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1-37 The Race Director, Flagman and other appropriate Speedway personnel shall be responsible for the enforcement of the Flag Rules. If any driver disobeys any flag his punishment may include FORFEITURE OF HIS PURSE FOR THE RACE EVENT.


The green flag shall start all races and means that the track is clear. On the original start or on a restart, no passing will be allowed before cars pass the flagstand. Any car that sets out of line or jumps the flag by passing cars before reaching the flagstand when the green flag is thrown shall be penalized. Such penalty may include a stop-and-go penalty, a lap penalty, a position (or positions) penalty, or any other penalty as deemed appropriate by the Speedway.


The black flag means that the driver must report to the pit area for further direction from Speedway officials. This flag when given to a driver must be obeyed immediately. The black flag will be utilized for disqualifications or infraction of rules and also for mechanical trouble that could make the car dangerous to its driver or to others. Failure to obey the black flag may be punished by disqualification from the race or such other penalty as the Speedway deems appropriate.


The yellow flag means caution, the track is not clear. When the caution flag is displayed, drivers will have to slow down, fall into a single line, bumper to bumper, with no passing. Any race that is in the process of the white flag lap will continue to the checkered flag, but the yellow flag may be displayed during that lap as a safety measure to warn competitors of a situation.


The red flag means danger and stop at once. When the red flag is displayed, all cars must stop immediately, regardless of their position on the track and must not move until directed by Speedway personnel.


The blue flag with the yellow stripe is the passing flag. The flag may be given only to cars that are in danger of being lapped. Said cars should be aware that they are in danger of being lapped and should move to the inside of the track until the lapping car or cars have passed.


The white flag means that there is one lap remaining in the event.


When the checkered flag is given to the first car, the race is officially over and all cars will slow upon completion of that lap.