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Quick Results 10.13.18- Bowser And Scott Win Thrillers Highlighting Stampede Night Two


Lernerville Speedway

Quick Results 10.13.18- Bowser And Scott Win Thrillers Highlighting Stampede Night Two

John Stivason/Stivason Photos

Sarver, PA (October 14, 2018)  Over 320 Cars completed over 690 laps of competition this weekend at The Action Track as the tenth annual Steel City Stampede came to it's conclusion Saturday night. And by the time the final checkered flag fell on the 2018 season, fans had been treated to some fantastic finishes throughout the 12 main events that comprised the final night of racing action.

In the Peoples Gas DIRTcar Sprints, Carl Bowser defended his 2017 Stampede title in one of the more memorable finishes in event history. Three time track champion, AJ Flick started on the front row and looked to be well in command of the 25 car field as Jack Sodeman Jr. and Sye Lynch engaged in an entertaining battle for the second spot for a large portion of the 25 lap main event.

Behind them, Bowser was making his way through the field from his 14th starting spot with authority and after a late race restart, found himself in position to challenge for the win as he ran down Flick and made his way around for good on the final lap to earn the $3,000 payday and a second consecutive Stampede belt buckle.

Davis Scott started on the front row of the Precise Racing Products Late Model main event and would wind up in Terry Bowser Excavating Victory Lane, but it would be no easy task by any stretch.  Scott assumed the early lead until all action was slowed by a lap two caution that saw Andrew Wylie spin in turns three and four while collecting  Alex Ferree and Michael Lake. When action resumed, Colton Flinner made his way to the second spot with Russ King just behind him. The two drivers battled for position for a large portion of the race which allowed Scott some breathing room. King would eventually make his way around Flinner and set his sights on the leader. However, his bid for the win came up just short as Scott held on for his first career Late Model win at the Stampede.

Garrett Krummert drove away from what remained of the field in the Diehl Automotive Big Block Modified main event as a front stretch pileup on lap two took 11 cars out of the 22 car field. When racing resumed, Krummert completed a dominant performance as he built a stout lead over second running Rex King Sr and never looked back for his first Big Block Modified victory at Lernerville since 2015 and after having several close chances at victory in 2018.

In the Millerstown Pic-A-Part Pro Stocks, Chris Schneider completed a charge from his tenth starting spot. The multi-time Stampede champion made his way past leader Joey Zambotti on lap 15 and never looked back en route to victory lane. Meanwhile, Colton Flinner was the clash of the RUSH Late Model field on Saturday night as he made his way past Jeremy Wonderling with 10 laps to go and survived two late race restarts to preserve the $2,000 victory in touring series action. Jeremy Wonderling's second place performance propelled him to the RUSH Late Model touring series championship when all was said and done Saturday night.

Jonathan Taylor managed to take yet another feature victory in UMP Modified action as he made his way past Dennis Lunger at the halfway point of the 20 lap main event. Taylor looked to be in firm control of the field until a series of late race cautions gave Gary Eicher an opportunity to snatch the win in the waning laps. However, Taylor was able to keep Eicher and the field at bay to hold on for the $1,000 feature vctory.

Jake Gomola looked to have the Allegheny Sprint Tour main event all but wrapped up. However, Robbie Bartchy brought a fast car to The Action Track once again and was able to get past Gomola in the final five laps to score his second 305 Sprint main event of the season at Lernerville.  Meanwhile, Chad Ruhlman wired the 20 lap main event in RUSH Sprint Car action while at the same time, cementing his series championship in the same night.

Perhaps the most entertaining finish of the night took place in the RUSH Sportsman Modified main event as 14 year old Blaze Myers wrote his name in the event record books by charging forward from deep in the field and nipping Garrett Krummert for the win at the finish line.  Krummert would manage to take the honors as RUSH Sportsman Modified Weekly and Touring series champion for 2018 with his second place run.

