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“The Prodigy” Brady Smith holds of Chubzilla Hurricane Hannagan blows past Tim Shaffer at checkers 9.4

“The Prodigy” Brady Smith holds of Chubzilla

Hurricane Hannagan blows past Tim Shaffer at checkers


Sarver, PA (September 4, 2009) Jason Shank O’Reilly All Star Late Model Series Director

We had to work for that one, a relieved Brady Smith said in O’Reilly All Star Late Model Series (ASLMS) victory lane. We drew the pole and it’s always nice to start there but it doesn’t mean anything at a place like this where you can start in the back and make your way to the front. I seen Chub (Frank) a few times and I knew he was a little different on tires than we were. I actually had to slow down a little bit to maintain the lead. The Prodigy fooled everyone in the scoring tower if he slowed down a little as he held off serious challenges from ChubZilla Chub Frank and The Truth Gregg Satterlee.

Smith and rising western PA star Denton Boyer led the talented field to the green flag with Brady jumping out to the early lead but a quick caution for Jeremy Miller and Bump Hedman set the field up for a complete restart. It was again Smith claiming the lead with Jason Covert sliding underneath Jordan Bland for the second spot from his fifth starting position. Covert pressured Brady for the lead as Smith ran the outside and Covert rode the bottom of the high banked 4/10 Sarver, PA oval. ASLMS regular Coleby Frye spun in turn two to bring out the events second caution and set up a Delaware Style restart that Smith would lead out of turn four.

When racing resumed, one of the hottest drivers in the country, Chub Frank got by Covert for the second position and set his sights on race leader Smith. A few circuits later Satterlee made his way past Covert and into the third spot as the third and final caution flew for the freshly crowned 2009 Lernerville Speedway Champion Alex Ferree as his mount came to a halt in turn 4.

Brady continued to lead the field as ASLMS point leader Boom Briggs, who had to use a B-Main to secure his spot in the 50-lap A-Main was working his way through the field while his counterpart, Robbie Blair (second in ASLMS points) ran solidly in the top five throughout the event. The laps ticked down and the leaders ran into heavy lapped traffic. Smith finessed his way through traffic while Satterlee turned up the wick under his Satterlee Petroleum sponsored Rocket Chassis. Gregg made his move under Chub for the third spot with nine laps remaining and quickly made a move to get by Brady with eight laps remaining.

Satterlee was never technically scored the leader though as his pass was made out of turn two and Smith returned the favor out of turn four. Brady was able to work his way through the lapped cars of Rod Conley and Jared Miley, who were also racing for position, while Satterlee and Frank got caught behind the lapped duo giving way to Smith as he went on to win his first ASLMS event in his Big Red Motorsports, Mid-America Equipment Inc Hydraulics, Willow River Saloon sponsored Bloomquist Chassis. Brady was followed by Frank who made a last lap pass on Gregg to finish second.

Robbie Blair chipped into Booms point lead with his fourth place finish while Senoia, GAs Clint Smith came home fifth. Doug Horton was sixth, Keith Berner seventh, eighth was Tim McCreadie while Jason Covert slipped back to ninth and Boom Briggs rounded out the top ten.


Camargo, IL (9-4-09) – By Kelly Brown –Public Relations Director – On a night that saw the lead swapped between five drivers eleven times in just 30 laps, Randy “The Hurricane” Hannagan made a last lap dash around Tim Shaffer to take his second O’Reilly All Star Circuit of Champions victory of the season. It was definitely an unforgettable night as the lead was swapped early and often during tonight’s main event bringing the crowd to their feet.


Starting on the front row of the features was Dale Blaney and Stevie Smith. Their duel started immediately as the Green Flag flew. Blaney and Smith raced side-by-side for almost the whole first lap, before Smith just edged Blaney out at the line. For the first four laps of the race Smith had the edge, before Blaney slid underneath him to lead the next seven laps.


Smith would power by Blaney on Lap 12, but Blaney battled back and established himself in the lead until disaster struck.  On Lap 18, the Yellow Flag would fly for the two cars that had put on quite a show for the fans during the early part of the race. On the 18th circuit of the oval Blaney slowed with what appeared to be a tire issue. When he slowed in Turn 3 Smith did not have anywhere to go and the two made contact. This would end Blaney’s night and send Smith to the back of the field for the restart.


After the incident with the top two cars, Brock Mayes inherited the lead, but not for long. On the restart Mayes tried to hold on, but second place running Tim Shaffer was able to get the edge and lead Lap 19. While Shaffer led, Mayes had fallen into the clutches of Hannagan who had stormed his way to the font from his tenth place starting position. On Lap 20, Hannagan established himself in the second position and set his eyes on the lead.


