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Lee Jacobs scores first career UNOH All Star Win - All Star Race Report 5.9

Lee Jacobs scores first career UNOH All Star Win at Lernerville

SARVER, PA. – Lee Jacobs watched his dad, Kenny, take the checkered 98 times against the University of Northwestern Ohio All Star Circuit of Champions. On Friday, because of threatening weather, Kenny decided to stay home as Lee took his team to Lernerville to battle the All Stars. It paid off for Lee as he scored his first career series win…and he couldn’t wait to call dad.

“This is a hell of a feeling to get my first All Star win at Lernerville…that’s where Dad had his last All Star win. And, to do it at a place where my car owners and my family have had so much success is pretty cool,” said Lee beside his Amanda Lewis/Simcox Grinding & Steel/Crown Investments/New Leaf Tree Service/OC Shocks/Butler Built/Fire & Ice Pub backed #81.

Jacobs led all 30 laps though Jac Haudenschild – a close family friend – closed late but came up short. “Haud actually rode over with me so the ride home is going to be a lot of fun,” joked Jacobs.

“They keep telling me I only have 97 more wins to catch dad…I don’t think I’ll be racing that damn long.” For Haudenschild, the second place finish is something the Destiny Motorsports Team can build on.

“It’s our best finish of the year against the All Stars. We’re getting better and better,” said Haudenschild beside his Mondak Portables/Rich Rogers Construction/Triple X Racing backed #9.

Former Lernerville Track champion Danny Holtgraver would bring his Rob Hunter owned #10h home in third. It was a bit of a disappointing night considering he scored a win at the track a couple of weeks ago. But, a sour engine in his heat led to an engine change and he would start 7th in the feature and finish on the podium.

“It’s kind of disappointing when you see the success we’ve had here. But, my guys worked their tails off tonight and to be standing on the front stretch after all that…I’ll take it. And, our new sponsors Tom and Fran Chiappelli (Golden Flavor Sesame sticks) were here tonight and we gave them a good finish,” said Holtgraver beside his Berlin Natural Bakery/West View Motors/Bonnell’s Rod Shop/Alternative Power Sources backed machine.

Four time UNOH All Star Champion Dale Blaney – another former Lernerville track champion, would storm from his 14th starting spot to a fourth place finish and maintain his series point lead over Holtgraver, Tim Shaffer, Haudenschild and Chad Kemenah.

“Our motor timing was off for qualifying and that put us behind all night. If we start up front I think we had something for them,” said Blaney of his Kennedy Cattle/Ti22 Performance backed #14k.

Pole-sitter Cole Duncan, piloting the Rudzik Excavating #49, would fade late but salvaged a top five finish.

“We were too good too early and faded at the end. But this is a good car and team and I’m excited for the season,” said Duncan.

Lernerville Speedway - 5/9/2014

All Star Circuit of Champions (27 Cars)

[#]-Starting Position

Qualifying - Kistler Engines1. 2L-Ed Lynch Jr., 12.721; 2. 80-Trey Gustin, 12.750; 3. 63-Chad Kemenah, 12.864; 4. 49-Cole Duncan, 12.922; 5. 57X-Andrew Palker, 12.985; 6. 81-Lee Jacobs, 12.993; 7. 9W-Jac Haudenschild, 12.997; 8. 10H-Danny Holtgraver, 12.998; 9. 45-Tim Shaffer, 13.009; 10. 40-Caleb Helms, 13.067; 11. 7-Eric Williams, 13.093; 12. 35-Jared Zimbardi, 13.094; 13. 97-Dean Jacobs, 13.164; 14. 14K-Dale Blaney, 13.202; 15. 5M-Mike Lutz, 13.345; 16. 22S-Brandon Spithaler, 13.365; 17. 10-Carl Bowser, 13.375; 18. 38-Dennis Wagner, 13.377; 19. 23JR-Jack Sodeman Jr., 13.387; 20. 13-Brandon Matus, 13.442; 21. 7K-Dan Shetler, 13.492; 22. 49H-Brad Howard, 13.514; 23. 5K-Adam Kekich, 13.540; 24. 2S-Francis Sesco, 13.858; 25. 2-A.J. Flick, 14.451; 26. 76-Dave Jones, 14.758; 27. 33-Brent Matus, 14.905