In Elite Modified Series action, Dennis Lunger made quck work of the field on hand and took the win 20 lap main after building a huge lead during green flag runs while pegging a series of late race restarts to ensure the victory.  Meanwhile, Josh Boozel took his fourth consecutive Stampede belt buckle in a row as he bested the field on hand in the American Stel Processing 4 Cylinder main event. And in the 270cc Micro Sprint main event, Brian Borawiec made history becoming the first Micro Sprint feature winner in Steel City Stampede history.

Wrapping up the evening that was were the Enduro cars who made their third appearance of the season. And when all was said and done, Paul Crynock managed to halt Matt Feder's bid to become a three time Enduro winner at The Action Track in 2018 as he passed Feder in the second half of the race and never looked back en route to victory lane.

Peoples Natural Gas DIRTcar Sprint Main Event

(11) Carl Bowser
(2) AJ Flick
(23J) Jack Sodeman Jr
(2L) Sye Lynch
(33X) Michael Bauer
(51) John Garvin Jr.
(40) George Hobaugh
(8) Jordan Riggs
(08) Dan Kuriger
(13) Brandon Matus
(22) Brandon Spithaler
(33) Brent Matus
(70) Henry Malcuit
(1R) Gale Ruth Sr.
(08F) Andy Feil
(44L) Pete Landram
(38) Dennis Wagner
(91) Sadie Siegel
(4K) Bill Kiley
(24) Jeremy Hill
(154) Shamus ODonnell
(76) Davey Jones
(23c) Jerry Hairhoger
(20B) Cody Bova
(G1) Mike Miller

Precise Racing Products DIRTcar Late Model Main Event

(4s) David Scott
(56) Russ King
(4T8) Colton Flinner
(20) Doug Eck
(18) Mike Wonderling
(X3) Wyatt Scott
(91T) Tommy Beck
(55) Chris Schneider
(65) Derek Stefanick
(14R) Clay Ruffo
(29) Kenny Schaltenbrand
(77) Tyler Dietz
(15) Kelvin Kohan
(81) Mike Miller
(23) Tony Burke
(84) Andrew Wylie
(27) Michael Lake
(4) Alex Ferree
(19) Matt Lux- Did Not Start

Diehl Automotive DIRTcar Big Block Main Event

(10s) Garrett Krummert
(65) Rex King Sr.
(83) Brian Swartzlander
(61) Dave Murdick
(32) Jim Rasey
(88) Dave Dissinger
(45) Steve Feder
(123) AJ Flick
(88) Shawn Fleeger
(T3) Tommy Marshall
(66) JR McGinley
(64) Rodney Beltz
(26) Rick Richner
(37md) Jeremiah Shingledecker
(165) Rex King Jr.
(83­­T) Tom Glenn
(18) Colton Walters
(25) Chris Rudolph
(132) Brandon Michaud
(13) Rick Regalski
(27R) Dave Reges
(72B) Jim Kurpaku

RUSH Late Model Main Event

(75F) Colton Flinner
(31) Jeremy Wonderling
(12c) Daryl Charlier
(1C) Mike Pegher Jr.
(90J) Mike Duritsky
(z1) Brady Wonderling
(91) Chad Homan
(29J) Jason Genco
(7) Brian Knowles
(1z) Logan Zarin
(948) Joey Zambotti
(J10) Jason Fosnaught
(93w) Justin Lamb
(27W) Eric Wilson
(11F) Ryan Frazee
(21J) Jamie Wrightsman
(09) Bill Keener
(25s) Cory Sines
(1S) Chad SInes
(3A) Andy Spooner
(1ST) Christian Schneider
(42) Matt Dobnak
(14D) Braeden Dillinger
(22J) Josh Stoica
(01W) Khole Wanzer

RUSH Late Model  BMain #1

(01w) Khole Wanzer
(25s) Cory Sines
(3JX) Ricky Steigerwald
(41B) Collin Burke
(7K) Jared Kane
(47) Brandon Lott
(14G) Jake Gunn


RUSH Late Model BMain #2

(15) Chad Sines
(3A) Andy Spooner
(09) Bill Kessler
(114G) Zach Gunn
(3s) Stanley Spooner
(6R) Chuck Recker



