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Fab Four Race Report 5.4

Pete Miller III rides the cushion to first Ti22 Sprint win

Defending Champion Shingledecker notches first of year

Jared Miley says “Adios Amigos” in Precise Late Model Feature

Young survives early incident to win Pic-A-Part Sportsman feature

Sarver, PA (May 4, 2012) Cinco de Mayo Eve was a fast and furious kind of evening as a hot and humid afternoon gave way to breezy conditions later in the evening as severe weather closed in from all directions; tracks to the west, north and east all canceled and/or were rained out before the completion of their program.  But Fab Four Racing was pushed along at a fever pitch and the entire program was completed before the rains came shortly after 11:00.  The action of the track stayed hot all night long as two All Time Division Wins leaders and future Hall of Famers took the lead in their respective features, only to uncharacteristically lose them instead of adding to their lofty win totals.  So instead of Ed Lynch Jr. and Brian Swartzlander in Sheetz Victory Lane, it was Pete Miller III and Jeremiah Shingledecker.


The chaos ensued in the Precise Late Models as early leader Mike Johnson spun out while leading and collected half a dozen cars in the process.  Jared Miley would go on to pass Garrett Krummert to win his second feature of the season.  Ryan Moyer appeared to have the Pic-A-Part Sportsman feature in the bag before Corey McPherson came from 12th to take the lead again with a slide job through one & two, but heavy contact between the two in turns three & four took both out and paved the way for Terry Young to score his third career feature win.


For years the scenario seemed to repeat itself; week after week.  Ed Lynch Jr. would take the lead and check out from the rest of the field, leaving everyone else to fight for second place.  And for a while, it seemed like that would be the case again Friday night and “The Apollo Rocket” would roll into Sheetz Victory Lane for the 106th time.  But Pete Miller III, celebrating his 21st birthday and ready to show what he learned from a year on the road with the All Star Circuit of Champions, had other ideas.


After polesitter Brandon Spithaler led the first three laps, Lynch took the lead low through turns one & two after making his way to the front from eighth on the starting grid.  Conventional wisdom suggested the race was on for second place and what a race it was as Pete Miller and Rod George were trading moves back and forth, high and low as they worked through lapped traffic. 


Normally when two cars race for second, they allow the leader to pull away, but that wasn’t the case tonight.  Miller and George quickly reeled in Lynch and Miller started to challenge for the lead with big runs off the tops of both turns two and four.  Miller tried to dive under Lynch on lap 12 low through turns one and two, but Lynch held the lead and seemed to turn it up a notch once he saw Miller.  By lap 15, Lynch started to pull away again, but on lap 18 Miller and George had closed back up, only to see Lynch pull away again on lap 19 in heavy lapped traffic.  On lap 20, Miller made a serious charge again through one and two and took the lead exiting turn two in heavy lapped traffic.  On lap 22, Lynch fought back and drove hard through turns three & four trying to regain the lead, but physics dictates that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time and when Lynch came up off the bottom of turn four as Miller rocketed off the cushion they banged wheels and spun towards the infield.  Amazingly, as Lynch backed into the apron, stopping just short of the jersey barriers, Miller stood on the gas and straightened the car out to retain the lead as the caution waved for Lynch.


Meanwhile, as Miller and Lynch waged a classic battle for the lead, Brian Ellenberger had challenged and taken third place from Rod George.  With Lynch out, Ellenberger would restart second after starting 12th – per Lernerville procedure of the previous week’s feature winner –  but Miller had a great restart and rode the cushion to his first career feature win at Lernerville Speedway on his 21st birthday.


Ellenberger ran a tremendous race, but had to settle for runner-up instead of winning for the second week in a row.  George chased Ellenberger to the flagstand to finish third ahead of early leader Brandon Spithaler and Eric Williams.  The Ti22 Top Ten rounded out with Kevin Schaeffer, Brandon Matus, Brent Matus, Gary Rankin and Brian Steinman.  Lynch didn’t return after the contact with Miller and finished the race scored in unlucky 13th.   And while it wasn’t the way he hoped to finish his evening, it was sure great to see the Apollo Rocket back on the Action Track! Ti22 heat races were claimed by Brandon Spithaler (making it a perfect three for three this season) and Brian Ellenberger.


Before the thrilling lightning of the Ti22 Sprint feature was the thunder of the Diehl Auto Group DIRTcar Northeast Big Block Modifieds.  There was a common theme to the race as All Time Division Wins leader Brian Swartzlander took the lead and figured to drive away to his 73rd career Lernerville feature win, but the big and fast cushion would wreak havoc on future Hall of Famer as he first had to check up to avoid a lapped car in turn two where he lost the lead on lap 15 and then he would jump the cushion again in turns three & four as he tried to make his way to the front.


