those we have lost to cancer, Rod George ran away with the Commercial Truck & Trailer DIRTcar Sprint feature, while last week’s feature winners Gregg Satterlee, Del Rougeux Jr. and Bob Lipinski won from the 12th spot on the starting grid.  The fine folks from Charrap 28 Ford were kind enough to allow us to pace the features with the Warriors in Pink Mustang, allowing yours truly to take breast cancer survivors Ginger Meloy and Heather Lynch for a celebratory ride around the Action Track!


Rod George and Mike Lutz led the Commercial Truck & Trailer DIRTcar Sprint field to the green flag with Lutz (#8 of Mercer) leading the opening six laps.  George (#4 of Kittanning) was all over Lutz during those six laps and pulled even through turn four, taking the lead at the flagstand by a narrow margin.  As the laps ticked off, George stretched his lead to half a lap over Defending Track Champion Kevin Schaeffer.  George’s 39th career Lernerville feature win catapulted him ahead of Ed Lynch Jr. into the lead of the Bud Point Standings.


The aforementioned Kevin Schaeffer (#9 of Kittanning) picked up his third consecutive top three finish by following George across the stripe in second.  Todd Bauer (#45 of Clarion) and Dan Kuriger (#08 of Freedom) had strong runs, finishing third and fourth respectively.  Early leader Mike Lutz held on to finish fifth.  The CTT Sprint Top Ten rounded out with Brent Matus, Scott Bonnell, Jack Sodeman Jr., Ed Lynch Jr. and Gary Rankin.  Lynch elected to start shotgun on the field after three consecutive feature wins; the start was not mandatory as the first of the three wins was a non-points win on Opening Night.  Heat race wins went to George, Matus and Lynch.


Lynn Geisler and Doug Horton led the Friedman’s Freshmarkets DIRTcar Late Models to the green flag, but it was second row starter Matt Lux who made it a three wide battle for the lead on the back straightaway.  Lux (#21 of Franklin) prevailed and led the first three laps but was door-to-door with Horton (#46 of Uniontown) who led laps four through six.  Lux regained the lead in turns three and four on lap seven, but all the while, the white hot Gregg Satterlee was patiently but quickly making his way through the field.  Starting 12th, Satterlee (#22 of Rochester Mills) made his way past a Who’s Who of Lernerville Late Model wheelmen including Two-time Defending Track Champion Alex Ferree, 2008 wins leader Jared Miley, Five-time Track Champions John Flinner and Lynn Geisler, as well as early leaders Matt Lux and Doug Horton.  But just like he did last week, Gregg Satterlee took the lead exiting turn two and never looked back on his way to Sheetz Victory Lane for the third time this season.  Satterlee’s win extends his point lead over Murdick by almost 30 points.


Jared Miley came from ninth on the starting grid to challenge Satterlee in the closing laps as the leader caught heavy lapped traffic.  But just as Satterlee cleared the lapped cars, Miley (#H1 of South Park) got caught behind the same lapped traffic, but held on for an impressive second place finish.  Early leaders Lux and Horton finished third and fourth respectively.  Odd as it sounds, Alex Ferree (#4 of Saxonburg) had his best finish of 2009 Fab Four Racing with a solid run to fifth.  John Flinner, Mike Johnson, Lynn Geisler, Michael Norris and Dave Murdick rounded out the Friedman’s Top Ten. Veteran driver Chuck Sarver had a nice evening with his primary sponsor Kenny Ross Auto Group on hand as the weekly sponsor of Fab Four Racing.  Sarver had a strong second place run in his heat race and a solid 11th place finish in the feature.  Heat races were checkered by Lux, Horton and Murdick.


It was boom or bust for the top drivers in the Diehl Auto Group DIRTcar Modifieds.  Kevin Bolland led the points entering last night’s feature, but an early lap tangle with Tom Winkle and Phil Evans Jr. brought an early end to the night for all three drivers.  With three top guns out of the way, Del Rouguex Jr.’s path to the front was a little bit clearer, but that still meant passing the likes of Former Track Champions Dave Murdick and Mark Flick, Jeremiah Shingledecker and Two-time Defending Track Champion Brian Swartzlander.  He passed all of them by lap five when he took the lead on the restart.  Rouguex (#20D of Frenchville) appeared to have it on cruise control as the laps ticked off but faced one final test; the caution flag waved on lap 25 leading to a crowd-pleasing green/white/checkered two lap shootout for the win.  But Rouguex was up to the task holding off one final charge by Murdick and rolling into Sheetz Victory Lane for the second straight week.


