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Summer Vacation Quick Results 7.29

Jy29 Bus

Frank Spithaler rides Cow Patty to Sheetz Victory Lane
Annette Irapino wins a wild Powder Puff Bus Race
John Wetzel wins a terrific trailer race over Kevin Haas and Brian Caro
Adam Noland wins the closest Enduro race in the modern era

Sarver, PA (July 29, 2014)  As always, the real winners tonight were the kids that got to ride and race their bikes on the Action Track.  An added bonus, some of the heroes of Fab Four Racing were on hand to award the bike racers with trophies and ribbons; Peoples TWP Sprint drivers Brandon Matus and AJ Flick were joined by Millerstown Pic-A-Part Sportsman drivers Corey McPherson, Jim Fosnaught and Rob Shook.  We greatly appreciate these drivers donating their own time to participate in this event!  Frank Spithaler cruised to the “Summer Vacation” School Bus race after early leader Jordan Myers broke mid-race.  Annette Irapino and Rosie Spithaler put on a whale of a show in the Powder Puff Race by repeatedly slamming into each other.  Their contact came to a head in turn four when Annette took Rosie to and into the wall.  The Cow Patty hit the turn four wall hard and almost flipped, but came down on four wheels and rolled to a stop.  In the presence of the Lernerville Safety Crew, Rosie jumped out of the back of her bus and threw her hands up in the air celebrating the thrilling race she had with Annette.  John Wetzel outlasted Kevin Haas and Brian Caro to win the Trailer Race that feature a ton of huge hits between the three.  The night came to a dramatic close as Keith Sherwin and Dan Zimmerman ran down leader Adam Noland in the closing laps of the 100-lap Enduro.  Zimmerman dove under Noland in three & four on lap 96 to take the lead, only to see Noland use the same move in the same turns on lap 99 to take the lead back and seal the $1,000 win.  Zimmerman and Sherwin finished second and third ahead of John Horvat and Mike Krzewzinski.


School Bus Feature:

1.         (008) Frank Spithaler, Kittaning
2.         (121) Sammy Duncun, Kittanning
3.         (95) Jarred Bauman, Sarver
4.         (66) Brian Caro, Sarver
5.         (O1) Kenny Harbison, Sarver
6.         (007) Jordan Myers, Ford City
DNS      (49)  Rob Murphy, Pittsburgh

Powder Puff Feature:

1.         (121) Annette Iarippino, Butler
2.         (66) Dana Burke, Sarver
DNF      (008) Rose Spithaler, Kittanning

Enduro Top Five:

1. (07) Adam Noland
2. (112) Dan Zimmerman
3. (6K) Keith Sherwin
4. (OO) John Harvat
5. (75) Mike Krzewinski
6. (43) Tim Gillette
7. (13J) Jay Swager
8. (33) Joe Janicky
9. (18) Shane Tobac
10. (33) Jim Godber
11. (16) James Barber
12. (35) Barry Plowman
13. (27) Stacy Reges
14. (227) Jeff Barricella
15. (40) Joe Campbell
16. (13) Ben Oesterling
17. (O1) Craig Sorg
18. (C13) Mike Roberts
19. (33N) Chris Potochnak
20. (34N) Rich Nicola
21. (45) Ray Seibert
22. (3T) Tyler Young
23. (51C) Colton Clark
24. (7M) Cesar Martin
25. (55) Thomas Woods
26. (63M) Seth Miller
27. (73) Tom Garing
28. (88) David Collings
29. (711) Cody Pyle
30. (34) Glenn Noland

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Photos Courtesy of John Stivason/Stivason Photos

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