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McCreadie Overtakes Brady Smith For Victory In Second Firecracker 100 Preliminary A-Main At Lernerville Speedway 6.25

McCreadie Overtakes Brady Smith For Victory In Second Firecracker 100 Preliminary A-Main At Lernerville Speedway


SARVER, PA - June 25, 2010 - Tim McCreadie rediscovered the path to Victory Lane on the World of Outlaws Late Model Series Friday night at Lernerville Speedway.  And after capturing the second 30-lap preliminary A-Main of the fourth annual Firecracker 100 presented by GottaRace.com weekend, the 2006 WoO LMS champion was smiling and allowing himself to dream of an even bigger triumph in Saturday night’s extra-distance, $30,000-to-win spectacular.

“We’ve struggled a little bit and been off, so we went back to the shop, changed some things and got back to where we were a year ago,” said McCreadie, who earned $6,275 for his second win of the 2010 WoO LMS and guaranteed himself a pole starting spot in a Firecracker 100 heat on Saturday evening. “I know we didn’t show it last night with our finish (seventh in the weekend’s first 30-lap preliminary), but we came on a bunch late. Tonight we just started further up and were able to get to the lead quick enough.

“We’ve had two good nights in a row. Hopefully in a lot longer race (Saturday) night we can just pace ourselves, get our car balanced and be up there at the end.”

McCreadie, 36, of Watertown, N.Y., started fourth but hustled his Sweeteners Plus Rocket car into second place on a lap-two restart. He then stalked leader Brady Smith of Solon Springs, Wis., until diving to the inside of turn four to assume command for good on lap 21.

In another fast-paced event slowed by only a single caution on lap two for a spin by Union, Ky.’s Darrell Lanigan, McCreadie crossed the finish line 1.386 seconds ahead of Shinnston, W.Va.’s Josh Richards, who slipped his Rocket Chassis house car by Smith for second with the white flag flying. The 22-year-old Richards, who started fifth, fell short of duplicating his victory in Thursday night’s 30-lap A-Main.

“We came on at the end but Timmy was really good,” said Richards, who leads the WoO LMS with five victories this season. “We pretty much did the same thing we did last night, but the car was just a little bit too tight.”

Smith, 33, settled for third place in his Team Zero by Bloomquist machine after racing off the outside pole to lead laps 1-20. Sixth-starter Billy Moyer of Batesville, Ark., finished a steady fourth for the second consecutive night in his Victory Circle car and seventh-starter Dale McDowell of Chickamauga, Ga., who didn’t qualify for Thursday night’s A-Main, completed the top five in NASCAR star Clint Bowyer’s Warrior car.

McCreadie’s discovery of the extreme lane was the key to his victory over Smith, who spent virtually the entire distance tossing his mount around the four-tenths-mile oval’s outer lip.

“I thought my best shot was to get low (on the track) because I knew I wasn’t gonna pass him above the cushion,” said McCreadie, who recorded his 14th career win on the WoO LMS. “There was a bunch of moisture down there, so I figured I’d take a shot at it. We got lucky tonight. Our stuff steered pretty good down there.”

Smith had no answer for McCreadie’s challenge. He was left to battle for second with Richards.

“I saw Tim down there, but I thought I’d keep doing what I was doing,” said Smith, who recently made the difficult decision to no longer follow the WoO LMS as a regular for reasons that include financial concerns. “I just lost all my drive (off the corners). I checked my right-rear tire afterward and there was only four pounds of air in it so that didn’t help my any, but even if my tire didn’t start going flat I don’t know if I would’ve had anything for Tim.”

The mop-haired McCreadie was bubbling with enthusiasm following his triumph, which was punctuated by a ear-splitting fireworks display during the Victory Lane ceremonies. He gave the slick Lernerville racing surface rave reviews, making him look forward to Saturday’s Firecracker 100 finale.

“I like the way (the track) is,” said McCreadie, whose previous WoO LMS win at Lernerville came during his 2006 championship season. “It’s really neat. It takes a little more than just being really smooth – sometimes you gotta cock it and run hard. It’s a pretty challenging track.”

