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The Juice gets Loose! - Fab Four Race Report 6.15

The Juice get loose while Chub, Pegher and Miley battle for second

Dean Pearson finally breaks through for upset win in Diehl Mods

Ellenberger denies Williams’ first career win after wheel-to-wheel battle

Corey McPherson perfect again with heat & wire-to-wire feature win!


Sarver, PA (June 17, 2012) Rob Cochran, Jack Crowell and the fine folks from #1 Cochran Automotive were on hand again for Holiday Races with Fireworks on #1 Cochran Fan Appreciation Night.  With fireworks in the sky and on the track, the finest race fans in the world were treated to an amazing night of entertainment at The Action Track with perfect weather conditions as the back drop!


Feature action started with “The Juice” Davey Johnson leading another talent laden field of Precise Racing Products DIRTcar Late Models to the green flag.  Johnson out-dragged Brian Swartzlander (in the Detman #111) into turn one to take the quick lead and Jared Miley dove under Swartzlander for second.   Mike Pegher Jr. took the wheel of Lynn Geisler’s legendary #1 Cochran Late Model and quickly joined the lead battle as did World of Outlaws star Chub Frank; resulting in an amazing statistical anomaly of having four #1’s running in the top four positions on the track.  Better yet, on lap 11, the top five on the scoreboard showed as 1, 1, 1, 1 and 111. The only thing that could have made it more of an anomaly would for it to have occurred at 11:11PM; in which case the scoreboard might have blown up and initiated the fireworks show!


Despite the spectacular battle behind him for second between Miley, Pegher and Frank, the only thing that truly kept “The Juice” in check was a couple mid-race cautions. Under green flag conditions, Johnson drove away for the talented trio battling behind and when the checkered flag waved, it was Johnson scoring a wire-to-wire feature win in which he was never seriously challenged; his ninth career win at The Action Track.


Chub Frank outlasted a fierce battle with Mike Pegher Jr. that lasted the whole to the checkered flag, while Jared Miley crossed the stripe fourth right behind them.  Miley’s eighth top five finish in eight races sustained his “more than a night’s worth of points” lead in the Budweiser Point Standings, meaning the he is the first driver officially locked into the 6th Annual Firecracker 100 presented by GottaRace.com A-Main on Saturday, June 30!


Brian Swartzlander surrendered an almost certain top five finish when he broke on lap 22 and rolled pitside.  With Swartzlander out of the mix, Doug Eck rounded out the Precise Top Five ahead of Mike Johnson, Garrett Krummert, Coleby Frye, Clate Copeman and Boom Briggs.  Frye and Copeman were making their 2012 Action Track debuts, in all likelihood in preparation for the aforementioned Firecracker 100!


Heat races were checkered by Brian Swartzlander, Garrett Krummert and Davey Johnson. Last week’s feature winner Alex Ferree won the B-Main but was scored last in the feature after heavy contact with John Garvin Jr. on lap seven; recall that Ferree passed Garvin late in the race last week to score the win. What a difference a week makes!


The Diehl Auto Group DIRTcar Northeast Big Block Modifieds looked to be a similar runaway win but Kevin Bolland fell victim to an oil pump belt failure on lap 17 with more than a straightaway lead on second place Steve Feder.  Feder inherited the lead on the restart, but checked up to avoid spinning out in turn two on lap 22 just long enough for veteran driver Dean Pearson to thunder around the top of turn two and down the back straightaway to take the lead.  Feder roared back couldn’t get around the “Harrisville Hustler” who scored his first career Lernerville feature win!


Feder scored his second runner-up finish in three races and is knocking at the door of his first career feature win!  Defending Track Champion Jeremiah Shingledecker finally shook the gremlins that have plagued the #37MD recently and finished third.  Brad Rapp finished fourth ahead of last week’s feature winner Brian Swartzlander.  The Diehl Top Ten rounded out with Dave Murdick, Mike Turner, Skip Moore, Mark Frankhouser and Carl Murdick.  Skip Moore and Dave Murdick took the checkers in heat race competition.  Early leader Kevin Bolland was scored a DNF in 15th place.


After the wild men from Extreme Pyrotechnics lit up the sky with another rocking fireworks display, the Ti22 Performance DIRTcar Sprints rolled onto The Action Track with Eric “Turkey” Williams and Brian Ellenberger on the front row.  Ellenberger jumped on top of a racy cushion around turns one & two and down the back straightaway to take the early lead while Williams hugged the bottom of turns three & four to reel him back in.  By lap six, Ellenberger and Williams engaged lapped traffic and almost drove into a wild ride by Todd Bauer who flipped exiting turn four and landed in front of the flagstand just a short distance ahead of the leaders.


After the restart, Williams used a slidejob through turns three & four to take the lead from Ellenberger by sliding up to the wall and taking away his access to the launch pad off turn four down the front straightaway.  Williams would officially lead the next 15 laps, but Ellenberger did frequently pass him down the back stretch, only to see Williams slide back under and past him exiting turn four.  Ellenberger made his back stretch pass lead stick on lap 23 and he rolled into Sheetz Victory Lane for the second time this season.


Eric Williams scored the best finish of his blossoming career at Lernerville Speedway with a solid second place run, and like Steve Feder, his first career feature win appears to be right around the corner! Last week’s feature winner Danny Holtgraver came from tenth to finish third.  Jack Sodeman Jr. ran in the top five all race, including a few laps mid-race in second place, and finished fourth ahead of Kevin Schaeffer, whom also ran in the top five all race long.  Defending Track Champion Carl Bowser finished sixth ahead of Sheldon Haudenschild, Brandon Spithaler, Andy McKisson and Scott Priester. 


Andy McKisson, Brian Steinman and Brian Ellenberger were heat race victors; Rod George won the Ti22 B-Main after Brandon Matus went up in smoke and then fire while running away with the win on the white flag lap.  Brandon was okay and helped launch the new promotional tee-shirts into the crowd while the #1 Cochran parade paced the track after fireworks.


Incumbent Bud Points leader Corey McPherson’s good luck continued as he drew the pole for the 20-lap Millerstown Pic-A-Part DIRTcar Sportsman feature, but was flanked by Jim Fosnaught who’s been right on the verge of scoring his first Fab Four Racing feature win.  Fosnaught challenged McPherson for the first 10 laps, until last week’s feature winner Mike Miller came to the front from 10th on the grid to challenge McPherson the final 10 laps.  McPherson was on his A-Game again and would not be denied his third feature win of the season. McPherson’s wire-to-wire feature win along with his heat race win resulted in another perfect 40-point night, also his third of the season.


Miller chased McPherson to the checkered flag to finish second ahead of Fosnaught with another solid finish in third.  Rob Shook and AJ Flick rounded out the Pic-A-Part Top Five ahead of Greg Beach, Bob Egley, Wayne Carbo, Pat Hanley and Brian Lockhart.  Heat races were claimed by Miller, Beach and McPherson.


The red hot month of racing in June rolls on next Friday, June 22 with Fab Four Racing’s Mid-Season Championships!  Next week’s feature winner in the Precise Late Models will join Bud Points leader Jared Miley as a guaranteed starter by virtue of a track provisional  for the 6th Annual Firecracker 100 presented by GottaRace.com on June 28-29-30.  For complete results and to view the entire 2012 schedule, log on to www.Lernerville.com



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Photos Courtesy of John Stivason/Stivason Photos

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