RUSH Late Model Non-Qualifiers Race

(3JX) Ricky Steigerwald
(41B) Collin Burke
(114G) Zach Gunn
(47) Brandon Lott
(7K) Jared Kane
(3s) Stanley Spooner- Did Not Start
(6R) Chuck Recker- Did Not Start
(14G) Jake Gunn- Did Not Start


RUSH Late Model Dash

(3J) Jeremy Wonderling
(Z1) Brady Wonderling
(91) Chad Homan
(90J) Mike Duritsky
(14D) Braeden Dillinger
(75F) Colton Flinner
(1z) Logan Zarin
(1C) Mike Pegher Jr. “ Did Not Start


Millerstown Pic-A-Part Pro Stock Main Event

(55) Chris Schneider
(948) Joey Zambotti
(7W) Bobby Whitling
(27) Tyler Dietz
(C33) Chris Schneider
(11T) Randy Wyant
(T6) Michael Miller
(18s) Martin Spade Jr.
(81) Mike Miller
(13X) Ryan Moyer
(29) Curtis Bish
(35B) Jacob Dish
(17M) Rod Laskey
(29B) Scott Byers
(10) John Hartman
(67J) Larry Kugel
(310) Dale Tuche
(4) Jacob Billyk
(3C) Barry Faris
(114) Daryl Charlier
(69H) Mark Hopkins
(25) Brett McDonald
(26) Mike Bordt
(77G) Garrett Calvert
(1BA) Rusty Moore
(7s) Jason Longwell- Did Not Start
(15x) Jeremy Perry- Did Not Start
(28) Noah Brunell- Did Not Start
(77) Heath Close- Did Not Start




UMP Modified Heat Main Event

(5) Jonathan Taylor
(29) Gary Eicher
(2J) Troy Johnson
(71L) Dennis Lunger
(19) Butch Lambert
(71) Al Brewer
(6M) Carl McKinney
(49) Brian Ruhlman
(95) Michael Altobelli
(7) Evan Taylor
(68) Randy Hall
(14) Scott Stiffler
(222) Eric Reinwald
(83) Jeremy Double
(11) Dale Charlier
(17G) Brandon Grossman
(3) Denny Nakutis
(M20) Mike Potosky
(65) Mike Potosky
(41) Brad Goff
(8B) Joe Betz



RUSH Sportsman Modified Main Event

(43J) Blaze Myers
(10s) Garrett Krummert
(9D) Josh Deems
(2) Kole Holden
(63) Tony Tatgenhorst
(C3) Chas Wolbert
(28J) Jacob Jordan
(8) Kyle Martell
(83) Rocky Kugel
(00) Rob Kristyak
(63) Jessica Kriegisch
(13) Michael Kristyak
(10) Chelsie Kriegisch
(22) Kevin Long
(35W) Jeremy Weaver
(14) Brian Schaffer
(11J) David Kalb Jr.
(29) Steve Slater
(4) Jim Bryce
(JD57) Jordan Ehrenberg
(24P) Preston Cope
(4s) Amelia Clay
(5) Brian Sadler
(17) Brandon Ritchey


RUSH Sportsman Modified BMain

(43J) Blaze Meyers
(83) Rocky Kugel
(14) Brian Schaffer
(JD57) Jordan Ehrenberg
(13) Michael Krustyak
(4) Jim Bryce
(43X) Billy Myers
(25) Greg Porter
(19) Joe Gibson
(5H) Josh Hinchberger
(048) Jason Hufnagel
(A51) Lexi Couch



RUSH Sprint Car Main Event

(87R) Chad Ruhlman
(49) Brian Ruhlman
(27M) Zach Morrow
(36) Shawn Smith
(27H) Brandon Hawkins
(4J) John Mollick
(56) Steve Cousins
(27) Dave Hawkins
(8B) Brian Woodhall
(72B) Jim Kurpakus
(37) Scott Hawkins
(19) Brad Blackshear
(18) Arnie Kent
(35T) Phillip Thornton
(21) Steve Pedley
(1C) Gale Ruth Jr. “ Did Not Start