McCreadie moved to second in the WoO LMS points standings, overtaking Lanigan, who could only manage a 13th-place finish after qualifying through a B-Main and being forced to the rear of the A-Main field after his lap-two spin. McCreadie trails Richards by 30 points – and that’s what his deficit will remain after Saturday night because the Firecracker 100 offers only show-up points to all competitors.

Rookie Austin Hubbard of Seaford, Del., started from the pole position by steadily slipped backward, ultimately finishing sixth. Steve Francis of Ashland, Ky., advanced from the 12th starting spot to place seventh, followed by Mike Knight of Ripley, N.Y. – the $500 WoO LMS ‘Bonus Bucks’ winner for being the highest-finishing driver who hasn’t won a tour A-Main and isn’t among the top 12 in the points standings – Doug Drown of Wooster, Ohio, and 24th-starter Will Vaught of Crane, Mo.

Tim Fuller of Watertown, N.Y., was quickest in the 57-car time-trial session, touring the oval in 15.823 seconds. But his first fast time of the 2010 WoO LMS campaign was the highlight of his night; he was never a factor in the A-Main, finishing 17th.

Heat winners were Brady Smith, Doug Horton of Bruceton Mills, W.Va. (from the last starting spot), Richards, Hubbard, McCreadie and Moyer. The B-Mains were captured by Scott Bloomquist of Mooresburg, Tenn., Shane Clanton of Locust Grove, Ga., and Davey Johnson of Latrobe, Pa.

The heat-race action was highlighted by a wild tangle during the second qualifier involving Bloomquist and defending Firecracker 100 champion Jimmy Mars of Menomonie, Wis., who came together and slid off the track in turn one while battling for second place. Bloomquist restarted at the rear of the field and finished fourth, while Mars retired with suspension damage and was later unable to climb high enough to transfer to the feature through a B-Main.

The Firecracker 100 presented by GottaRace.com concludes on Saturday (June 26) with a full day of activities. Following an afternoon of pre-race entertainment that includes a driver/fan horseshoes tournament at 12 noon, the Ms. Firecracker pageant at 2 p.m. and a huge driver autograph session at 4 p.m., six heat races – lined up using entrants’ best finish from the two preliminary events – are scheduled to begin at 7:35 p.m.

Saturday’s program also includes B-Mains, the $3,000-to-win Uncle Sam 30 Non-Qualifiers’ Race and the Firecracker 100.

6.25.2010 (Night Two)

World of Outlaw Late Models Feature: (30 Laps)

  1. (39) Tim McCreadie, Watertown, NY
  2. (1) Josh Richards, Shinnston, WV
  3. (2) Brady Smith, Solon Springs, WI
  4. (21) Billy Moyer, Batesville, AR
  5. (17M) Dale McDowell, Chickamauga, GA
  6. (19H) Austin Hubbard, Seaford, DE
  7. (15) Steve Francis, Ashland, KY
  8. (9K) Mike Knight, Ripley, NY
  9. (12) Doug Drown, Wooster, OH
  10. (1V) Will Vaught, Crane, MO
  11. (25) Shane Clanton, Locust Grove, GA
  12. (46) Doug Horton, Bruceton Mills, WV
  13. (29) Darrell Lanigan, Union, KY
  14. (0) Scott Bloomquist, Mooresburg, TN
  15. (24) Rick Eckert, York
  16. (2JX) Davey Johnson, Latrobe
  17. (19) Tim Fuller, Watertown, NY
  18. (44H) Dave Hess Jr., Waterford
  19. (6L) Jamie Lathroum, Mechanicsville, MD
  20. (15B) Brian Birkhofer, Muscatine, IA
  21. (56) Russ King, Bristolville, OH
  22. (57J) Bub McCool, Vicksburg, MS
  23. (44) Clint Smith, Senoia, GA
  24. (1*) Chub Frank, Bear Lake
  25. (W11) Robbie Blair, Titusville
  26. (6S) Steve Shaver, Vienna, WV