Heat 1 - Kears Speed Shop (8 Laps - Top 6 finishers transfer to the A-feature)1. 97-Dean Jacobs[2] ; 2. 22S-Brandon Spithaler[1] ; 3. 9W-Jac Haudenschild[4] ; 4. 40-Caleb Helms[3] ; 5. 49-Cole Duncan[5] ; 6. 2L-Ed Lynch Jr.[6] ; 7. 23JR-Jack Sodeman Jr.[7] ; 8. 2-A.J. Flick[9] ; 9. 49H-Brad Howard[8]

Heat 2 - All Pro Aluminum Heads (8 Laps - Top 6 finishers transfer to the A-feature)1. 14K-Dale Blaney[2] ; 2. 10-Carl Bowser[1] ; 3. 10H-Danny Holtgraver[4] ; 4. 57X-Andrew Palker[5] ; 5. 7-Eric Williams[3] ; 6. 13-Brandon Matus[7] ; 7. 80-Trey Gustin[6] ; 8. 5K-Adam Kekich[8] ; 9. 76-Dave Jones[9]

Heat 3 - Dragon Race Fuel (8 Laps - Top 6 finishers transfer to the A-feature)1. 45-Tim Shaffer[4] ; 2. 81-Lee Jacobs[5] ; 3. 35-Jared Zimbardi[3] ; 4. 5M-Mike Lutz[2] ; 5. 63-Chad Kemenah[6] ; 6. 7K-Dan Shetler[7] ; 7. 2S-Francis Sesco[8] ; 8. 33-Brent Matus[9] ; 9. 38-Dennis Wagner[1]

Dash - UNOH (6 Laps, finishing order determined first 6 starting positions of A-feature1. 49-Cole Duncan[1] ; 2. 81-Lee Jacobs[3] ; 3. 9W-Jac Haudenschild[4] ; 4. 57X-Andrew Palker[2] ; 5. 63-Chad Kemenah[6] ; 6. 2L-Ed Lynch Jr.[5]

B-Main - MSD Ignition (12 Laps - Top 6 finishers transfer to the A-feature)1. 80-Trey Gustin[1] ; 2. 23JR-Jack Sodeman Jr.[3] ; 3. 5K-Adam Kekich[5] ; 4. 49H-Brad Howard[4] ; 5. 2S-Francis Sesco[6] ; 6. 33-Brent Matus[9] ; 7. 76-Dave Jones[8] ; 8. 38-Dennis Wagner[2] ; 9. 2-A.J. Flick[7]

A-Main - University of Northwestern Ohio (30 Laps)1. 81-Lee Jacobs[2]; 2. 9W-Jac Haudenschild[3]; 3. 10H-Danny Holtgraver[7]; 4. 14K-Dale Blaney[14]; 5. 49-Cole Duncan[1]; 6. 45-Tim Shaffer[8]; 7. 40-Caleb Helms[9]; 8. 63-Chad Kemenah[5]; 9. 2L-Ed Lynch Jr.[6]; 10. 97-Dean Jacobs[13]; 11. 35-Jared Zimbardi[12]; 12. 57X-Andrew Palker[4]; 13. 13-Brandon Matus[19]; 14. 23JR-Jack Sodeman Jr.[18]; 15. 10-Carl Bowser[17]; 16. 7-Eric Williams[10]; 17. 80-Trey Gustin[11]; 18. 5K-Adam Kekich[22]; 19. 7K-Dan Shetler[20]; 20. 22S-Brandon Spithaler[16]; 21. 2S-Francis Sesco[23]; 22. 49H-Brad Howard[21]; 23. 33-Brent Matus[24]; 24. 5M-Mike Lutz[15]Hard Charger: 14K-Dale Blaney[+10]

Contact: Lernerville Speedway                      

Eric J. Westendorf, Public Relations Director

(724) 664-1075 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Story written by Brian Liskai, ASCoC Public Relations

Photos Courtesy of John Stivason/Stivason Photos

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