Allegheny Sprint Tour 305 Sprint Car Main Event

(29B) Robbie Bartchy
(4J) Jacob Gomola
(12J) Jonathan Jones
(10) Alfred Galeridge Jr.
(6X) Brad mellott
(26) Ryan Lynn
(6) Tyler Denochik
(00s) Randy Sterling
(34) Glenn Noland
(88) Greg Dobrosky
(X7) Andy Cavanaugh
(80J) Kyle Colwell
(44) Pete Landram
(41) Matthew Gardina
(7) Richard Lawson
(21) Chad Hill



American Steel Processing 4 Cylinder Heat Main Event

(151) Eric Boozel
(33M) Curtis Mohney
(3s) Steven Settle Sr.
(39) Brian Noel
(95) Bill Tennant
(13J) Jay Swager Jr.
(95D) Dustin Detrick
(65D) Todd Detrick
(17s) Shane Heath
(81s) David Smail
(48) Paul Koffler III
(2P) Philip Bubeck
(13) Greg Kiehl
(98) Pete Blazczak
(0) James Prenni
(09) Jeffrey Walters
(96) Mark Seiler



Elite Modified Series Main Event

(71L) Dennis Lunger
(12R) Ty Rhoades
(27) Eric Wilson
(10) Brandon Blackshear
(77) Batt Alexander
(41) Steve Haefke
(42s) Steve Dixon
(55X) Bill Deming
(56) Damian Bidwell
(42) Nate Young
(15) Kyle Miller
(66) Hunter Huller
(M1) Mitchell Wright
(98) Keith Felicetty
(22) Pat Drennan
(110s) Daniel Neel
(317) Zack Lenart
(33) Josh Ferry
(20) Brian Mohawk
(4RJ) R.J.Simmons
(18) Brandon Fiedler



270 cc Micro Sprint Main Event

(133) Brian Borawiec Jr.
(8L) Luke Kroboth
(31C) Chase Metheney
(4W) Johnny Walker
(11z) Austin Pasquerella
(1L) Ivan Johnson
(21) Dustin young
(15) Shawn McAndrew
(10L) Wes Libert
(17s) Noah Wirginis
(12) Todd Reusser
(14E) Allyn Cavoto III
(3) Ryan Beatty
(1JR) Ricky Tucker Jr- Did Not Start
(27C) Lonnie McConahy- Did Not Start


270 cc Micro Sprint Heat 1-

(3) Ryan Beatty
(31) Chase Metheny
(8L) Luke Kroboth
(10L) Wes Libert
(17X) Noah Wirginis
(4W) Johnny Walker
(1L) Ivan Johnson
(0) Jeff Haefke


270cc Micro Sprint Heat 2-

(15) Sean McAndrew
(12) Todd Reusser
(133) Brian Borawiec Jr.
(11Z) Austin Pasquerella
(14E) Allyn Cavoto III
(27C) Lonnie McConahy
(21) Dustin Young
(1JR) Ricky Tucker


Endruo 100 Final Finish Top 30- 57 Cars Total

(00) Paul Crynock
(17F) Matt Feder
(40c) Joe Campbell
(23) Chris Potocnak
(16) Clinton Hersh
(00) Cole Miller
(21W) Ricky Weaver Jr.
(007) Chris Zedreck
(6J) Jonathan Shewwin
(5) Dave Thompson
(24) Tim McVay
(284) Tyler Lamacz
(38) Joe Manuel
(33) Jom Godber
(K2) Kaliegh Branson
(68) Paul Francioni
(11) Craig WIgley
(4) Jacob Billyk Jr.
(22T) Tyler Potocnak
(25) Gabe Peiffer
(21s) Brad Schaffer
(91A) Mike Gunde
(6E) Eric Show
(07) Adam Nolan
(227) Jeff Baricella
(45) Brad Gallagher
(1w) Donald Wallace
(8) Ed Albright
(42) Jennifer Feder
(55) Matt Miller

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