World of Outlaw Late Models Qualifying

  1. (19) Tim Fuller, 15.823
  2. (12) Doug Drown, 15.842
  3. (1) Josh Richards, 15. 881
  4. (44) Clint Smith, 15.926
  5. (6S) Steve Shaver, 15.935
  6. (15) Steve Francis, 15.982
  7. (2) Brady Smith, 15.983
  8. (O) Scott Bloomquist, 16.032
  9. (15B) Brian Birkhofer, 16.048
  10. (19H) Austin Hubbard, 16.081
  11. (39) Tim McCreadie, 16.096
  12. (21) Billy Moyer, 16.138
  13. (1C) Lynn Geisler, 16.140
  14. (9K) Mike Knight 16.173
  15. (4J) John Mollick, 16.232
  16. (24) Rick Eckert, 16.244
  17. (2JX) Davey Johnson, 16.248
  18. (14C) Corey Conley, 16.279
  19. (17M) Dale McDowell, 16.319
  20. (28) Jimmy Mars, 16.358
  21. (J4) John Garvin Jr., 16.376
  22. (72M) John Mason, 16.382
  23. (6L) Jamie Lathroum, 16. 382
  24. (1*) Chub Frank, 16.414
  25. (21L) Matt Lux, 16. 427
  26. (99B) Rick “Boom” Briggs, 16.443
  27. (W11) Robbie Blair, 16.489
  28. (29S) Kenny Schaltenbrand, 16.513
  29. (21D) Dan Stone, 16.541
  30. (4) Alex Ferree, 16.553
  31. (22) Greg Oakes, 16.594
  32. (2J) Mike Johnson, 16.602
  33. (25) Shane Clanton, 16.647
  34. (57J) Bub McCool, 16.657
  35. (1J) Dave Murdick, 16.679
  36. (1V) Will Vaught, 16.679
  37. (29) Darrell Lanigan, 16.736
  38. (22s) Greg Satterlee, 16.752
  39. (7) Matt Miller, 16.776
  40. (1*CFR) Peter Mantha, 16.837
  41. (66) Todd Bachman, 16.895
  42. (11) Tyler Reddick, 16.932
  43. (3) Brent Robinson, 16.943
  44. (4T8) John Flinner, 16.956
  45. (44H) Dave Hess Jr., 16.975
  46. (23T) Tony Burke, 17.065
  47. (88) Chuck Sarver, 17.065
  48. (38R) Nick Reges, 17.087
  49. (14) April Farmer, 17.104
  50. (H1) Jared Miley, 17.132
  51. (72N) Michael Norris, 17.156
  52. (45) Mark Byram, 17.280
  53. (25Z) Mason Zeigler, 17.392
  54. (32C) Coleby Frye, 17.444
  55. (56) Russ King, 17.456
  56. (46) Doug Horton, 17.522
  57. (C33) Chris Casner, 17.597
DNQ: (J19) Jason Fosnaught


WoO LMS Last Chance Showdown #1

  1. (0) Scott Bloomquist, Mooresburg, TN
  2. (29) Darrell Lanigan, Union, KY
  3. (21L) Matt Lux, Franklin
  4. (99B) Rick “Boom” Briggs, Bear Lake
  5. (28) Jimmy Mars, Menomonie, WI
  6. (14) April Farmer, Livingston, TN
  7. (56) Russ King, Bristolville, OH
  8. (22S) Greg Satterlee, Rochester Mills
  9. (22) Greg Oakes, Franklinville, NY
  10. (1C) Lynn Geisler, Cranberry Twp.
  11. (H1) Jared Miley, South Park
  12. (4T8) John Flinner, Zelienople
  13. (2J) Mike Johnson, Imperial
DNS: (3) Brent Robinson, Smithfield, VA


WoO LMS Last Chance Showdown #2

  1. (25) Shane Clanton, Locust Grove, GA
  2. (44H) Dave Hess Jr., Waterford
  3. (44) Clint Smith, Senoia, GA
  4. (45) Mark Byram, Georgetown, DE
  5. (7) Matt Miller, Waterville, OH
  6. (72M) John Mason, Millersburg, OH
  7. (72N) Michael Norris, Sarver
  8. (29S) Ken Schaltenbrand, Sarver
  9. (C33) Chris Casner, Mifflintown
  10. (23T) Tony Burke, Sarver
  11. (4J) John Mollick, Toronto, OH
  12. (1*CFR) Peter Mantha, Gatineau, QUE
DNS: (J4) John Garvin Jr., Sarver

