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Freeport’s Tyler Hill wins 100-lap Enduro Ben the top Clepper this year, Doug Bigley wins Trailer Race Kid’s Bike Race Contestants the Real Winners! 8.11


Freeport’s Tyler Hill wins 100-lap Enduro

Ben the top Clepper this year, Doug Bigley wins Trailer Race

Kid’s Bike Race Contestants the Real Winners!


Sarver, PA (August 11, 2009) Last night at Lernerville Speedway, we were delighted to present the School Bus and Kid’s Bike Races along with Lernerville’s first ever Trailer Races, and finally the 100-Lap Enduro! Kids fetched their bikes and adults rolled in their racecars and both were given the opportunity to fulfill their need for speed on the Action Track. Needless to say, the night played out to be full of excitement, entertainment, competition, and fun for the whole family.


We kicked off the not-so-usual line of events at the usual 7:30 Lernerville start time with School Bus Races. Six distinctively decorative school buses entered the bus race this year and the list of drivers included Frank Spithaler, Ben Clepper, Steve Hitrik, Sam Duncan, Bill Clepper, and Bob Clepper. It was quite a sight to see as these massive vehiciles made their way around the track, passing each other as smoothly as if they were in racecars. When the feature came to an end and the checkered flag flew, it was the #38 bus of Ben Clepper that came out on top. An interesting extra that Lernerville added to the schedule of events tonight was the grandmother/grandson race where Brandon Spithaler competed against his grandmother, Rose Spithaler in a one on one bus race. Mrs. Spithaler showed her grandson who is boss as she took the checkered flag and made another visit to Sheetz Victory Lane!!


There were over one hundred future drivers on the front stretch tonight ready to pedal their hearts out in order to obtain the ultimate prize; that polished first place trophy! Kids that came out to race were between the ages of 3-12+. These children were divided and raced other kids according to their age group . No one went home empty-handed because those children who did not receive that first place trophy were honored with a ribbon that represented the place that they finished. Victory Lane was showered with smiles and giggles as the children who receive trophies were also given the tribute of having their picture taken on Sheetz Victory Lane. It was a lot of fun and definitely entertaining to witness families from all over joined together on the front stretch to cheer on their little racers.


Speaking of entertainment, the Figure Eight Trailer Races proved to be a fan favorite!!! With three competitors involved in this first time event, fans were jumping out of their seats with excitement to see who would be crowned the first winner of Lernerville’s truck and trailer race!! The idea of the competition was for the drivers to detach the trailers from the other driver’s trucks in demolition derby fashion. When the competition began it was Lernerville Speedway General Manager Gary Risch Jr. who lost his trailer first due to a heavy blow from the 7x of Doug Bigley who sported a hot pink truck and trailer. Doug Bigley and the 333 of Bub Swertzer were left to battle it out attempting the figure eight in order to crush each other’s trailers. Although each driver captured a few hard hits, it was Bigley who came out on top, but with only the bed of his trailer and a porta-potty still attached! It was a messy clean-up, but due to the success and enjoyment of last night’s competition, we can be sure to see many more competitors for Lernerville’s next truck and trailer race!


Finally, for the main event, 66 cars showed up at the Action Track tonight to compete in Lernerville’s infamous 100 Lap Enduro! These drivers have put their sweat and blood into getting their cars ready for this race in hopes that their efforts would pay off. The carnage on the track was rampant, but the warriors behind the wheels pushed on and over a third of the field finished the race. Freeport’s own Tyler Hill won a popular victory as a throng of family and friends cheered on! The rest of the top five consisted of Joe Yakich, Lee Lehnard, Brett Truit and Dave Seibert Jr. The rest of those whom submitted their lap sheets are listed at the bottom of the release in their order of finish.


Friday Night August 14, Fab Four Racing will be back in action with only three nights remaining in the chase for the 2009 Budweiser Track Championships. The fine folks from Valvoline are sponsoring the night’s action and the Pittsburgh Circle Track Club will try to confirm the cliché that “The third time’s the charm”, as their first two dates at the track have been rained out! This Friday is also another “Fab Four Family Fun Night”, featuring a $40 package of four admissions (2 adults, 2 students), four hot dogs, four fries and four Pepsis. The Central Blood Bank will be on hand from 3:00-8:00PM to take donations that could help save somebody’s life! Give Life! Donate Blood!


Race Results

313 N. Pike Road Sarver, PA 16055

Phone (724) 353-1511 Fax (724) 353-2650





Complete Enduro Results:

1.      33T Tyler Hill

2.      17Y Joe Yakich

3.      71L Lee Lehnerd

4.      11 Brent Truitt

5.      C04 Dave Seibert

6.      16 Paul Vernier

7.      7J James C. Meyer III

8.      21 Bill McDonough

9.      873 Matt Baker

10.  6K Keith Sherwin

11.  142 Derek McKinley

12.  57 Dennis Jeuther

13.  43 Tim Gillette

14.  69L Levi Michael Steven Maskal

15.  21C Christy McCall

16.  65 Zane Grafton

17.  17L Joe G. Langnecker Jr.

18.  46 Jason Schreckengost

19.  24C Clayton Holbein

20.  34 Glenn Noland

21.  757 Cody Bergad

22.  94C Robert Prosser Jr.

23.  66 Michael S. Baker

24.  524 Jon Dambaugh

25.  24 Chuck Henry

26.  81 David Smail

27.  834 Dave Hoag

28.  20R Ryan Redmond

29.  17 John Radvansky

30.  27 Brandon Eiler

31.  38R Zach Reges

32.  63 Mark Thompson

33.  12 Larry W. White

34.  08 T1 Tom Garing

35.  67 Roy Berg

36.  31Z Zack Ayers

37.  36 D. J. Swigart

38.  5s Bob Walker

39.  75 Jerry Batcher

40.  7 Ray Seibert

41.  75c Sean Collins

42.  18B Greg Borczyk

43.  316 Adam McNish

44.  74 Craig Bollinger

45.  55 Jim Walter Jr.

46.  06 Greg Shoop Jr.

47.  615 Darin Gallagher

DQ - 77 Pete Blazczak


Bus Races Feature:

  1. (38) Ben Clepper
  2. (99) Bill Clepper
  3. (83) Bob Clepper
  4. (008) Steve Hitrick
  5. (69) Frank Spithaler
  6. (79) Sam Duncan

Trailer Races:

  1. (7X) Doug Bigley
  2. (333) Bob Schwertzer
  3. (3G) Gary Risch Jr.

Car Count Total: 73

School Buses: 6

Enduro cars: 64

Car & Trailers: 3


Contact: Lernerville Speedway                     

Eric J. Westendorf, Public Relations Director

(724) 664-1075 · This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Co-written by: Natalie Andres, PR Intern


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