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Mike Roberts scores meaningful $1000 Enduro Victory

Jy30 Enduro SVL

Mike Roberts scores meaningful $1000 Enduro Victory, donates half to American Cancer Society
Jordan Myers, Rosie Spithaler and Jason Moore also visit Sheetz Victory Lane

Sarver, PA (July 30, 2013) Mike Roberts outlasted a field of 50 Enduro drivers to score a meaningful win in the Enduro 100 as he agreed before the race to donate half of his winnings to the American Cancer Society, so with a $1,000 winner’s share of the purse, a $500 donation will be made to the organization.  Jordan Myers won the Summer Vacation School Bus Race, Rosie Spithaler rode Cow Patty to Sheetz Victory Lane again and Jason Moore triumphed in the Trailer Race, but as always, the real winners were all of the kids that competed in the Kids Bike Races.  The complete Enduro 100 finish will be posted upon review of the score cards later this week or early next.


School Bus Race:

1. Jordan Myers

2. Jarred Bauman

3. Frank Spithaler

Powder Puff School Bus Race:

1. Rosie Spithaler

2. Anette Iarrapino

3. Monica Murphy

Trailer Race:

1. Jason Moore

2. Kevin Haas

3. John Wentzel

100 Lap Enduro Top Five:

1. (C13) Mike Roberts

2. (6K) Keith Sherwin

3. (33) Jim Godber

4. (14) Luke Bryan

5. (67) Jody Bevington

Contact: Lernerville Speedway                      

Eric J. Westendorf, Public Relations Director

(724) 664-1075 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photos Courtesy of John Stivason/Stivason Photos

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