DNS: (J19) Jason Fosnaught, Creighton


WoO LMS Last Chance Showdown #3

  1. (2JX) Davey Johnson, Latrobe
  2. (1V) Will Vaught, Crane, MO
  3. (4) Alex Ferree, Saxonburg
  4. (21D) Dan Stone, Thompson
  5. (1J) Dave Murdick, Slippery Rock
  6. (11) Tyler Reddick, Corning, CA
  7. (14C) Corey Conley, Wellsburg, WV
  8. (88) Chuck Sarver, West Sunburry
  9. (66) Todd Bachman, Natrona Heights
  10. (38R) Nick Reges, Butler
  11. (25Z) Mason Zeigler, Chalk Hill
  12. (32C) Coleby Frye, Dover


World of Outlaw Late Models Heat #1

  1. (2) Brady Smith, Solon Springs, WI
  2. (17M) Dale McDowell, Chickamauga, GA
  3. (19) Tim Fuller, Watertown, NY
  4. (21L) Matt Lux, Franklin
  5. (29) Darrell Lanigan, Union, KY
  6. (14) April Farmer, Livingston, TN
  7. (22) Greg Oakes, Franklinville, NY
  8. (56) Russ King, Bristolville, OH
  9. (1C) Lynn Geisler, Cranberry Twp.
  10. (3) Brent Robinson, Smithfield, VA

World of Outlaw Late Models Heat #2

  1. (46) Doug Horton, Bruceton Mills, WV
  2. (12) Doug Drown, Wooster, OH
  3. (9K) Mike Knight, Ripley, NY
  4. (0) Scott Bloomquist, Mooresburg, TN
  5. (99B) Rick “Boom” Briggs, Bear Lake
  6. (H1) Jared Miley, South Park
  7. (2J) Mike Johnson, Imperial
  8. (4T8) John Flinner, Zelienople
  9. (22S) Greg Satterlee, Rochester Mills
  10. (28) Jimmy Mars, Menomonie, WI


World of Outlaw Late Models Heat #3

  1. (1) Josh Richards, Shinnston, WV
  2. (W11) Robbie Blair, Titusville
  3. (15B) Brian Birkhofer, Muscatine, IA
  4. (25) Shane Clanton, Locust Grove, GA
  5. (7) Matt Miller, Waterville, OH
  6. (44H) Dave Hess Jr., Waterford
  7. (C33) Chris Casner, Mifflintown
  8. (72N) Michael Norris, Sarver
  9. (J4) John Garvin Jr., Sarver
  10. (4J) John Mollick, Toronto, OH


World of Outlaw Late Models Heat #4

  1. (19H) Austin Hubbard, Seaford, DE
  2. (24) Rick Eckert, York
  3. (57J) Bub McCool, Vicksburg, MS
  4. (44) Clint Smith, Senoia, GA
  5. (29S) Ken Schaltenbrand, Sarver
  6. (72M) John Mason, Millersburg, OH
  7. (45) Mark Byram, Georgetown, DE
  8. (23T) Tony Burke, Sarver
  9. (1*CFR) Peter Mantha, Gatineau, QUE

World of Outlaw Late Models Heat #5

  1. (39) Tim McCreadie, Watertown, NY
  2. (6S) Steve Shaver, Vienna, WV
  3. (6L) Jamie Lathroum, Mechanicsville, MD
  4. (2JX) Davey Johnson, Latrobe
  5. (21D) Dan Stone, Thompson
  6. (1J) Dave Murdick, Slippery Rock
  7. (88) Chuck Sarver, West Sunburry
  8. (66) Todd Bachman, Natrona Heights
  9. (25Z) Mason Zeigler, Chalk Hill

World of Outlaw Late Models Heat #6

  1. (21) Billy Moyer, Batesville, AR
  2. (15) Steve Francis, Ashland, KY
  3. (1*) Chub Frank, Bear Lake
  4. (1V) Will Vaught, Crane, MO
  5. (4) Alex Ferree, Saxonburg
  6. (32C) Coleby Frye, Dover
  7. (14C) Corey Conley, Wellsburg, WV
  8. (11) Tyler Reddick, Corning, CA
  9. (38R) Nick Reges, Butler


Car Count Total: 58

World of Outlaw Late Models: 58


Contact: Kevin Kovac

World of Outlaws Late Model Series PR Director

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