Dave Murdick (#61 of Slippery Rock) settled for second.  Jeremiah Shingledecker (#37MD of Polk) raced home to a third place finish, while Brian Swartzlander (#83 of Leechburg) took the points lead by finishing fourth.  Mark Flick (#2 of Apollo) made his 2009 Lernerville debut with a sharp looking new scheme and a fifth place finish.  Sixth through tenth went to Dean Pearson, Skip Moore, Mike Turner, Steve Feder and Carl Murdick.  Heat race victors were Swartzlander, Rougeux and Winkle.  The win has Rougeux tied with Shingledecker for second, just four points behind Swartzlander.


With back-to-back feature wins by 12th place starting drivers, Bob Lipinski had to be confident that he could accomplish the same feat, but as was the case with both Saterlee and Rougeux, the task would not be easy!  Shawn Thorn led the Advance Auto Parts DIRTcar Sportsman field to the stripe flanked by Ryan Moyer.  Thorn led the first five laps but was penalized for mashing the gas too early on a restart and was sent to the tail of the field.  Wayne Carbo inherited the lead, but held it for only a lap as Bob Lipinski took command on the lap seven restart.  Lipinski (#55 of Pittsburgh) battled Defending Track Champion Bob Egley for the next 13 laps.  Lipinski and Egley (#30 of Kittanning) pulled away from the rest of the field and took turns slidejobbing each other as the laps ticked off.  Egley even officially took the lead on lap 18, but in the end it was the Mean Green Machine of Lipinski beating out the Purple Batmobile of Egley when the checkers waved.  With the win Lipinski extends his points lead to almost 30 points over second place Egley.


Bob Egley crossed the stripe a close second.  Valley News Dispatch Cover Boy Kevin Haas (#48 of Sarver) ran a very strong race for his best Lernerville finish in third.  Mark Sanders (of Lowellville, OH), sporting a patriotic #32 decal, raced home fourth.  Early leader Shawn Thorn (#12 of Vandergrift) came from the tail of the field to round out the top five.  The rest of Advance Top Ten shook out with Terry Young, Pat Hanley, Joe Kelley, Ryan Moyer and Wayne Carbo.  Terry Young’s mother, a breast cancer survivor, took the ride of a lifetime behind the wheel of her son’s #28Y stock car.  Heat races were claimed by Lipinski, Hanley and Egley.


Please join us next week, Friday May 22, as we pay tribute to local heroes who serve our communities in Fire, EMS and Police departments.  These service men & women will be admitted for half price until 7:00 and two light bars will be awarded (one as a door prize, one in a raffle) courtesy of LightBarsforsale.com.   And don’t forget the BRP Modified Tour Race on Friday May 29 and O’Reilly All Star Sprint Race on Friday June 5.


Race Results


Commercial Truck & Trailer DIRTcar Sprints Feature (25 Laps)

  1. (4) Rod George, Kittanning
  2. (9) Kevin Schaeffer, Kittanning
  3. (45) Todd Bauer, Clarion
  4. (08) Dan Kuriger, Freedom
  5. (8) Mike Lutz, Mercer
  6. (33) Brent Matus, Wampum
  7. (3B) Scott Bonnell, Fairview
  8. (23Jr) Jack Sodeman, Jr., N.Jackson, OH
  9. (2L) Ed Lynch Jr., Apollo
  10. (16) Gary Rankin, Renfrew
  11. (6F) Bob Felmlee, Franklin
  12. (10) Carl Bowser, Sarver
  13. (15) Charlie Holben, Cabot
  14. (56) Ralph Spithaler, Evans City
  15. (D4) Danny Holtgraver, Pittsburgh
  16. (43) Garrett Krummert, New Castle
  17. (96) Lindsay Enscoe, Petrolia
  18. (3) Pete Miller III, Port Vue
  19. (4K) Bill Kiley, Cabot
  20. (1R) Gale Ruth Sr., Pleasantville
  21. (3J) Bud Watt, Wampum
  22. (O1) Robbie Bartchey, Slickville
  23. (11) Scott Priester, Rimersburg
  24. (6) Sheila Rankin, Renfrew
Heat Race Winners – Rod George, Brent Matus, Ed Lynch Jr.


