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Action Track Recap- Gravel Capitalizes for Fifth Outlaw Win; Clark Wires 305s


Lernerville Speedway

Action Track Recap- Gravel Capitalizes for Fifth Outlaw Win; Clark Wires 305s

Sarver, PA (September 27, 2020) David Gravel put himself in place to take advantage an opportunity, and capitalized on it. With just two laps remaining in the 35 lap World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car main event, leader Sheldon Haudenschild suffered heartbreak, blowing a tire after having lead from the green flag in a performance that was truly awe inspiring to that point. The Connecticut Yankee in the Outlaw court capped off a week that saw him collect two huge wins and over $65,000 in earnings with a victory in the annual Commonwealth Clash at Lernerville Speedway on Saturday night.

œSheldon was the class of the field,? Gravel said in victory lane. œIf he didnt blow a tire, I would have run second. But a little bit of racing luck got us the win tonight. I dont know where Sheldon was running, but Im guessing he was running aggressive on the top and ran a torrid pace. œ

Kerry Madsen and Haudenschild led the field to the green flag and from the moment it waved, the Wooster, Ohio native appeared to be shot out of a cannon. Haudenschild quickly assumed command of the field while James McFadden surged forward from his fourth starting spot to second. Behind them, Daryn Pittman, Kraig Kinser and Madsen battled for third. With six laps in the books, Haudenschild had caught the rear of the field and he completely used the accompanying lapped traffic to his advantage. Haudenschild found all three grooves to his liking and used them all, sometimes splitting cars to pull even further away from McFadden.

The race leader stumbled on the cushion in turns one and two with nine laps down but gathered it back in the nick of time and then set to put all pursuers behind him with authority, stretching out a staggering seven second lead over the field while Pittman made his way to the third spot. Meanwhile, Gravel had been hard at work picking off positions, coming forward methodically from his sixth starting spot on the grid.  With Haudenschild virtually leaving the field in his wake, back to back feature wins seemed like all but a certainty until his tire gave up the ghost, leaving Gravel who had taken the second spot from McFadden on lap 30, with the lead and a restart forthcoming. Gravel pegged it and never looked back en route to his fifth win with the tour this season. McFadden managed to finish a strong performance with a second place run while Pittman rounded out the podium.

 œThe heat race, we had a really good race car,? Gravel remarked. œThen we drew a seven in the draw. I didnt get too upset because 35 laps here. This is one of the best tracks we go to. Theres always lanes to run three wide. Thats why its one of my favorite places to go to.?

In Allegheny Sprint Tour action, Andy Cavanaugh started on the pole of the 20 lap main event, but Justin Clark jumped to the early lead and managed to use a strong restart game to his advantage in a caution marred feature. Second running Dylan Shatzer was able to stick close to Clarks tail tank in the early going until a hard charging Ryan Lynn overtook him in the second half of the race. Clark was able to hit all his marks and drove a smooth and solid race in collecting his first career win at Lernerville. Robbie Bartchy and Jim Morris were able to come forward and take the fourth and fifth spots in the finishing order.

Following the night of racing action, The Action Track Podcast went straight to work recording in the studio, recapping the entire night of racing while making a huge announcement concerning Lernerville Speedway with a special guest. To listen to Saturday nights Action Track Podcast CLICK HERE.

Racing resumes on Friday, October 2nd as the Peoples Natural Gas DIRTcar Sprints, Diehl Automotive DIRTcar Big Block Modifieds, RUSH Sprints and Millerstown Pic-A-Part DIRTcar Pro Stocks comprise another Fab4 Friday night Revved up with Marburger Farm Dairy.

World of Outlaws NoS Energy Drink Sprint Car Main Event (35 Laps)

( 41) David Gravel(9) James McFadden(72) Daryn Pittman(1S) Logan Schuchart(2M) Kerry Madsen(49) Brad Sweet(11) Kraig Kinser(2) Carson Macedo(1A) Jacob Allen(15) Donny Schatz(71) Shane Stewart(4) Cap Henry(17) Sheldon Haudenschild(14) Parker Price-Miller(55) Hunter Schuerenburg(70) Cale Thomas(7S) Jason Sides(3C) Cale Conley(81) Lee Jacobs(15K) Chad Kemenah(6X) Ryan Smith(7K) Dan SHetler(42) Sye Lynch(2F) A.J. Flick(28) Tim Shaffer

Allegheny Sprint Tour 305 RaceSaver Sprint Car Main Event (20 Laps)

(78) Justin Clark(26) Ryan Lynn(75) Dylan Shatzer(29B) Robbie Bartchy(16) Jim Morris(88) Greg Dobrosky(19) Bradley Galeridge(x7) Andy Cavanaugh(56) Steve Cousins(6x) Brad Mellot(29) Logan McCandless(52) Jeff Weaver(80JR) Kyle Colwell(50) Gale Ruth Jr. (99) Ray Sheetz(10) John Hartman(347) Nevan ODonnell(12G) Tommy Jasen(34) Adam Noland(97) J.R. Jameson(22) George Fredericks(25) Jarrett Rosencrance(40C) Joe Campbell(4J) Jacob Gomola

World of Outlaws Nos Energy Drink Sprint Car Last Chance Showdown

(70) Cale Thomas(6X) Ryan Smith(42) Sye Lynch(2F) A.J. Flick(7K) Dan Shetler(5K) Adam Kekich(22) Brandon Spithaler(23JR) Jack Sodeman Jr. (19) Paige Polyak(7NY) Matthew Farnham(2C) Wayne Johnson(29) Michael Bauer(33M) Mason Daniel(6) Bill Rose(13) Brandon Matus(35) Jared Zimbardi(83) Spencer Bayston(08) Dan Kuriger(11) Carl Bowser