Here, Defending Track Champion Jeremiah Shingledecker was in the right place at the right time as he blasted to the lead as Swartzlander improbably lost the lead.  Shingledecker has racked up over a dozen wins the past few seasons on the way to a pair of track championships in three years.  Unfortunately, several cautions slowed his path to Sheetz Victory Lane and Dave Murdick chased him the whole way to the checkered flag for his 14th career win.


Murdick raced home in second ahead of Phil Evans Jr., Eric Gabany, Brian Swartzlander and Steve Feder, the only others to finish the race of attrition.  The rest of the field fell victim to accidents or mechanical failures.  Positions seven through ten went to Carl Murdick, Kevin Bolland, Bob Warren and Dean Pearson.  Diehl heat races were checkered by Dave Murdick and Frank Guidace.


The Precise Racing Products DIRTcar Late Models had a different end game, but was equally as thrilling as early leader Mike Johnson spun exiting turn four and collected half a dozen cars, (including but not limited to: John Garvin Jr., Dan Swartzlander, Brian Swartzlander, Jeff Jones, Doug Eck and Lynn Geisler), that had nowhere to go and no time to stop.  Jared Miley and Boom Briggs made it through but did take some contact.  When the carnage was cleared and the race resumed, Garrett Krummert led the field to the green flag and led the next eight laps as Jared Miley made his way to the front. 


Miley took second from Chuck Sarver on lap 11 sliding low through turns one & two and started his pursuit of the leader.  By lap 14, Miley was on Krummert’s back bumper down the backstretch and followed him through three & four.  The next time around, Miley didn’t follow; instead, he dove under Krummert with a powerslide to take the lead as he exited turn four.  Once out front it was Adios Amigos and Miley cruised to Sheetz Victory Lane where he donned the big sombrero for his second win of 2012.


Garrett Krummert, who continues to enjoy his best season in a Late Model, scored his best Lernerville finish in second after getting tangled up in a wreck and scored as a DNQ last week.  Boom Briggs continues to turn in solid top five runs (three for three this year) with another third place finish.  Brian Swartzlander finished fourth, Chuck Sarver fifth, Doug Eck sixth and Bryan Force seventh.  Herman Bertolini, Dan Swartzlander and Jeff Jones rounded out the Precise Top Ten, but all three retired before seeing the checkered flag.  Heat races were won by Doug Eck and John Garvin Jr.


While a steady breeze had moved over the speedway, it did nothing cool off the white hot action on the track as Ryan Moyer set a blistering pace in the Millerstown Pic-A-Part DIRTcar Sportsman feature, leading the first 17 laps from the pole.  The action behind Moyer was hot and heavy as Joe Kelley and Terry Young got together exiting turn four on lap four while racing for third, resulting in Joe Kelley spinning instead of exiting.  Young restarted second, as Wayne Carbo rolled pitside as well.  Five laps later, Defending Track Champion Mike Miller and Rob Shook made heavy contact in turn two racing for third with Corey McPherson and Greg Beach.  Shook rolled pitside, as a heavily damaged Miller tailed the field.  All the while, Moyer maintained the lead, unphased by the restarts and chaos behind him.  By lap 12, Moyer was starting to pull away as Young, McPherson and Beach battled for position. 


But everything changed on lap 18 when a restart put 12th starting McPherson alongside Moyer for the restart.  McPherson, already the winner of both Sportsman features in 2012, took the lead from Moyer with a powerslide in turns one & two and down the back straightaway.  Moyer drove deep into turn three and made heavy contact with McPherson exiting turn four.  Both drivers spun to a stop in front of the flagstand with flat tires; Moyer a right front, McPherson a left rear.  Both would rejoin the field and score top ten finishes, but both had cars good enough to win and at least share the podium.


Terry Young inherited the lead after 18 strong laps of running in the top three and motored away to his first win since scoring a pair of wins early in the 2009 season; (March 27 and May 29).  AJ Flick raced to an impressive second place finish in the Bowman 19 after having mechanical issues in his heat race in his family-owned #2.  Due to racing a car he didn’t qualify in heat race action, Flick had to start from the tail in 20th place.  Greg Beach and Jim Fosnaught were able to avoid the attrition and score solid top five finishes in third and fourth place respectively, while Joe Kelley recovered from his early spin to round out the Pic-A-Part Top Five.  Mike Miller and Corey McPherson recovered from their wrecks to finishes sixth and seventh, followed by Mark Sanders in eight, Ryan Moyer in ninth and Randy Hanovick in tenth.  Terry Young and Ryan Moyer won their respective heat races.


Next Friday is another Fast Friday of Fab Four Racing on Breast Cancer Awareness Night.  As usual, we will be accepting $5 donations in behalf of Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure in exchange for $5 off coupons for the following week’s Fab Four Racing program.  The fine folks from the Twin State Auto Racing Club will be on hand for their annual visit to the Action Track.


For complete results and to view the entire 2012 schedule, log on to www.Lernerville.com!  Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel for all the newest videos that were uploaded from last night’s Fab Four Racing program.  Budweiser Points will be posted Sunday Morning at www.Lernerville.com.



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