Friedman’s Freshmarkets DIRTcar Late Models Feature (25 Laps)

  1. (22) Greg Satterlee, Rochester Mills
  2. (H1) Jared Miley, South Park
  3. (21) Matt Lux, Franklin
  4. (46) Doug Horton, Uniontown
  5. (4) Alex Ferree, Saxonburg
  6. (48) John Flinner, Zelienople
  7. (2J) Mike Johnson, Imperial
  8. (1C) Lynn Geisler, Cranberry Twp.
  9. (72) Michael Norris, Sarver
  10. (1J) Dave Murdick, Slippery Rock
  11. (88) Chuck Sarver, West Sunburry
  12. (67) Bob Wearing Jr., Renfrew
  13. (J4) John Garvin Jr., Sarver
  14. (10) Gary Lyle, Hyde Park
  15. (23) Tony Burke, Sarver
  16. (66) Todd Bachman, Natrona Heights
  17. (21M) Tony Musolino II, Pittsburgh
  18. (25B) Mark Booth, Irwin
  19. (32X) Terry Porter, Erie
  20. (72B) Jim Kurpakus, Leechburg
  21. (K2) John Over, Uniontown
  22. (17) Keith Barbara, South Park
  23. (32) Tom Bateman, Carnegie
  24. (S1) Jim Kutas, Elizabeth
  25. (4J) John Mollick, Toronto OH
  26. (15K) Ray Kroll Sr., Renfrew
Heat Race Winners – Matt Lux, Greg Horton, Dave Murdick


Diehl Auto Group DIRTcar Modifieds Feature (25 Laps)

  1. (20D) Del Rougeux Jr., Frenchville
  2. (61) Dave Murdick, Slippery Rock
  3. (37MD) Jeremiah Shingledecker, Polk
  4. (83) Brian Swartzlander, Leechburg
  5. (2) Mark Flick, Apollo
  6. (8J) Dean Pearson, Harrisville
  7. (17M) Skip Moore, Jackson Center
  8. (96) Mike Turner, Butler
  9. (45) Steve Feder, Butler
  10. (6) Carl Murdick, Butler
  11. (29D) Dustin Martin, Evans City
  12. (5) Brian Sadler, McKean
  13. (72) Mike Miller, Chicora
  14. (23D) Chris Dye, Grove City
  15. (29E) Erik Martin, Evans City
  16. (88) Shawn Fleeger, Butler
  17. (69X) Dennis Slater, Butler
  18. (123) Eddie Brown, Saxonburg
  19. (38) Phil Evans Jr., Greensburg
  20. (777) Kevin Bolland, New Brighton
  21. (28) Tom Winkle, Mars
Heat Race Winners – Tom Winkle, Brian Swartzlander, Del Rougeux Jr.


Advanced Auto Parts DIRTcar Sportsman Feature (20 Laps)

  1. (55L) Bob Lipinski, Pittsburgh
  2. (30) Bob Egley, Kittanning
  3. (48) Kevin Haas, Sarver
  4. (32) Mark Sanders, Lowellville, OH
  5. (12) Shawn Thorn, Vandergrift
  6. (28Y) Terry Young, Butler
  7. (380) Pat Hanley, Monroeville
  8. (66) Joe Kelley, Mt. Pleasant
  9. (13X) Ryan Moyer, Portersville
  10. (54) Wayne Carbo, Saxonburg
  11. (7) Eric Piotrowski, Cranberry Twp.
  12. (24) Mike Gilliand, Portersville
  13. (C33) Corey McPherson, Tarentum
  14. (1) Randy Hanovick, Mars
  15. (29B) Scott Byers, Butler
  16. (74) Paul Petrovich, Gibsonia
  17. (5) Don McClure, Sarver
  18. (35) Jeff Walters, Evans City
  19. (25) Brett McDonald, Saxonburg
  20. (87) Mike Miller, Chicora
  21. (78) John Watson, Apollo
  22. (99) Bob Nelson, Dunbar
  23. (79) Joe Koteles, South Park
DNS (3S) Paul Schreckengost, Creighton

DNS (20J) Jim Fosnaught, Bairdford

DNS (2) Dave “Brew Baker, Elderton

Heat Race Winners – Bob Lipinski, Pat Hanley, Bob Egley


Car Count Total: 97

Commercial Truck & Trailer Sprints: 24

Friedman’s Freshmarkets Late Models: 26

Diehl Auto Group Modifieds: 21

Advanced Auto Parts Sportsman: 26


Contact: Lernerville Speedway                       

Eric J. Westendorf, Public Relations Director

(724) 664-1075 · This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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