Hannagan worked on Shaffer as he was able to close, but not get by. Hannagan saw his chance and stole the lead from Shaffer on Lap 26, but it was short lived as Shaffer battled back to take the lead on Lap 28. In a last lap dash Shaffer had the lead taking the White Flag. Shaffer would have the edge over Hannagan going down the back stretch. Going into Turns 3 and 4 is where Hannagan made his move, sliding under Shaffer. The two would drag race off of the fourth turn, with the two touching wheels as they passed the finish line. 


Hannagan would take the Checkered Flag just inches in front of Shaffer. Mayes would hold on for third with Chad Kemenah and Ed Lynch Jr. rounding out the top-five. This is Hannagan’s eighth career All Star Circuit of Champions victory and his first victory at Lernerville Speedway. In fact until tonight Hannagan had only placed in the top-five once at the Pennsylvania track.

All Stars Late Model Series A-Main Feature (50 Laps)

  1. (2) Brady Smith
  2. (1*) Chub Frank
  3. (22) Gregg Satterlee
  4. (W11) Robbie Blair
  5. (44S) Clint Smith
  6. (46) Doug Horton
  7. (96F) Keith Berner
  8. (39) Tim McCreadie
  9. (43A) Jason Covert
  10. (99B) Boom Briggs
  11. (4) Alex Ferree
  12. (12) Jordan Bland
  13. (11H) Austin Hubbard
  14. (37) Jared Hawkins
  15. (71R) Rod Conley
  16. (H1) Jared Miley
  17. (44H) Dave Hess Jr.
  18. (56) Denton Boyer
  19. (4J) John Mollick
  20. (48) John Flinner
  21. (F1) Coleby Frye
  22. (O4) Bob Close
  23. (24) Jeremy Miller
  24. (B22) Bump Hedman
Heat Race Winners: Gregg Satterlee, Jeremy Miller, Doug Horton, Chub Frank

B-Main Winners: Tim McCreadie, Boom Briggs


All Stars Circuit of Champions Sprints A-Main Feature (30 Laps)

  1. (1X) Randy Hannagan
  2. (83) Tim Shaffer
  3. (11B) Brock Mayes
  4. (35) Chad Kemenah
  5. (2L) Ed Lynch Jr.
  6. (15H) Sam Hafertepe Jr.
  7. (4G) Rod George
  8. (W20) Greg Wilson
  9. (4) Danny Smith
  10. (8) Mike Lutz
  11. (11) Dave Ely
  12. (1) Stevie Smith
  13. (5) Byron Reed
  14. (15C) Chris Andrews
  15. (6F) Bob Felmlee
  16. (O) Brandon Wimmer
  17. (89G) David Gravel
  18. (92) Daryn Clayton
  19. (D4) Danny Holtgraver
  20. (3C) Cale Conley
  21. (45) Todd Bauer
  22. (10) Carl Bowser
  23. (2) Dale Blaney
  24. (9) Kevin Schaeffer
Heat Race Winners: Greg Wilson, Tim Shaffer, Randy Hannagan, Daryn Clayton

B-Main Winners: Sam Hafertepe Jr.


All Stars Sprints Time Trials Top Ten:

  1. (2L) Ed Lynch Jr., 12.877
  2. (2) Dale Blaney, 13.026
  3. (15C) Chris Andrews, 13.038
  4. (3C) Cale Conley, 13.048
  5. (6F) Bob Felmlee, 13.113
  6. (15H) Sam Hafertepe Jr., 13.117
  7. (1) Stevie Smith, 13.151
  8. (22) Cole Duncan, 13.161
  9. (11B) Brock Mayes, 13.176
  10. (83) Tim Shaffer, 13.179

All Stars Late Models Time Trials Top Ten:

  1. (22S) Gregg Satterlee, 15.466
  2. (24) Jeremy Miller, 15.069
  3. (43A) Jason Covert, 15.703
  4. (11) Austin Hubbard, 15.776
  5. (4) Alex Ferree, 15.798
  6. (39) Tim McCreadie, 15.821
  7. (44A) Clint Smith, 15.843
  8. (11R) Tyler Reddick, 15.853
  9. (1*) Chub Frank, 15.854
  10. (2J) Mike Johnson, 15.855

Car Count Total: 76

All Stars Circuit of Champions Sprints: 39

All Stars Late Model Series: 37



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