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Kids the Big Winners - Back to School Bus & Kids Bike Race Results 9.14

Kids the big winners!
Jordan Myers and Rosie Spithaler repeat in School Bus victories
Mike Valasek, Kelvin Kohan and Brian Daugherty all winners

Sarver, PA (September 14, 2013) The kids of the “Kids Bike Race” portion of the School Bus & Kids Bike Races are always the biggest winners; riding their bikes on the very same track that the heroes of Fab Four Racing compete, where names like Steve Kinser and Sammy Swindell, Scott Bloomquist and Josh Richards, Brett Hearn and Brian Swartzlander, and Joe Kelley and Corey McPherson have won multiple races on one of the biggest stages in all of dirt track racing. So to stand in Sheetz Victory Lane holding a trophy is a memory that will never fade! For Jordan Myers and Rosie Spithaler, it was busy as usual. Both Jordan and Rosie repeated as Bus Race winners, just as they did in July. But for Mike Valasek, Kelvin Kohan and Brian Daugherty it was the first win that these kids at heart will surely never forget. Mike Valasek was on rails in the V2 and beat Mike Hilla Jr. to win the Pittsburgh Circle Track Club Senior Series race. Kelvin Kohan, who turned hundreds of laps in a Super Late Model at the Action Track this summer, scored his first Lernerville feature win in the 3/4 Late Models, while Brian Daugherty won the Demo Derby.

Sportsmen Senior Series Feature:
1. (V2) Mike Valasek
2. (20J) Mike Hilla Jr.
3. (9S) Roger Stivenson
4. (8C) Fred Casagni
5. (75) Dave Betush
6. (48) Sid Haas
7. (12) Robert Maier
8. (54) Terry Marsh
9. (21) Jeff Miller
10. (C04) Ray Seibert
11. (23)Doug Graham
DNS (55s) Dr. Bob Lipinski
DNS (22D) Lou Morris

Mini Late Model Feature:
1. (11) Kelvin Kohan
2. (19) Carl Voher
3. (75) Jim Thompson
4. (5) Mike Beacon
DNS (4J) Max Wilkinson
DNS (21) Jimmy Thompson

School Bus Feature:
1. (007) Jordan Myers
2. (008) Frank Spithaler
3. (95) Jarred Bauman
4. (*0) Dan Bauman
5. (66) Tyler
DNS (49) Rob Murphy

Powder Puff Bus Feature:
1. (008) Rose Spithaler
2. (007) Taylor Retzer
DNS (49) Melissa Shockley

Demo Derby Winner:
1. (5150) Brian Daugherty

Upcoming Events:
9/21 (Sat.) – World of Outlaws STP Sprint Cars – Commonwealth Clash
10/24-25-26 – 5th Annual DIRTcar Round Up Steel City Stampede

Contact: Lernerville Speedway
Eric J. Westendorf, Public Relations Director
(724) 664-1075 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Photos Courtesy of John Stivason/Stivason Photos

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