World of Outlaw NoS Energy Drink Sprint Car Dash

(2M) Kerry Maden(17) Sheldon Haudenschild(72) Daryn Pittman(9) James McFadden(11K) Kraig Kinser(41) David Gravel(2) Carson Macedo(49) Brad Sweet

World of Outlaws NoS Energy Drink Sprint Car Sprint Car Heat 1

(72) Daryn Pittman(9) James McFadden(14) Parker Price-Miller(15) Donny Schatz(15K) Chad Kemenah(42) Sye Lynch(22) Brandon Spithaler(2C) Wayne Johnson(7NY) Mathew Farnham(19R) Michael Walter(3G) Darin Gallagher(4K) Rick Holley

World of Outlaws NoS Energy Drink Sprint Car Heat 2

(2) Carson Macedo(17) Sheldon Haudenschild(71) Shane Stewart(7S) Jason Sides(28) Tim Shaffer(70) Cale Thomas(6) Bill Rose(5K) Adam Kekich(13) Brandon Matus(11) Carl Bowser(10P) Jim Perricone(33) Brent Matus

World of Outlaws NoS Energy Drink Sprint Car Heat 3

(41) David Gravel(11K) Kraig Kinser(1S) Logan Schuchart(81) Lee Jacobs(55) Hunter Schuerenburg(6X) Ryan Smith(2F) A.J. Flick(35) Jared Zimbardi(29) Machael Bauer(40) George Hobaugh(83) Spencer Bayston(76) Davey Jones

World of Outlaws NoS Energy Drink Sprint Car Heat 4

(2M) Kerry Madsen(49) Brad Sweet(1A) Jacob Allen(3C) Cale Conley(4) Cap Henry(7K) Dan Shetler(23JR) Jack Sodeman Jr. (19) Paige Polyak(08) Dan Kuriger(33M) Mason Daniel(23) Darren Pifer

World of Outlaws NoS Energy Sprint Car Qualifying Flight A

(14) Parker Price Miller- 12.746(17) Sheldon Haudenschild- 12.808(72) Daryn Pittman- 12.938(2) Carson Macedo- 12.961(15) Donny Schatz- 12.967(71) Shane Stewart- 13.045(9) James McFadden- 13.047(7S) Jason Sides- 13.148(42) Sye Lynch- 13.177(28) Tim Shaffer- 13.220(15K) Chad Kemenah- 13.323(70) Cale Thomas- 13.338(2C) Wayne Johnson- 13.344(6) Bill Rose- 13.368(22) Brandon Spithaler- 13.400(5K) Adam Kekich- 13.425(19R) Michael Walter- 13.468(11) Carl Bowser- 13.474(7NY) Matthew Farnham- 13.494(13) Brandon Matus- 13.505(3G) Darin Gallagher- 13.764(33) Brent Matus-14.766(4K) Rick Holley- 15.019(10P) Jim Perricone- 15.382

World of Outlaws NoS Energy Sprint Car Qualifying Flight B

(11K) Kraig Kinser- 12.961(2M) Kerry Madsen- 13.059(41) David Gravel- 13.140(49) Brad Sweet- 13.156(83) Spencer Bayston- 13.157(1A) Jacob Allen- 13.165(1S) Logan Schuchart- 13.216(7K) Dan Shetler- 13.268(55) Hunter Schuerenburg- 13.297(3C) Cale Conley- 13.321(6X) Ryan Smith- 13.378(19) Paige Polyak- 13.381(81) Lee Jacobs- 13.467(4) Cap Henry-13.536(2F) A.J.Flick- 13.600(23JR) Jack Sodeman Jr. -13.622(35) Jared Zimbardi- 13.635(33M) Mason Daniel- 13.636(29) Michael Bauer- 13.637(23) Darren Pifer- 13.798(40) George Hobaugh- 13.889(08) Dan Kuriger- 13.991(76) Davey Jones- 14.181

World of Outlaws Nos Energy Drink Sprint Car CMain

(11) Carl Bowser(33M) Mason Daniel(19R) Michael Walter(3G) Darin Gallagher(23) Darren Pifer(33) Brent Matus(4K) Rick Holley(10P) Jim Perricone(76) Davey Jones(40) George Hobaugh

Allegheny Sprint Tour RaceSaver 305 Sprint Car Heat 1

(29B) Robbie Bartchy(88) Greg Dobrosky(19) Bradley Galeridge(99) Ray Sheetz(52) Jeff Weaver(10) John Hartman(97) J.R. Jameson(12G) Tommy Jasen

Allegheny Sprint Tour RaceSaver 305 Sprint Car Heat 2

(78) Justin Clark(34A) Adam Noland(16) Jim Morris(26) Ryan Lynn(25) Jarrett Rosencrance(6x) Brad Mellott(347) Nevan ODonnell(34) Adam Noland(22) George Frederick

Allegheny Sprint Tour RaceSaver 305 Sprint Car Heat 3

(75) Dylan Shatzer(4J) Jacob Gomola(80jr) Kyle Colwell(50) Gale Ruth Jr.(56) Stephen Cousins(29) Logan McCandless(34) D.J. Cassler(40C) Joe Campbell

Car Count Total: 72

World of Outlaws NoS Energy Sprint Cars: 47

Allegheny Sprint Tour RaceSaver 305 Sprint Cars: 25

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